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Lenco DIR-60 Portable Internet Radio User Manual

Model: DIR-60

Internet Radio

Usage of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.
This unit should not be adjusted or repaired by anyone except qualified service personnel.



  1. Do not use this device near water.
  2. Clean only with a slightly damp cloth.
  3. Do not cover or block any ventilation openings. When placing the device on a shelf, leave 5 cm (2″) free space around the whole device.
  4. Install in accordance with the supplied user manual.
  5. * Don’t step on or pinch the power adaptor. Be very careful, particularly near the plugs and the cable’s exit point. Do not place heavy items on the power adaptor, which may damage it. Keep the entire device out of children’s reach! When playing with the power cable, they can seriously injure themselves.
  6. * Unplug this device during lightning storms or when unused for a long period.
  7. Keep the device away from heat sources such as radiators, heaters, stoves, candles and other heat-generating products or naked flame.
  8. Avoid using the device near strong magnetic fields.
  9. Electrostatic discharge can disturb normal usage of this device. If so, simply reset and restart the device following the instruction manual. During file transmission, please handle with care and operate in a static-free environment.
  10. Warning! Never insert an object into the product through the vents or openings. High voltage flows through the product and inserting an object can cause electric shock and/or short circuit internal parts. For the same reason, do not spill water or liquid on the product.
  11. Do not use in wet or moist areas such as bathrooms, steamy kitchens or near swimming pools.
  12. Do not use this device when condensation may occur.
  13. Although this device is manufactured with the utmost care and checked several times before leaving the factory, it is still possible that problems may occur, as with all electrical appliances. If you notice smoke, an excessive build-up of heat or any other unexpected phenomena, you should disconnect the plug from the main power socket immediately.
  14. This device must operate on a power source as specified on the specification label. If you are not sure of the type of power supply used in your home, consult your dealer or local power company.
  15. * The socket outlet must be installed near the equipment and must be easily accessible.
  16. * Do not overload ac outlets or extension cords. Overloading can cause fire or electric shock.
  17. * Devices with class 1 construction should be connected to a main socket outlet with a protective earthed connection.
  18. * Devices with class 2 construction do not require a earthed connection.
  19. Keep away from rodents. Rodents enjoy biting on power cords.
  20. * Always hold the plug when pulling it out of the main supply socket. Do not pull the power cord. This can cause a short circuit.
  21. Avoid placing the device on any surfaces that may be subject to vibrations or shocks.
  22. To clean the device, use a soft dry cloth. Do not use solvents or petrol based fluids. To remove severe stains, you may use a damp cloth with dilute detergent.
  23. The supplier is not responsible for damage or lost data caused by malfunction, misuse, modification of the device or battery replacement.
  24. Do not interrupt the connection when the device is formatting or transferring files. Otherwise, data may be corrupted or lost.
  25. If the unit has USB playback function, the usb memory stick should be plugged into the unit directly. Don’t use an usb extension cable because it can cause interference resulting in failing of data.
  26. The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and make sure that no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, are placed on or near the apparatus.
  27. * To completely disconnect the power input, the mains plug of the apparatus shall be disconnected from the mains, as the disconnect device is the mains plug of apparatus.
  28. If the unit works with battery, Battery shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like.
  29. Attention should be drawn to the environmental aspects of battery disposal.
  30. The apparatus can only be used in moderate extremely cold or climates warm environments should be avoided.
  31. The rating label has been marked on the bottom or back panel of the apparatus.
  32. This device is not intended for use by people (including children) with physical, sensory or mental disabilities, or a lack of experience and knowledge, unless they’re under supervision or have received instructions about the correct use of the device by the person who is responsible for their safety.
  33. This product is intended for non professional use only and not for commercial or industrial use.
  34. Make sure the unit is adjusted to a stable position. Damage caused by using this product in an unstable position or by failure to follow any other warning or precaution contained within this user manual will not be covered by warranty.
  35. Never remove the casing of this apparatus.
  36. Never place this apparatus on other electrical equipment.
  37. Do not use or store this product in a place where it is subject to direct sunlight, heat, excessive dust or vibration.
  38. Do not allow children access to plastic bags.
  39. Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer.
  40. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as the power supply cord or the plug, when liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, when the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped.
  41. * Do not use a damaged power cord or plug or a loose outlet. Doing so may result in fire or electric shock.
  42. Prolonged exposure to loud sounds from personal music players may lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss.


