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Lenco Xemio-668 MP3 Player with 8GB Micro SD Card User Manual

Lenco Xemio-668 MP3 Player with 8GB Micro SD Card

Usage of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.


  1. Do not cover or block any ventilation openings. When placing the device on a shelf, leave 5 cm (2”) free space around the whole device.
  2. Install in accordance with the supplied user manual.
  3. Keep the device away from heat sources such as radiators, heaters, stoves, candles and other heat-generating products or naked flame. The apparatus can only be used in moderate climates. Extremely cold or warm environments should be avoided. Working temperature between 0° and 35° C.
  4. Avoid using the device near strong magnetic fields.
  5. Electrostatic discharge can disturb normal usage of this device. If so, simply reset and restart the device following the instruction manual. During file transmission, please handle with care and operate in a static-free environment.
  6. Warning! Never insert an object into the product through the vents or openings. High voltage flows through the product and inserting an object can cause electric shock and/or short circuit internal parts. For the same reason, do not spill water or liquid on the product.
  7. Do not use in wet or moist areas such as bathrooms, steamy kitchens or near swimming pools.
  8. The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and make sure that no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, are placed on or near the apparatus.
  9. Do not use this device when condensation may occur. When the unit is used in a warm wet room with damp, water droplets or condensation may occur inside the unit and the unit could maybe not work properly; let the unit stand in power OFF for 1 or 2 hours before turning on the power: the unit should be dry before getting any power.
  10. Although this device is manufactured with the utmost care and checked several times before leaving the factory, it is still possible that problems may occur, as with all electrical appliances. If you notice smoke, an excessive build-up of heat or any other unexpected phenomena, you should disconnect the plug from the main power socket immediately.
  11. This device must operate on a power source as specified on the specification label. If you are not sure of the type of power supply used in your home, consult your dealer or local power company.
  12. Keep away from rodents. Rodents enjoy biting on power cords.
  13. To clean the device, use a soft dry cloth. Do not use solvents or petrol based fluids. To remove severe stains, you may use a damp cloth with dilute detergent.
  14. The supplier is not responsible for damage or lost data caused by malfunction, misuse, modification of the device or battery replacement.
  15. Do not interrupt the connection when the device is formatting or transferring files. Otherwise, data may be corrupted or lost.
  16. If the unit has USB playback function, the usb memory stick should be plugged into the unit directly. Don’t use an usb extension cable because it can cause interference resulting in failing of data.
  17. The rating label has been marked on the bottom or back panel of the apparatus.
  18. This device is not intended for use by people (including children) with physical, sensory or mental disabilities, or a lack of experience and knowledge, unless they’re under supervision or have received instructions about the correct use of the device by the person who is responsible for their safety.
  19. This product is intended for non professional use only and not for commercial or industrial use.
  20. Make sure the unit is adjusted to a stable position. Damage caused by using this product in an unstable position vibrations or shocks or by failure to follow any other warning or precaution contained within this user manual will not be covered by warranty.
  21. Never remove the casing of this apparatus.
  22. Never place this apparatus on other electrical equipment.
  23. Do not allow children access to plastic bags.
  24. Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer.
  25. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as the power supply cord or the plug, when liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, when the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped.
  26. Prolonged exposure to loud sounds from personal music players may lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss.
  27. If the product is delivered with power cable or AC power adaptor :
    • If any trouble occur, disconnect the AC power card and refer servicing to qualified personnel.
    • To completely disconnect the power input, the mains plug of the apparatus shall be disconnected from the mains, as the disconnect device is the mains plug of apparatus.
    • Don’t step on or pinch the power adaptor. Be very careful, particularly near the plugs and the cable’s exit point. Do not place heavy items on the power adaptor, which may damage it. Keep the entire device out of children’s reach! When playing with the power cable, they can seriously injure themselves.
    • Unplug this device during lightning storms or when unused for a long period.
    • The socket outlet must be installed near the equipment and must be easily accessible.
    • Do not overload ac outlets or extension cords. Overloading can cause fire or electric shock.
      Devices with class 1 construction should be connected to a main socket outlet with a protective earthed connection.
    • Devices with class 2 construction do not require a earthed connection.
    • Always hold the plug when pulling it out of the main supply socket. Do not pull the power cord. This can cause a short circuit.
    • Do not use a damaged power cord or plug or a loose outlet. Doing so may result in firea or electric shock.
  28. If the product contains or is delivered with a remote control containing coin / cell batteries:
    • “Do not ingest battery, Chemical Burn Hazard” or equivalent working.
    • [The remote control supplied with] This product contains a coin /button cell battery is swallowed, it can cause severe internal burns in just 2 hours and can lead to death.
    • Keep new and used batteries away from children.
    • If the battery compartment does not close securely, stop using the product and keep it away from children.
    • If you think batteries might have been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, seek immediate medical attention.
  29. Caution about the use of Batteries:
    1. Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type.
    2. Battery cannot be subjected to high or low extreme temperatures, low air pressure at high altitude during use, storage or transportation.
    3. Replacement of a battery with an incorrect type that can result in an explosion or the leakage of flammable liquid or gas.
    4. Disposal of a battery into fire or a hot oven, or mechanically crushing or cutting of a battery, that can result in an explosion.
    5. Leaving a battery in an extremely high temperature surrounding environment that can result in an explosion or that leakage of flammable liquid or gas.
    6. A battery subjected to extremely low air pressure that may result in an explosion or the leakage of flammable liquid or gas.
    7. Attention should be drawn to the environmental aspects of battery disposal.


