Installation and Instructions

These instructions are for your safety. Please read through them thoroughly before use and retain them for future reference.
Installation and Instruction

  1. This string light is suitable for INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE.
  2. The adaptor MUST be installed INDOORS away from the weather.
  3. Do not position or place near heaters or any other sect sources of heat.
  4. This product is suitable for positioning on surfaces that have normal flammability, e.g. wood, plasterboard, masonry. However, this does not include highly flammable surfaces (e.g. polystyrene, textiles).
  5.  Always position cables and extension leads so that they will not be a hazard to Me elderly. pets and children.
  6.  DO NOT position this set where it may become covered by other items e.g. curtains. nets or bedding.
  7. Ensure the units) is positioned so that you have enough cable to reach an indoor mains power socket.


  • Do not try to remove these non-replaceable bulbs.
  • This product is NOT designed for permanent or long-term use. Only operate this light chain with the supplied adaptor. Model no. JT-DC4.5V1.35W-E2.
  • The supplied adaptor is suitable for the operation of LED Modules only.
  • Do not con this light chain electrically to another chain.
  • Do not connect this light chain to the power supply while it is in the packaging.
  • If any part of the light set or cable is damaged. the light set must be discarded.
  • This product is for use as a decoration only. This is not a toy.
  • Do not position the light chain where it may be exposed to extreme weather conditions or submerged in water i.e. inside guttering.
  • Always switch off the light set or unplug an adaptor If unattended. Do not overload power sockets or extension leads.
  • Please refer to the packaging or product rating label for the product class. specifications and rating.
  • DO NOT pierce the cable when securing it in place. bend or stand on the light chain, as this will damage the bulbs or wiring.

LED Bulbs
This light set is constructed with non-replaceable bulbs. DO NOT attempt to replace any of the bulbs in the light set.

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Documents / Resources

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