  • Unpack all parts and remove protective material.
  • * Do not connect the unit to the mains before checking the mains voltage and before all other connections have been made.
    * Those instruction are related only to products using power cable or AC power adaptor.

Product Overview

1. Display
2. Left
3. Standby
4. Menu
5. Vol/Nav/Ok/Scroll Press=Select
6. Fav
7. Dimmer
8. Right
9. Power on/off
10. DC IN
11. Aux in (3.5mm)
12. Headphone out (3.5mm)


Before operation, please make sure that the VOLTAGE mentioned on the power supply is same as the voltage of your local area. Use the supplied mains adaptor to connect the device to a household mains socket.
Switch the device on with the power switch on the rear.

When it is the first time running the device, the system will ask you to set Language and Network Configurations.You may setup the network connection immediately, or set it later. Use Navigate to select the desired option. Press Navigate/OK to confirm.

Press Standby button when unit is power on, unit will go to standby mode. Press again will make it On again.

Network configuration

  1. Normal network configration
    Select “Yes” for the normal Wireless Network Configuration: The select the required AP by turning “Navigate” and confirm it by pressing “Navigate/OK”.
    Enter WEP or WPA code to connect the WiFi network by select the correct character turning the “Navigate/OK” button.
    Press button to select the next character.
    In this condition, press button you can turn left and delete the left chracters at the same time:
    When the password is complete please press “Navigate/OK” button to confirm.
    Note: Below characters are available for the radio:
    Numbers(from 0-9)
    English letters(from A to Z and from a to z)
    Other charcters(DEL,@,Blank,!,”,#,$,%,&,*,’,+ and (,)
  2. WPS PBC network configuration
    Select “Yes WPS” when you would like set up with Wireless Network (WPS PBC) feature: If you are using a router with WPS button, you may set up the network connection simple via WPS function. Enter it and go to press the WPS button on your router within 120 seconds.
    The connection between the router and the Radio will then be configured automatically.
    Select “No” when you do not want to install the network at the moment.
  3. No network configuration
    Pls select “NO” when you do not like to configure the network connection at the moment.
    Press “Standby” for standby.When the actual date and time is shown the network is configuration is well done. Date and time, as well as alarms-if activated-will still be shown on the display when in standby mode.
    Switch on “Standby” and rotate Navigate to scroll through the main menu. Press OK (to enter sub menus or confirm settings)
    Press to return to the previous menu.
    After the connection of any station is succeeded, station information’s will be shown: infomation content can be changed with or button.

My Favorites

List of my favorite preset stations. It supports 250 favorite entries including stations and folder. During the station playing screen, press and hold Fav on the device to save the station as my favorite. You may replace the previous saved station to the new one.
If the Selected station have been saved, you cannot save it again. The saved stations are showed under this menu. You may also press Fav to enter the saved station list.
Under the preset station list, move to your station; press OK from unit to listen.

Radio Station/Music
Stations are categorized into Global Top 20, Genre and Country/Location (Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania/Pacific, and South America). Enter to continue the subcategories and choose the station to listen.

For each station, press OK from unit to play directly.

Local Radio:
Stations are categorized to the country/location which the unit is operated.

Sleep Radio
You can choose Birds, Lullaby, Piano, Rain, Spa, Space, Wave, White Noise for your sleep sound.

List of the ten recently listened stations.

Search radio station-Enter your keyword to search radio station from the list. Add new radio by adding IP address, the added stations will be stored in My Favorite.
Note that the maximum character of the station name is 250.

Media Center

Select the UPnP mode or playlist mode with Navigate/OK.

If you have set up shared media, you should see the shared media from UPnP.
If you have more than one computer sharing media, the alternatives are listed.
Select the shared media you want to play.