  • Unpack all parts and remove protective material.
  • Do not connect the unit to the mains before checking the mains voltage and before all other connections have been made.
  • When participating in the traffic listening to a personal music player can make the listener less aware of potential dangers such as approaching cars..
  • To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long periods.

Get to know the controls on Player

  1. TFT LCD Display
  2. Button (ON / OFF, Play / Pause, Select / Enter)
  3. Button (Previous / Fast-Rewind, Item up)
  4. Button (Next / Fast-Forward, item down)
  5. M Button (Call Menu / Submenu)
  6. Button (Exit; Back to Previous Menu / Main Menu)
  7. Micro USB Port (PC Connection / Charge)
  8. Microphone Position (inside Micro USB port)
  9. Micro SD Memory Card Slot
  10. Earphone Output Jack (3.5mm Stereo)
  11. Button (Volume Down)
  12. Button (Volume Up)

Insert Micro SD Memory Card

  • This device is design without an internal memory; before you use it, please must insert a Micro SD memory carda into player.
  • Turn “Off” the play, then plug in the Micro SD memory card into player card slot;
  • Now you can use the player for upload / download the desired media files with your PC computer.
  • Or, Upload the desired media files direct to the Micro SD memory card with your computer before insert it into player.
  • However, “Card error / no card” will display if Micro SD card is not in place or not in proper position when you want to enter into related menu. Note: Make sure the player power is in “Off” status when insert / remove the Micro SD memory card from memory card slot. Otherwise, the player functional may result dead halt or the internal data / files will be lost or damaged.

About Player Battery

  • Player has an internal, non–user-replaceable battery. For best results, the first time you use player, let it charge for about 2 ~ 3 hours or until the battery status icon in the “Connect” screen shows that the battery is in full.
  • Note: Player may continue use battery power after it’s been turned off. For maintain the battery life and performance, if unit isn’t used for a while, the
    battery need to be recharged, recharging the battery at least once per month.
  • Warning:
    Better use the original USB cable delivered with your MP3 player. This cable is a data and charging cable. Some other USB cables in the market are charging only cables. If you use a charging only cable to transfer data from your computer to your player, it will only show the battery symbol on the screen and will not be detected by your computer as an external drive; this means that you cannot transfer any files from your computer to your MP3 player.
  • Note :
    The player contains a built-in temperature monitor sensor. If it senses that the battery pack temperature is not in good condition it will control and stop the charging function. The charging function will be automatically restored when the detected battery pack temperature returns to within normal limits.

Charging the Battery:

  • You can charge the player battery in two ways:
  • Connect player to your computer. Or,
  • Use the USB power charger. (not included)

Connection and Charging:

  • Once you have connected player with computer/power charger, then you will see the “Connect” screen appear on screen,
  • The level bars are running in battery status icon at the “Connect” screen. The battery is in charging.

