YESOUL YS-001 Smart Cycling Installation Guide

YS-001 Smart Cycling

Spinning bike
Before using this product, carefully read
and properly keep this manual.

S3 Product Manual

Exemplar productum: YS-001

YESOUL Smart Spinning Bike S3

productum parametri

Tabula (mobile phone) possessor magnitudinis Maximum tabula latitudinis: 260mm
Supportantes software version iOS 10.0 seu superiore, Android 5.0 seu superiore
Resistentia ratio Magnetron ratio resistentiæ
modus coegi coegi balteum
potentia copia Button altilium (exemplum: CR2477)
Sensing system connection Bluetooth
Altitudo modus 150 ~ 195cm
Rated maximum onus 120kg
Net pondus 31kg
Gross pondus 36kg
mensura altiore (length) 1010 × (width) 510 × (height) 1165 (mm)

Safety momenti mandatum

monitum VII Please read them carefully. Improper use may result in personal injury or death!

  1. Make sure that the saddle height adjustment knob is secured correctly, and will not affect motion during exercise.
  2. Custodi filios et curas ab hoc facto. Hoc productum est pro illis tantum annis XVI.
  3. Numquam aliquod obiectum vel corporis partem in foramina vehitur.
  4. Pondus utentis maximum onus excedere non debet.
  5. Get off the bike until flywheel and pedals stop rotating. Otherwise, severe injuries may be caused due to control failure.
  6. If you feel any discomfort, such as dizziness or breathing difficulty, stop riding the bike and carefully get off.
  7. Pedales numquam manu vertunt, vel aliquam partem mechanicam rotandam tangunt; secus iniuriae personalis causari potest.
  8. Serva corpus hydratum ut opus est in sedendo.
  9. Use this product according to the instructions in this manual. Warm up fully before exercise.
  10. Without the preliminary determination of baseline fitness level and medical certificate signed by a doctor, never be engaged in high-speed or high-intensity sports. Before attempting any high-intensity short sprints, pay attention to the body state and posture, and apply a controllable speed.
  11. Wear professional cycling clothes or tight-fitting sportswear and sports shoes, and tighten foot straps to avoid injury caused by pulling or entanglement by this product.
  12. Numquam hoc productum cum inconvenienter calceis vel nudis pedibus incedens.
  13. Recta vel nimia disciplina injuriam faciat.
  14. Check whether the bike for loosening or damage before each use.
  15. Never refit this bike or use non-original accessories without permission. The casing must be opened by professionals, in order to avoid damage.
  16. Those pregnant or with high blood pressure, heart disease, lumbar spondylosis or reduced mobility must not use this product without the permission of doctors.
  17. In casu cuiuslibet molestiae sicut vertigo vel dolor pectoris in exercitatione, desine statim exercere et ire ad valetudinarium examen.
  18. Si opus defecerit, statim utendo desine.
  19. Productum hoc pro rehabilitatione medicinae adhiberi non debet.
  20. Use this product on a flat and clean ground.
  21. Praecaventur sustentationem semper portare.
  22. Numquam hoc productum in loco humido exponere. Productum hoc non debet poni velit vel in aliquo loco humido.

Institutionem Guide - Index partium

VERSUS I: Reprehendo partium
Index Partibus

1 Frame
2 2×hexagon socket button head screw M8×45/washer
ante fistula
3 2×hexagon socket button head screw M8×45/washer
tubus tergo
4 Pedal (left: L; right: R)
5 2× hexagon socket cap screw M6×16/washer
Handlebar ecclesiam
6 Tablet (mobile phone) holder
7 headtube
8 Ziplock bag (manual, tools)

, installation,

STEP 2: Installation of bottom tube

  1. Take the hex wrench (6#) out of the ziplock bag.
  2. Remove four screws (M8×45) and washers of the bottom tube via the wrench.
  3. Align the hole of the bottom tube with the bottom hole of the frame, manually screw the bottom
    tube into frame, and tighten it via the wrench.

