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Do not look at the light source when the device is on. This may cause PERMANENT RETINAL DAMAGE and may lead to
BLINDNESS. Children should only use the device under an adult’s supervision.
Getting started
Install the batteries in the remote control (only for Discovery Star Sky P2). Connect the power cable to the device and the DC
adapter (not included) via a USB plug and connect it to the AC power supply.
Discovery Star Sky P2 is equipped with a built-in battery and can operate autonomously. The operation time after being fully
charged is up to 6 hours in white light mode and up to 5 hours in color mode. The approximate charging time is 2 to 3 hours.
When the battery is fully charged, the indicator (4, Fig. 1) will change from red to green.
Choose the right place to project an image: a plain white ceiling or wall will give the best effect. The optimal distance from
the astroplanetarium is approx. 1.5—2m. Place the device on a flat surface. Turn the lights off and close the curtains to make
the room dark.

To turn the astroplanetarium on or off, press and hold the button on the device body (1, Fig. 1), or use buttons (1) and (2) on
the remote control (Fig. 2) (only for P2). Press and hold the button on the device body (for 1.5 sec.) to change the light color.

  • Music box (only for P2). Press and hold the button (3, Fig. 1) to turn the music on or off. Press the button (3, Fig. 1) to
    switch to the next tune (8 tunes available) or use the remote control buttons.
  • Rotation. To start the rotation of the astroplanetarium, press the button on the device body (2, Fig. 1) or on the remote
    control (11, Fig. 2). Press and hold the button (2, Fig. 1) to turn the timer on or off.
  • Film set replacing. To replace the film set, follow the instructions in Fig. 3.


Discovery Star Sky P1

Discovery Star Sky P2

Power supply

Micro USB 5V, 1A

built-in 3.7V, 1200maH lithium battery operating time: 5—6h,  

charging time: 2—3h

Micro USB 5V, 1A

Remote control


(1 CR2025 battery)




Projection area


Care and maintenance

The device is suitable for indoor use only. The device is not waterproof. To clean the surface of the device, unplug the device. Use only a dry, soft cloth for cleaning. Strictly follow the instructions and do not disassemble or drop the device as it may result in a loss of functionality.

Battery safety instructions

Always purchase the correct size and grade of battery most suitable for the intended use. Make sure the batteries are installed correctly with regard to polarity (+ and –). Never short-circuit batteries as this may lead to high temperatures, leakage, or explosion. Never heat batteries in order to revive them. Do not disassemble batteries. Keep batteries out of the reach of children, to avoid risk of ingestion, suffocation, or poisoning. Utilize used batteries as prescribed by your country’s laws.

Warranty: 2 years. For further details, please visit our web site:
The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the product range and specifications without prior notice.

parts button

  1. Power On/Off button
  2. Rotation button
  3. Music button (only for P2)
  4. Charging indicator (only
  5. Power input

discovery button

2. (only for Discovery Star Sky P2)

  1. Power on
  2. Power off
  3. Brightness adjustment ▲/▼
  4. White light
  5. Yellow light
  6. Blue light
  7. White +Yellow + Blue
  8. 7 colors
  9. Rhythmic breathing mode
  10. Play/Pause
  11. Rotation
  12. Volume adjustment ▲/▼
  13. Set the timer for 15 minutes
  14. Set the timer for 30 minutes
  15. Music switching buttons

setup ring

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levenhuk Star Sky P1 Astroplanetarium [pdf] User Manual
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