Lezyne 1-HT LED light User Manual

Lezyne LED User Guide

Model Guide:

The following instruction manual covers the operation and care of the Super Drive, Power Drive, and Mini Drive Lezyne LED Light systems. Identify your light model below for further information regarding batteries and mode settings.

Lezyne 1-HT LED light - Model Guide

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Please READ THIS ENTIRE MANUAL before operation in order to ensure proper use and care of your new Lezyne LED Light. Traffic laws mandating lighting vary from country to country. We strongly suggest you inform yourself about lighting laws in the country of intended use.


Lezyne 1-HT LED light - Overview


Lezyne 1-HT LED light - Accessories

Do It In The Dark:

Thank you for choosing Lezyne LED Lights. Our LED lights are cordless, self-contained units with high-powered LEDs and rechargeable/replaceable Lithium Ion batteries. Lezyne LED Lights are high-performance sporting lights intended for various outdoor activities. Always use care when operating.

Adventures in the dark are inherently dangerous activities, we strongly advise you to take caution at night. Lezyne LED Lights will greatly improve your visibility, but there are still many dangers. Lezyne recommends for every night adventure to always perform a few pre-flight checks, which include but are not limited to the following:

– Wear protective gear
– Dress with highly visible clothing
– Use a RED rear-facing tail light
– Travel with proper tools and tire repair
– Confirm light mount is properly secured (see MOUNTING)
– Confirm light is properly charged (see CHARGING)


Lezyne LED Lights are meant to be operated in temperatures between -15˚C and 45˚C (5˚F and 113˚F). Lezyne LED
Lights should only be operated in supplied mounting bracket. DO NOT use Lezyne LED Lights as a handheld flashlight.

DO NOT look directly into the light beam, or shine in another person’s eyes.

Lezyne LED Lights are water resistant under normal conditions but are NOT waterproof. DO NOT SUBMERGE UNDERWATER. If moisture gets inside the body, remove the rear cap and battery, open the USB plug and air-out until completely dry.


If replacing the battery only use LIR 18650 2 Amp PROTECTED (part # 4712805977314) or LIR 123A 2 Amp PROTECTED (part # 4712805977321) depending on your model. Make certain the (+) Positive terminal is inserted into the battery housing first. Never attempt to use 2 LIR 123A batteries in place of a single LIR 18650 battery. See CHARGING for instructions on installing the battery.

Lezyne USA Inc./Lezyne Co., Ltd. does not accept any liability for injuries or other damages resulting from the use of this product in any circumstances.


In the United States, Lezyne LED Lights carry a two (2) year warranty from the original purchase date to the original owner (proof of purchase is required). This warranty covers materials and manufacturing defects on the LED light housing, electronics, LED, and the mounting bracket supplied. Lezyne Batteries carry a 6 month warranty against any manufacturing defects. Issues not covered by the warranty include normal wear and tear, improper installation, attempting to access electronics, modifying electronics, damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, and neglect.

Please register your LED Light at www.lezyne.com/reg.html. Contact your local dealer or visit www.lezyne.com for complete warranty information and contact information regarding warranty issues.

For warranty issues outside of the United States, please contact the distributor/retailer for your country or region directly.


  1. Remove light body from mounting bracket top plate.
  2. Remove thumbscrew from mounting bracket top plate and discard packaging.
  3. Select the correct bar clamp for your handlebar diameter.
    Lezyne 1-HT LED light - Mounting bracket Lezyne 1-HT LED light - Mounting bracket 1
  4. Slide the clamp over your bars with the bolt hole facing forward, place the top mount on the clamp and insert
    thumbscrew from bottom.
  5. Tighten thumbscrew until snug; clamp should not rotate on the bars. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
    Lezyne 1-HT LED light - Mounting bracket 2
  6. Slide the LED light into top mount from the front and push until body clicks in place.
  7. To remove LED light, press the release tab and pull light forward. Take caution as light body may be warm.
    Lezyne 1-HT LED light - Slide the LED light
  8. Adjust the pitch and yaw of your light so the terrain in front of you is fully illuminated.
    Lezyne 1-HT LED light - Adjust the pitch
  9. After adjusting horizontal yaw position, check to make sure thumbscrew is properly tightened.