STEP 3: Installation of head tube

  1. While holding the head tube with one hand, pull out the adjusting handle with the other hand.
  2. Insert the head tube into the body, and keep the scale parallel to the top surface of the tube. Loosen the adjusting handle and clamp the head tube into the slot. Then tighten the handle to the right.

STEP 4: Installation of handlebar assembly

  1. Take two hexagon socket cap screws (M8×45) and washers out of the ziplock bag.
  2. Align the handlebar assembly with the hole from top to bottom, and manually fasten screws into the holes.
  3. Lock the screws with the 6# hex wrench.
  4. Fasten the small decorative cover onto the handlebar assembly.

STEP 5: Installation of tablet (mobile phone) holder

  1. Take the hex wrench (5#) out of the ziplock bag.
  2. Remove the screws (M6×16) and washers of the handlebar assembly via the wrench.
  3. Insert the tablet (mobile phone) holder into the slot of the handlebar assembly, manually fasten the screws into holes, and lock them via the wrench.

VERSUS VI, Pedal institutionem
Manually screw the pedals onto cranks toward the head direction, and tighten them with the open-ended wrench.
There are two pedals: left (L) and right (R).

Open-ended wrench (in the ziplock bag)

Salutem tips:
Equitatio inversa non commendatur, sicut pedales laxare verisimile est. Post e converso equitatio, siste num pedales claudantur, ad vitandum quaestiones securitatis e pedalis laxioribus oriundi.

PASSUS VII: Pugna Dismantling et instruitur

  1. If the bike is provided with a battery, pull the insulation strip out of the gap of the battery cover before using this product.
  2. Battery replacement: Open the battery cover, and take out the circuit board (never forcibly pull it as its back wire is connected to the body) of the battery holder. Remove the old battery, and insert a new battery into the battery slot, with its positive pole outward (“+” outward). Close the cover.

Salutem tips:
Adjust the bike and tighten the body tightening knob as needed before using it.

Hoc manuale continet introductionem functionem et instructiones operativas quam maxime cum typis impressis.
With the continuous improvement of hardware and software and optimization of design, this manual may be inconsistent with the purchased product. In case of any discrepancy in appearance, interface and color, the actual product shall prevail.

primo usus

Scan the QR code to download YESOUL APP

  1. Registration
    Download the APP and complete registration according to the prompts..
  2. Bike connection
    First, make sure that the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone/tablet is enabled.
    1. Open the APP, and ride the bike for some time to activate its Bluetooth. Click the bike icon, search, and select the bike name (e.g. “YSS300001”). Wait until a connection is established.
    2. Open the APP, and click to start training. Ride the bike for some time to activate its Bluetooth.
    Click the bike icon, and search and select the bike name (e.g. “YSS300001”). Wait until a connection is established.
    ♦ After the first connection, the APP will automatically match the bike. Directly ride the bike when it is used for the second time.
    ♦  The bike does not support the simultaneous connection of multiple mobile phones. Before using this product, make sure that other users are not connected to the bike.
    ♦  The bike will be disconnected 10 min after riding.
    ♦ In addition to connection with YESOUL APP, the Bluetooth can also be connected with kinomap and zwift software.
  3. Connection with Heart Rate Armband
    First, make sure that the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone/tablet is enabled. Wear the heart rate armband as required.
    1. Open the APP, click the heart rate armband icon, and search and select the heart rate armband name (e.g. “YSB170900001”). Wait until a connection is established.
    2. Open the APP, and click to start training. Click the heart rate armband icon, and search and select the heart rate armband name (e.g. “YSB170900001”). Wait until a connection is established.
    Check whether the connection is established successfully. Open the course video. If the heart rate is displayed, it means that the connection has been established successfully.