The battery does not charge when your computer is in sleep. The USB port on most keyboards does not provide enough power to charge the player. Connect player to a USB port on your computer only to prevent charge problem.

Connecting and Disconnecting Player
You can connect the player with your computer to transfer those media files and recorded voice memos when necessary, and to charge the battery.

To Connecting Player

  • To connect player to your computer, plug the connector of USB Cable into a USB port on your computer, and connect the other end to player, then the “Connect” screen appear for view.
  • Now the player is ready for media files transfer with your computer and the battery is charging.
  • You can transfer the media files by using the computer mouse use drag and place, or copy and paste, in between the player and your computer. Disconnect it when you’re done.

To Disconnecting Player

  • It’s important not to disconnect player while it’s syncing or transferring files. Eject the player before disconnect it.
  • To eject player, press and hold M button for about 2 seconds, the “Connect” screen will switch to “Main Menu” screen. And now is safe to disconnect the player with your computer. Unplug the USB cable from the player. Or,
  • If you’re using a Windows PC, you can also eject player in My Computer or by clicking the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon in the Windows system tray, select the correspondence name of USB Device and choose “Stop” or “Eject” follow by the pop up windows you’re your computer.
  • If you’re using a Mac, you can also eject player by dragging the player icon on the desktop to the Trash.
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the player and computer, simply remove it.
  • If you accidentally disconnect player without ejecting it, reconnect it to your computer and sync again. However, some media file may loss.

Getting Start the Player

  • Turn ON / OFF the player and use of Main Menu.
  • Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to turn ON, then you will see any one of the following shown Main Menu screen, Music / Movie /
  • Record / Voice / Photo / Setup / eBook / Game, will appear on LCD after the Loading and Opening screen have displayed.
  • To OFF the player, press and hold the button for 3 seconds

Use Setup Menu
You might need to set date & time or change some default setting as you desired in setup sub menu before you start to use the player.

  • To go into setup menu, from main menu, choose “Setup” by use / button and then press button, a “Setting” menu appears to use.
  • You can go back to previous menu by press the button during in setup menu. Or, press and hold the button to return to main menu

To Setup “System time” (Date & Time):

  • Choose “System time” by using / button and then press button, a date & time setting screen appears to uAse.
  • Press “ ” button, the year is highlighted then adjusting to current year by pressing the / button. And repeating the adjusting methods by “ / ” and / button again for finished those items; Month Date, Hour, Minute and seconds setting adjustment.
  • Finally, you need to press the button to confirm the adjustment and\ back to Setup menu, if not the date & time will not to memorize and youB need to adjust them again. Note: the set date & time will be losses if internal rechargeable battery is fully emptied in protection mode. Adjust the clock again if you want it to use.

To Set “Power Off”
The Power Off setting can extend the time between battery charges by turning OFF the player when you are not using the controls or no operation. Also, Sleep function provided for more choice.

  • To set power off time, choose “Power off”, then choose “Off time”, a levels bar with number menu appear, then choose “0 – 200 seconds” as you want by using and / buttons.
  • To set sleep time, choose “Power off”, then choose “Sleep time”, a levelsbar with number menu appear, choose “0 / 10 / 20 /30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 minutes” as you want by using and / buttons.

To View “Firmware Version”
You might need to view the details about firmware information inside the Player.

  • Choose “Firmware version” by using and / buttons, an information screen appear for view.
  • To return to setup menu or main menu, press button or press and hold button.

To “Exit”

  • Select Exit to back to main menu. Or, press and hold the button to go back main menu.

Use Music Menu

You can use music player to playback with supported music file format of audio coding; WMA and MP3 are supported by the player. To open the music player in Main Menu:

  • From main menu, choose “Music” by using / and button, a “Music Now Playing” screen appears to use.

To Play / Pause Music

  • In Music Now Play ng screen, press button to start the play.
  • Press button to pause the playing music.
  • Press it again to resume.

Play Previous or Next Music

  • Press button to play next music.
  • Press button to play previous music. c. Use Fast-Forward or Fast-Backward
  • Press and hold button to use fast-forward
  • Press and hold button to use fast-backward.