  1. Locate the power button on top of the light.
  2. Press and hold the button for one and a half (1.5) seconds to turn the light on, then release.
  3. Continue to press the button to cycle through modes.
  4. To turn off the light press and hold the power button for one and a half (1.5) seconds until you see the light brighten, then release the button.

Run Times and Modes:

With a fully charged Lezyne battery your Lezyne LED Light will have approximately the following run times and light output at the below mode settings: (Lumens=lm)

Lezyne 1-HT LED light - Run Times and Modes

Low battery warning: Your Lezyne LED Light is equipped with a battery monitor that alerts you when the battery is low. When nearing low battery the light will flash and automatically switch to the lowest light setting. The light will continue to flash once every minute. At this time you have approximately 15% battery charge left before the battery will be fully discharged. It is recommended that you fully charge your light before the next use.

Thermal protection circuit: Lezyne LED Lights are protected by a thermal detection system. If the operating temperature of the light gets too high the light will automatically change to the lowest setting. After five (5) minutes you can then change the light back to the previous mode setting.

A reminder that Lezyne LED Lights are high-powered sporting lights and should only be operated in the supplied mounting bracket. DO NOT use as a handheld flashlight.


Before using your Lezyne LED Light for the first time, fully charge the battery. Your Lezyne LED Light is supplied with a USB cable. ALWAYS use your supplied USB cable to charge your light.
To charge your light:

  1. Turn the light off.
  2. Locate and open the USB rubber plug.
  3. Insert the small end of the supplied USB cable into the light housing.
  4. Plug the opposite end of the USB cable into your computer’s USB port OR a USB wall outlet charger. (USB wall outlet charger sold separately)
  5. Once charging, the LED Light will dimly flash to indicate it is charging.
  6. If the LED light does not flash when plugged in, the USB port you have selected may not be a powered port. Please try another USB port that is a powered source.
  7. Charge for the recommended amount of time (see chart below).
  8. Once the battery is full the LED Light will no longer flash. To confirm the battery is fully charged you may remove the USB cable and then reinsert it. The light will flash and turn off.
  9. Remove the USB cable and reinsert rubber protective cover securely (It is important to note that the USB protective cover is completely sealed).

Charging times vary according to battery size. Please see charging table for your model of light. Lezyne LED Lights use high quality batteries so you can charge your light at any point during the discharge cycle without any affect to the run time of your light.

Spare batteries: If you choose to carry extra batteries it is ok to change the batteries at any point during use. Please note that only Lezyne branded LIR 18650 2 Amp PROTECTED batteries may be used with Lezyne LED Lights. Lezyne batteries have a protected battery circuit. When installing the battery please note the direction of the (+) polarity.

Lezyne 1-HT LED light - Remove the USB cable

Charging Times:

Lezyne 1-HT LED light - Charging Times

It is acceptable to plug your USB cable into a USB wall outlet charger you may already have, but this will not change charging times. The Lezyne electronics will regulate the incoming voltage for proper charging.
Leaving the LED Light unit plugged into a power source longer than the required charge time is ok, it will not damage the electronics.

When storing your Lezyne LED Light for long periods of time it is suggested that you charge it every 60 days to keep the battery topped-off. This will help to promote the longest battery life possible. If you plan to not use the light for more than 4 months, remove the battery from the light. Before your next use fully charge the battery.


In order to ensure proper function of your light:

– Keep your Lezyne LED Light clean – keeping mud and debris off of the body will improve heat dissipation.
– If your lens is dirty, use a soft/damp cloth to wipe dirt away.
– Do not use harsh materials or chemicals to clean as these may scratch the lens surface.
– Never use a hose or high-pressure washer to clean your light.
– When storing the LED Light, charge the battery every 60 days. See CHARGING.

That Is All:

Now that you know everything there is to know about your Lezyne LED Light, charge it up and go for an adventure in the dark! If you have any questions regarding your product please visit www.lezyne.com for contact information. Thank you for your Lezyne LED Light purchase.

Optional Accessories:

– International wall charging kit (1-LED-CHARGE-V104)
– LIR 18650 Battery (1-LED-BAT-18650-V104)
– LIR123A Battery (1-LED-BAT-LIR123A-V104)
– Handle Bar Mounting Kit for 25.4mm and 31.8mm bars (1-LED-HBMOUNT-V104)

Lezyne 1-HT LED light User Manual – Download [optimized]
Lezyne 1-HT LED light User Manual – Download

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