Lasko 755320 Oscillating Digital Ceramic Tower User Guide

Lasko 755320 Oscillating Digital Ceramic Tower


  • BRAND: Lasko
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS:25 x 8.6 x 23 inches
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 1 pounds
  • FORM FACTOR: Tower
  • HEATING METHOD: Forced Air
  • MATERIAL CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Please see user manual
  • WARRANTY DESCRIPTION: 3-year limited warranty.


With a ceramic space heater from Lasko, you can warm up practically any area in your house, including your completed basement, bedroom, or home office. This tower heater distributes warmth throughout the space thanks to its extended ceramic element and penetrating air velocity. Easily fits into small locations and comes with a convenient multi-function remote. Other characteristics include: a calming 1500 watts of warmth Three silent options a programmable thermostat, and an internal timer remote management listed on E.T.L.


  1. Carefully remove the Heater from the bag and the carton.
  2. Place the Heater on a firm, level surface. Plastic or rubber tabs, like the feet on this unit, may stick to furniture surfaces and/or hardwood floors. The unit may leave a residue that could darken, stain or leave permanent blemishes on the finish of certain furniture surfaces, including wood surfaces, and/or hardwood floors.
  3. Plug the cord set into a 120-volt outlet.

WARNING: Be sure that the plug fits tightly into outlet. When plugs fit loosely into receptacles, they may slip partially or completely out of the receptacle with only the slight movement of the attached cord. Receptacles in this condition may overheat and pose a serious fire hazard; if covered by a curtain or drape, the fire hazard is even greater.

  1. When the Heater is initially plugged in, there will be a “beep” and the Power Light will come on indicating that there is power to the unit. The Power Light will remain lit until the Heater is unplugged from the electrical outlet.
  2. Turn the Heater ON by pressing the Power Button When initially turned on, the Heater will display the current room temperature in ° Fahrenheit. Press the + and – buttons at the same time to change the display to ° Celsius. Press the same two buttons together again to change the display back to ° Fahrenheit.
  3. Upon turning the Heater on, the unit will be in HIGH heat (1500 Watts) and will display the current room temperature (Figure 2)
  4. Press the (POWER) button for LOW heat.
  5. To turn the Heater OFF, press the Power Button and unplug the Heater from the electrical outlet.

OSCILLATION: Pressing the Oscillation Button will allow the Heater to oscillate back and forth. To stop the oscillation, press the Oscillation Button again. When the Heater is in Automatic Temperature Control, the oscillation function will stop when the set temperature is reached and resume when the Heater turns back on.


The timer function may be activated when the Heater display is in any function or speed. (Figure 3) This function allows you to set the length of time the Heater will run before turning itself off, from 1 hour to 8 hours. Pressing the Timer Button will increase the length of time by 1 hour each time this button is pressed. After the display reflects 8 hours, pressing the Timer Button once more will reset the Heater to run continuously. The Heater will turn off when the set time has elapsed. The unit can be turned back on by pressing the Power Button.


The automatic temperature function will only operate on “High” heat. You cannot set the temperature automatically when the unit is in the low heat mode.

  1. To set the room at a specific temperature press the (+) or (-) buttons to the desired temperature. The display will now reflect the (A) and the temperature will be flashing. The Heater is now in Auto Temperature Mode.
  2. When you reach the temperature at which you want to set the unit, the set temperature will flash several times and then the display will return to indicate the current room temperature and will gradually change as the room temperature changes. NOTE: the temperature display does not indicate the temperature of the heated air being emitted by the heater.
  3. Once the room temperature reaches 2 degrees above the set temperature, the Heater will shut off. Once the room temperature reaches 1 degree below the set temperature, the Heater will turn back on and continue to cycle off and on to maintain the set temperature.
  4. This function will cancel if the () button is pressed. The Heater will now be in High heat and run continuously.

NOTE: It is normal for the Heater “fan” to run for approximately 15 seconds when the Heater shuts off after reaching the set temperature.


All the functions performed with the Remote-Control work identically to the manual controls, except the ability to change from °F to °C. (Figure 5)

  1. Install two “AAA” batteries (not included).
  2. Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries.

If you lose your remote control, please call Customer Service to order a replacement at 1-800-233-0268, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST.


  1. A thermal overload protector is built in to prevent overheating.
  2. If an overheat temperature is reached, the Heater will automatically shut off. It can only resume operation when the user resets the unit.


  1. Unplug the Heater and wait 10 minutes for the Heater to cool down.
  2. After the Heater has cooled down, plug the unit into a 120V~ electrical outlet and follow the operation instructions described in this manual.


If your heater shuts off unexpectedly or fails to operate, the previously mentioned safety feature may have been activated to prevent overheating.

  1. Be sure the power cord is plugged into a working electrical outlet.
  2. Check your Temperature setting. The Heater may be off because it has reached the desired temperature setting.
  3. If your Heater runs for several minutes and shuts off repeatedly, your Heater may require cleaning. See Maintenance section below.