Note: The radio can only read the track with the file name less than 40 charaters, the characters should be in European Language. If you encounter failure of reading the track under UPnP mode, you may try to rename the file. However, if the track is still unable to play, you can try converting the file to different formats.

My Playlist:
You can create a playlist of favourite’s music from UPnP. When you playing the music, press and hold OK from unit to save it into My Playlist.

Clear My Playlist
Pls select this option YES for clearing the playlist.

My media U

Display and playback your own mediaU station list on the mediaU server. Set your account first. To activate your own station list, follow the steps below:

Access Join my mediaU membership. Login to the website; Enter the wireless MAC addresss of Radio to the mediaU website. This information can be obtained in information Center > System information > Wireless Info;
When successfully configured, you are able to save and view your own mediaU station playlist(s). Usename and passwords are not required to enter to the Radio.
If there are different accounts stored in Radio, you can choose the one you currently use under Configuration menu. On the website, you may save stations to Favorite Station, set Favorite Location/Genre and My Local City, or add stations manually. The stations can be viewed from My Media mode on the Radio.

Information Center

There are weather information and forecasts for 2000 cities.
Select the country and then the city for the weather details.
Rotate the Navigate/OK knob to review the weather forecast in next few days.
The device is able to display the weather information on the standby mode. On the weather information page, press OK to choose the weather to display on standby mode and press OK to confirm.

Financial Info
View the stock index

System Infomation
View details of units and of connect network. The information includes MAC address which you are required to fill in when registration of “my mediaU” membership.


Time Display: Analog/digital
My MediaU: When it is enabled, My mediaU will exist on the main menu. If various mediaU accounts exist in the Radio, Select the default login account in here.
Wireless Network Configuration:
Enable/disable WiFi network. When you enable the WiFi network, the system will automatically select the required AP. Enter WEP or WPA code to connect the WiFi.
Wireless Network (WPS PBC): If you are using a router with WPS/QSS button, you may set up the network connection simple via WPS function. Enter it and go to press the WPS/QSS button on your router within 120 seconds. The connection between the router and Music Link will then be configured automatically.
Manual Configuration:

You can choose DHPC (which IP assigned automatically) or manually input IP address for wireless network connection. When you select manual setting for wired connection, the following have to be entered: SSID (nameof access point), IP Address, subnet mask, default gateway, preferred DNS server, alternate DNS server.
Check Network When Power On: Enable/disable WiFi network. When you enable the WiFi network, the system will automatically search the available AP. Select required AP.

Date & Time: Setup the date and time
Set time format display as 12 Hour or 24 Hour

There are three independent alarms-2 alarms of absolute time setting (Alarm 1 and Alarm 2) and 1 alarm for relative time setting(Alarm NAP).
Note that the alarm source is from the preset Internet radio if Alarm Sound is set to be Internet Radio. It can only set one same IR station for Alarm 1 and Alarm 2. When the alarm is reached the unit connects to the Internet if the set network is available. Therefore there may be some delay from the alarm to the radio play. If no network is connection can be established within one minute, the alarm will change to Melody automatically. When Alarm “NAP” is set, it alarms once in 5/10/20/30/60/90/120 minutes depending on which one you have set.
Choose Alarm Volume to configure the volume of the alarms.

Timer Scheduled playing:
Countdown timer (max. 100min) When you choose on, you can set the scheduled playing time and frequency. You cannot change station when you finished scheduled playing or setting will be inactivated.

Language: English/Deutsch/Espanol/Francais/Portugese/Nederlands/Italiano/Pyccknn/Svenska/Norske/Dansk/Magyar/Cesky/Slovensky/Polski/Turkce/Suomi

Dimmer Display: Power Saving/Turn On color/monochrome

Power Mgmt:
Configure to go to standby mode automatically during in the menu or/and without Wifi signal. Choose the power management timer (5/15/30mins) to set the duration of the radio to switch standby mode automatically when you are not controlling it. Choose Turn off to ignore the power management function.

Sleep Timer: Turn off or set the sleep timer of 15/30/60/90/120/150/180 minutes. Once the time is set, there will be a bed icon with remaining minutes at the top right corner and the device will turn to standby then.