 Adjust volume level

  • In music playing, press / buttons to adjust volume levels to Up / Down.
  • Wait for 6 – 8 seconds or press button to return to music now playing screen.

Use Music Submenu in Music Stop Mode

You might need to selecting folders for music play and delete music files. To do this:

  • In Music Now Playing screen, press the button to stop the playing music if player is in playing. Then,
  • Press the M button to pop-up the Music Submenu;

Card Folder

  • In Music Submenu screen, choose “Card folder” a list menu appear, and then select folder and / or choose a music file by using / and button.
  • It will go back to music now playing screen once a music file is selected. Then press button to play.


  • Choose “Artists” to enter folder(s) list menu grouping by Artist name, then choose who name of Artist folder > choose a song file in list wherestart the play.


  • Choose “Album” to enter folder(s) list menu grouping by Album name, then choose who name of Album folder > choose a song file in list where start the play.


  • Choose “Genre” to enter folder(s) list menu grouping by Genres name, then choose who name of Genres folder > choose a song file in list where start the play

Use Movie Submenu
You might need to selecting folders, delete movie files and set repeat for movie play. You can make change during in the playing mode at Movie Now playing screen, To do this:

  • In “Movie Now Playing” screen, press M button to enter to movie submenu.
  • Card Folder In movie submenu screen, choose “Card Folder”, a file list menu appear

Convert Video files into AMV/AVI

This tool can be used to transform those video files into AMV/AVI files on the computer before upload them to your player.

  • To install this video convert tool to your computer, open a folder named “UTILITIES > Video Conversion Software” which stored in a provided Micro SD card. (Download it onto your computer for copy and installation)
  • Select “Setup” to start the install program, the software will automatically install to your computer.
  • After installation is done, open folder “Media Player Utilities” > clickprogram “AMV&AVI Video converter” in All Program bar on your window PC. The program interface as shown below:
  • Noted: This program is used to convert video files into AMV/AVI format, currently only AMV/AVI format is supported by this player.
  • Then click to choose the folder where to save the AMV/AVI files, and then click to select the folder where the original files are. The original file will show in the file window once selected
  • Move the mouse arrow and left click mouse on the unconverted source files to select with highlight in the file window, then the icon will be highlighted into icon. Now click this icon and a dialog box will be shown.
  • Now click this icon and a dialog box will be shown.
  • Make sure Video type is “AMV” or “AVI”, Screen width and height is “160×120” selected. Video convert and Image quality should be “Normal” and “High” as defaulted. Click “OK” to confirm the setting.
  • Now click to start converting
  • After conversion, the AMV/AVI files will play automatically for preview.  And now, the converted AMV/AVI file is ready to transfer, you can simply copy and place those converted AMV/AVI files to the media player. Note: Only pixels in 160×120 or 320×240 can be supported by this player

Use Record Menu

You can use the player as a Voice Recorder and recording voice memos using the built-in microphone.

  • To Start Recording Voice Memo
  • From main menu, choose “Record” by using / and buttons, a “Now Recording” screen appear to use

Use Record Submenu (in Stop Mode)
You might need to change the folder locations which want to store the record file and / or change record quality to better compression values.

  • In Now Recording screen at stop mode, press M button, a “Record Submenu” appear to use.
  • Card folder In record submenu, choose “Card folder” and then choose the folder name which you want to save the record file by using / and buttons.
  • Once folder name selected, press and hold the M button, then the folder location is changed and go back to Now Recording screen.
  • And now you can see the folder name is changed at the Record Folder icon in “Now Recording” screen.
  • Record Type  In record submenu, choose “REC type”, then choose “32K BPS / 64K BPS / 128K BPS / 256K BPS” values as you desired by using / and buttons.
  • Exit Select Exit to back to music now recording screen

Use Voice Menu
For playback and manage the recorded voice memos file.

  • From main menu, choose “Voice” menu by using / and buttons, a “Voice Now Playing” screen appear to use.

Use Voice Submenu in Stop Mode
You might need to change some setting as you desired, in Voice Now Playing screen, press button to pause / stop the playing file, if in playing mode, then press M button to call up the voice submenu.