If you have a problem that cannot be resolved by the steps listed above, contact Technical Assistance at 1-800-233-0268, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST.



To reduce the risk of electrical shock and fire please observe the following instructions.

Cleaning the Heater regularly will help to maintain its efficiency.

  • Always unplug the cord before moving, servicing or cleaning.
  • NEVER place the Heater in or near water. DO NOT IMMERSE HEATER IN WATER.
  • Clean the Heater only with a vacuum equipped with a brush attachment; the vacuum will remove the lint and dirt from the surface of the Heater.
  • Vacuum intake grills every two weeks; this will help to maintain the optimum Heater performance.
  • Use a toothbrush or other soft bristle brush to gently loosen any dirt not removed by the vacuum.
  • NEVER attempt to take apart the Heater.
  • Clean the body of the Heater with a soft cloth only.
  • NEVER use ALCOHOL or SOLVENTS such as gasoline, benzene, paint thinner, or other harsh cleaners.

SERVICING: For servicing, other than general user maintenance, please contact Customer Service at 800-233-0268, Monday through Friday, from 8am-5pm Eastern.

STORAGE: Store the Heater with these instructions in the original carton in a cool, dry place.


How big of a room does it cover/warm up?

I use it in a 10×20 room that has no insulation (1934 house) and it does great! It doesn’t make the room hot but it definitely takes the chill off. I already bought another one for this winter!

This Lasko 7553020 does not say what size room this will heat. The bedroom I need the heater to heat is about 200 sq. ft. Will this do the job? Tom,

I have in a room in the garage that is 8x20ft and no problem in getting this room to 70F, takes about 10 minutes and stays there until I shut it off. Have seen other comments about this heater for room sizes up to 200 sq. ft.

is there a safety shut off (if left on or if tipped over)?

There is not a safety shut off. The heater is ceramic so there is no glowing coil or flame, so if it tipped over it will not burn the floor or rug. Plus, if you have the thermostat set it will shut off once the desired room temperature is reached. I have two of these. They are great!

Does the thermostat still work if I only want to use the low heat setting?

No. It does not. I’m not sure if the folks who answered “Yes” to this question have a different model heater or what? I just got mine last week and the thermostat only works in the high heat setting.

How long is the cord?

The cord is 75 inches from unit to wall. I have 2 of these and love them. Functions and features are perfect.

Is the remote control an IR (infrared) or RF (radio frequency) type?

It’s Infrared. Must have line of sight. I tried and I had no problem operating it at 24 feet away. Must point the remote directly at the unit.

does it raise the electric bill?

It will depend on the electric rate in your area. Set on HIGH it uses 1500W that’s 1.5Kwh. Multiply that by the rate for your area and you’ll figure the cost per hour to run it. The national average is $0.12 Kwh so that would cost $0.18/hr. to run on high. On LOW it’s .75Kwh or $0.09 / hr. to run.

Thermostat. I set it for 64 and it does shut down at 66 as it should. After 2 minutes I the temperature on the display rises 2 degrees to 68 without heater on. Now the temperature has to drop 4 degrees before it turns on again. This happens on both of the heaters I bought,

From what I understand; when the heater turns off, the ambient temperature around the heater warms briefly to a higher temperature that the temperature of the heater is set to, but I’ve noticed that the temp. soon drops back to 66° or what other temperature it’s supposed to be at.

“Can you set a specific temperature (i.e. 67 degrees) or does it only give you options in increments of five, like many other heaters (65,70,75, etc)?”

I was worried about the same thing, along with the minimum temp setting, as some other heaters have a min of 60 degrees. This heater met both of these issues. It works great to boot, I heat an 18 x 22 bedroom with ease.

The picture looks green to me. Is it really grey or as someone else said silver? I was hoping to buy it if it was green.

I never noticed how green it looks in the photo! But, no, it is a pretty standard silver in real life. And it’s wonderful no matter what color! I adore mine.

Is it carpet safe.

works fine on carpet, rugs and hardwood floors.

Lasso rep; there are same postings on diff models about fire faulty hazard issue; which one is latest model and has hazard been rectified?

The fire hazard is caused by people’s circuits, wiring and outlets, not the unit. 1500W requires a 20A circuit AND a 20A outlet along with the wiring to support them. NONE of the reviews showing pictures of their burnt outlets are using 20A outlets.

My boyfriend and I live in a 2-car garage with no insulation. Would one of these be powerful enough to keep us warm during the 40°F nights?

I doubt it. It’s a great little heater for a smaller space. I’m happy with its performance heating a 10’x10′ office with two large windows, but I think a 2-car garage is more space than this little heater was designed for.

can this unit be used as a fan with no heat in the summer?

No, it cannot be use as a fan.

will it turn on when the power comes back on?

No, you will have to turn it on again and re-set your temperature and any other setting you prefer.



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