Buffer Weather:
Configure the buffer time of the music playback, 2/4/8 seconds.
Activate/deactivate the weather forecast for the standby display. Choose your preferred temperature unit (°F or °C) and then proceed entering your location. When activated, the weather forecast is shown in turns with the clock display on the standby screen (each 10 secs)

Local Radio Setup:
There is a shortcut Local Radio under Internet Radio so that you can easily go to the station list of your location. You may Manual Setup your location, or let the system Auto Detect your current location. The system detects the location according to the IP address of your connected network. Press Local Station to enter this local radio list directly.

FM (IR) and DAB (IR) option (listen to local FM/DAB radio channels on Internet) To activate the FM (IR) and DAB (IR) option, first you need to enable FM (IR) and DAB(IR) function. You can do this by pressing the `menu’ button, select `Configuration’ then select `Local Radio Setup’. Now select FM(IR) and press the `ok’ button. Select `Enable’ and press the `ok’ button again.

Repeat the above procedure for the DAB(IR) option if you want to listen DAB channels via Internet.
When you enabled FM(IR) and/or DAB(IR) you have to set your location. You do this by selecting `set location’ in the `local Radio setup’ and choose `Manual Setup (City)’. press OK to confirm. Now you can, for example, if you are located in Berlin, select Europe and then press the `OK’ button to confirm. Select Germany and press the `OK’ button to confirm Select Berlin and press the `OK’ button to confirm Select Berlin again and press the `OK’ button. Now there will be a prompt “Save as Local Radio”, press `OK’ to finish the settings. Now the screen changes and you can see DAB (IR) ­ Berlin and FM (IR) ­ Berlin on the screen. You can choose DAB radio channels by selecting DAB(IR) ­ Berlin and pressing the `OK’ button. Now you will see a list of DAB radio channels from Berlin. Select your preferred channel and press the `OK’ button to listen to it. There will now be a DAB (IR) and FM (IR) icon on main menu screen, to quick
select another DAB or FM radio channel.


  • If no location is set, the channel list will be empty when selecting FM(IR) or DAB(IR).
  • For FM(IR) stations you must select your CITY manually. The FM(IR) does not work if you only select your country or let it detect automatically.
  • Not all FM/DAB stations of each city are available, but the database will be updated continuously.

Playback Setup:
Select the playback mode of media center-Off (no repeat or shuffle), Repeat all, Repeat one, or Shuffle.

Device: Default device name for DLNA is “AirMusic”.You may rename it for DLNA setup on th PC or mobile. QR code for downlode and install “AirMusic” control App.

Equalizer: Default equalizer is Normal, you may change to Flat, Jazz, Rock, Soundtracks, Classical, Pop, or News MY EQ.
Resume When Power OnThe system is default to resume internet radio playback if you were listening to internet radio or media center before switch off the unit.If turn this setting off, the system will remain in the main menu when switching on the unit.

Software Update: Update software. If there is an updated software version on the server, the system will notify you. Before starting a software upgrade, ensure that the unit is plugged into a stable mains power connection. Disconnecting power during a software update may permanently damage the unit.

Reset to Default: Restore the default settings. After the unit is reset, the system will move to language is selected.


You may change the default DLNA name as you like. The information below is the introduction of how to setup media streaming from PC or other media server. Study the own instruction of the software or apps you use to enjoy music streaming if necessary. Make sure the music files are in the format of MP3, WHA, WAV or AAC for music streaming to the radio.

Connect the PC to the network.
Ensure the Radio is powered on and connected to the same network.
Open the UPnP platform Windows Media Player (11 or later). Alternatively, other platforms or server such as Windows Media Connection may be used.
Allow to share your media to Radio. Add the audio files and folders you want to share with radio to the media library. You may also enjoy the streaming music from other music server, such as smart phone (Android platform)
Connect the mobile to the network
Search and install media sharing apps from Google Play.
Add the audio files from your mobile you want to share.

After setup the shared server, choose the music and control playback on the Radio.