  • Card Folder
  • In Voice submenu screen, choose “Card folder” a list menu appear, and then select folder and / or choose a voice file by using / and button.
  • It will go back to voice now playing screen once a record file is selected. Then press button to play.
  • Delete File
  • In voice submenu screen, choose “Delete file” a list menu appear, and then choose which voice file that you want to delete by using / and buttons.
  • Once file is selected, press button and choosee.

Reset Device

In some circumstances, the device may encounter dead halt during use. This device has design with built-in a mini tact switch which located at the behind of the earphone jack, so it can provide reset function to restart the device by pass through the earphone jack hole.
To Reset:

  • Use a 1mm stick or similar object (like tooth stick), and carefully insert the stick, use dull side, into the earphone jack hole until you feel to hit the end. Actually that is the tact switch button surface.
  • Then add a bit of force and you will get a click sound and feeling return from switch. The device is reset and restart in seconds. Important: Do not reset the device if it is proper working.

Trouble Shooting

Unit cannot turn ON * Check the battery symbol on the screen, while

charger is connected. Is it fully charged ?

No   sound   is    heard

from headphone.

*     Check whether Volume is set “0” and connect

the headphone plugs firmly.

*   Check whether the headphone plug is dirty.

*    Corrupted MP3 may make a static noise and the sound may cut off. Make sure that the music files are not corrupted.

Characters in LCD are


*  Check  whether  the  right  language  has    been


Download   of    music

files fails.

*      Check whether USB cable is damaged and is

connected properly.

*   Check whether driver is installed correctly.

*    Check whether the Micro SD memory card is in full.


Dimension 85mm (H) x 41.5 mm (W) x 9.0mm (D)
Weight 25.5g
LCD 1.8 inches, Resolution (RGB) 128 x 160
Earphone Impedance 32 Ohm
Memory Card Slot Micro SD Card (support up to 64GB)
Battery Lithium 3.7V, 170mAh
Max. Play Time: 8 – 10 Hours (MP3 music with

power saving mode)

Power Source DC Input: DC 5V 500mA
Audio Earphone Output 2mW x 2 at 32 Ohm
Frequency Responses 20Hz to 20000Hz
SNR > 70dB
Music Format MP3 / WMA 32Kbps – 320kbps
Movie Format AMV/AVI 160×120      /      320×240


Recorder Coding WAV 32 / 64 / 128 / 256kbps
Picture Format JPEG / BMP
eBook Format TXT
Operating Temperature 0 to 40℃
Operating System Win7/8/10, Mac 9.2 or Higher


Lenco offers service and warranty in accordance to European law, which means that in case of repairs (both during and after the warranty period) you should contact your local dealer. Important note: It is not possible to send products that need repairs to Lenco directly.Important note: If this unit is opened or accessed by a non-official service center in any way, the warranty expires. This device is not suitable for professional use. In case of professional use, all warranty obligations of the manufacturer will be voided.


Updates to Firmware and/or hardware components are made regularly. Therefore some of the instruction, specifications and pictures in this documentation may differ slightly from your particular situation. All items described in this guide for illustration purposes only and may not apply to particular situation. No legal right or entitlements may be obtained from the description made in this manual.

Disposal of the Old Device
This symbol indicates that the relevant electrical product or battery should not be disposed of as general household waste in Europe. To ensure the correct waste treatment of the product and battery, please dispose them in accordance to any applicable local laws of requirement for disposal of electrical equipment or batteries. In so doing, you will help to conserve natural resources and improve standards of environmental protection in treatment and disposal of electrical waste (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

CE Marking
Hereby, Lenco Benelux B.V., Thermiekstraat 1a, 6361 HB Nuth, The Netherlands, declares that this product is in compliance with the essential EU directive requirements. The declaration of conformity may be consulted via

For more information and helpdesk support, please visit Lenco Benelux BV, Thermiekstraat 1a, 6361 HB, The Netherlands.

Documents / Resources

Lenco Xemio-668 MP3 Player with 8GB Micro SD Card [pdf] User Manual
Xemio-668, MP-108, MP3 Player with 8GB Micro SD Card



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