LAOPAO TX26C0 LED Desk Lamp User Guide


QI Wireless Charging

When the lamp is switched on,QI wireless charging can be used normally. Wireless charging or USB output charging can be selected. If wireless charging is selected, please put the mobile phone supporting wireless charging in wireless charging area.
In order to improve the charging efficiency, it is not recommended to use wireless charging and USB charging at the same time.

QI Wireless Charging

The battery replacement

The battery replacement

Note:The CR2032 battery can keep the time function running normally when the power off.

The main function

  • Luminescence technology, no glare, no strobe, soft lighting eye protection.
  • LED with ultra-long life and minimal light decay.
  • Control switch, brightness color temperature adjustable, easy to operate.
  • Three-color temperature dimming, more comfortable.
  • Three-dimensional omnidirectional lighting angle to meet a variety of environmental requirements.
  • Folded structure, smaller volume.
  • Calendar clock display with alarm clock function.
  • Clock control function
  • Use digital technology, LCD backlight can be turned on/off.
  • Qi wireless charging function

The main function

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Packing list

Packing list

How to use

How to use Figure 1

  • Light can be turned on or off by touching the ON/OFF button.
  • Touch the ∧∨ button lightly to adjust the brightness of the light up and down. Touch the M button lightly to adjust the color temperature of the light.
  • There are three color temperature modes to choose.

How to use Figure 2

Scope of lamp holder movement:

  • While adjusting the angle of the lamp head, hold down the base at the same time.
  • Lamp holder rotation range is 180°(this product has a finite position device, lamp head rotation range is 180°)

How to use Figure 3

Normal range of lamp arm movement:

  • The use range of the lamp arm’s front swing is 90°.
  • While adjusting the angle of the lamp arm, hold down the base at the same time.

How to use Figure 4

  • Insert the power adapter input wire into the interface (DV 5V) behind the base.
  • After connecting the output of USB power supply, it can charge other devices (output 5V 2.1A).

How to use Figure 5

  • Plus mobile phone holder, just pull out the stand to use (This function should not be used when using wireless charging)


  • Power button: Press the button to turn the light on or off
  • Brightness adjustment: Touch button ∧ or ∨ lightly
  • Color temperature adjustment: In the lighting mode, press M to convert
    1. Cold light
    2. Warm light
    3. Natural light
  • LCD backlight:long press 2 seconds to turn on/off the LCD backlight.

Calendar clock operation instructions:

Calendar clock operation

  • Date and time Settings
  1. In clock mode (Time is shown in the upper left corner) press S key to enter the settings function, and the press S key again to enter the setting of the next option, the setting order is:Hour-Minute-Year-Month-Day-Exit
  2. Press ∨key and ∧key to set up
  3. In the setting mode, press M key to exit and save, or it will automatically exit and save if no operation within one minute. In clock mode, press ∧key to convert 12-hour system. Weeks will be automatically adjusted as the date changes. If the week does not match the date at that time, you need to check whether the year settings are correct.
  • Alarm and Snooze Function Settings
  1. In clock mode (TIME in the upper left corner), press M to enter alarm mode (Alarm in the upper left corner)
  2. In alarm mode, press S key to enter the settings, and then press again to enter the settings of next option. The setting order is: Hour-Minute-SnoozeMusic-Exit
  3. Press ∨key and ∧key to set up.
  4. In the alarm mode, press ∨key or ∧key to turn on and off alarm bells and snooze functions, and setting order is: Alarm on – Snooze off – Alarm&Snooze off
  5. The alarm will ring for one minute. When the snooze time interval arrives, the alarm will ring twice, and the alarm will ring for one minute at a time. Press S key to cancel the sound, press any key to pause.
  6. Snooze interval duration range is set to 1-60 minutes (the default is 60 minutes), 8 ring tones are optional, press∨∧ to set.
  7. In clock mode, press the ∨key to switch Celsius and Fahrenheit. When the alarm rings, the light will automatically turn on. Press ON/OFF key to pause the alarm. (When the LCD backlight is off, the backlight will be lighted at the same time).

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  1. 1) The lamp comes on by itself, especially at night (not sure during the day because I have it on any way) and since my desk is in our guest bedroom, it can be disruptive of a good night’s sleep; and also, at 12:35 am and 1:35 am a twinkling tune plays; cute but, again, not needed at night. Can you advise?

  2. How do I change the “year setting?” Today’s date is 1/1/22 but the DAY is showing as FRI. (Should be SAT)


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