Besides UPnP, Radio supports DLNA function, you share the music files from PC or Android mobile, and you use your PC, Android mobile or iPhone/iPad to control music playback on the Radio. (It is not required to control each playback on the Radio.)
The PC system requirement for DLNA is Windows 7 and Windows Media Player 12.Setup as below: First, share the media on your PC to Radio. Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change Advanced Sharing > Media streaming options
Open Windows Media Player to enable Allow remote control of my Player.
Right click any music in the library and choose Play to Radio.
There will be a window for controlling music playback on Radio. You may search and install any free or commercial DLNA apps from Google Play or Apple Store if you are using Android mobile, tablet or iPhone/iPad. It is suggested to use bubble UPnP, Twonky Beam on Android mobile, tablet or Twonky Beam on iPhone/iPad. Some apps may not support streaming music from iPhone/iPod but iPhone/iPod could still be used to control streaming music from other servers.
Procedures for playing shared music on the app are as follows:
Select Radio as the player. Some apps may allow to play the music to multi players at the same time. Select music server and choose the music.Some app can create a playlist if you choose several music. Please note: When using DLNA music streaming function on the Internet Radio, you can only control the volume and standby via the unit.It is restricted to control the other functions.StopDLNA on PC, mobile or tabletbefore you resume Internet radio’s own control.

AUX (Line input)

Plays audio from an external source such as an MP3 player. To play audio with Aux in mode:
Turn the volume low on both the Radio and if adjustable, the audio source device.
Connect the external audio source to the AUX IN 3.5mm stereo socket.
Select AUX in under Main menu.

Adjust the volume of the Radio (and, if necessary, the audio source device) as required.

Using the Headphone output

Insert the Headphones 3.5mm jack plug into the Headphone input on the rear panel. Adjust the volume level as desired using the Volume control.

Technical Specifications

Network 802.11b/g/n (WLAN) Encryption: WEP, WPA, WPA 2(PSK), WPS
Streaming UPnP, DLNA
Supported filetypes WMA, MP3,
Connections DC, 3.5mm AUX-IN, 3.5mm headphone out
Input 100-240V~50/60 Hz, 0.2A max
Output 5V/1A
Power consumption 5W
Power consumption (standby) <1W
Operating Temperature 0°C-35°C
Operating position Horizontal

Power supply adaptor: (For EU only)
Manufacturer: Shenzhen Adition Audio Science and Technology Co., Ltd
Model Number: AD0600501000EU
Use only original AC adaptor
Use only the power supply listed in the user instructions.
Dim. unit: 180 x 61 x 109 mm (WxDxH)
Weight: 304g


Lenco offers service and warranty in accordance to European law, which means that in case of repairs (both during and after the warranty period) you should contact your local dealer. Important note: It is not possible to send products that need repairs to Lenco directly. Important note: If this unit is opened or accessed by a non-official service center in any way, the warranty expires. This device is not suitable for professional use. In case of professional use, all warranty obligations of the manufacturer will be voided.


Updates to Firmware and/or hardware components are made regularly. Therefore some of the instruction, specifications and pictures in this documentation may differ slightly from your particular situation. All items described in this guide for illustration purposes only and may not apply to particular situation. No legal right or entitlements may be obtained from the description made in this manual.

Disposal of the Old Device

This symbol indicates that the relevant electrical product or battery should not be disposed of as general household waste in Europe. To ensure the correct waste treatment of the product and battery, please dispose them in accordance to any applicable local laws of requirement for disposal of electrical equipment or batteries. In so doing, you will help to conserve natural resources and improve standards of environmental protection in treatment and disposal of electrical waste (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive).

CE Marking

Hereby, Lenco Benelux B.V., Thermiekstraat 1a, 6361 HB Nuth, The Netherlands, declares that this product is in compliance with the essential EU directive requirements.
The declaration of conformity may be consulted via


For more information and helpdesk support, please visit Lenco Benelux BV, Thermiekstraat 1a, 6361 HB, The Netherlands.

Documents / Resources

Lenco DIR-60 Portable Internet Radio [pdf] User Manual
DIR-60, Portable Internet Radio



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