Quam ad adjust Bike

  1. Handlebar altitudo temperatio:
    Loosen and pull out the front column knob with one hand, hold the middle part of the handlebar with the other hand, and lift the handlebar to the desired position. Then release the knob, and gently pull the column up and down until the spring is automatically reset (when a “click” sound is heard, it means that the knob has been clamped in foramine columnae). Nodum quam maxime obstringere.
  2. Altitudo equestrium temperatio:
    Loosen and pull out the rear column knob with one hand, and lift (or press) the saddle with the other hand to the desired position. Loosen the knob and gently pull the column up and down until the spring is automatically reset (when a “click” sound is heard, it means that the knob has been clamped in foramine columnae). Nodum quam maxime obstringere.
  3. Temperatio sellae horizontalis:
    Nodum sub sella solve, sellam ite huc atque illuc ad optatum solve, et nodi quam maxime stringe.
  4. Corpus gradu temperatio:
    There are four adjustment pads at the bottom of the front and rear pedal tubes. Screw these pads until they are tightly secured on the floor and the body does not shake.

Quomodo determinare rectam equitationem positione

  1. Setup opportunis handlebar altitudinis
    Each user can set up the appropriate handlebar height based on his or her body height and riding experience. Recommendation: The handlebar should be slightly higher than the saddle for new users (Fig. 1) and flush with or slightly lower than the saddle for experienced users (Fig. 2). Users subject to lumbar muscle strain and lumbar spondylosis may ride the bike with the consent of doctors. It is recommended to adjust the handlebar into a higher position.
  2. Setup of correct saddle position
    2.1 – Saddle height
    Put the feet together, stand on one side of the saddle and adjust the saddle to the hip height (Fig. 3). Then site on the saddle, and step on the pedals forcibly until they are stopped at 6 o’clock and the leg can be fully stretched (Fig. 4).
  3. Setup of correct saddle position
    2.2 – Horizontal position of saddle Put the right foot into the clamp, and step on the pedals, until the right pedal is at 3 o’clock and the front side of the knee joint is on the same vertical line as the pedal, that is, the saddle is in the correct position (Fig. 5).
  4. Palpate positionis extensione nere cursoriam
    In equitando, carrucae positiones manus respondentes ostendent, id est partes auriculae respondentes, ut infra patebit.
    1. Hand position 1
    2. Hand position 2
    3. Hand position 3

conservationem translaticiam Albi

Quotidianus usus:
Keep the spinning bike on a dry, ventilated and flat floor. If not used in a long time, the bike should be covered to keep its body clean and tidy.
Frame maintenance:
Wipe off sweat on the frame with cloth after exercise. Do not wipe the bike with wet cloth, in order to avoid rusting.
Cingulum sustentationem:
Check the belt pulley for cracking and deviation, and adjust or replace the belt in time. Regularly clean the belt groove to prevent the belt from jumping out of the groove.
Inspection of body screws:
Always check the screws of all body parts for loosening or falling, and tighten or replace them in time.
Inspection of resistance adjustment knob:
Always check the resistance adjustment knob for loosening or falling. Check whether the resistance is reasonable, so as to calibrate resistance in time.
Inspectio pedalorum et iocorum;
Always check the screws of pedals and cranks for loosening, and tighten them in time.
Saddle maintenance:
Always check whether the saddle is loose and tighten it in time. Wipe the saddle with cotton cloth to keep it dry.

Pars XV fabrica hic prosequitur de FCC Rules. Operatio autem est subiectum duabus conditionibus sequentibus: (I) potest non faciam hanc machinam nocivis suas inquietari implicat, atque (II) fabrica hanc accipere debere recipi non licet, inter se immiscere potest facere operationem vitium necopinatum:

Nota: hoc apparatu probata est ad propinquos meos, et inventus est cum fines pro digital fabrica Paleonemertea Class B, iuxta quod ex parte XV FCC Rules. Hi sunt fines disposito rationabile providere tutela contra easdem intercessiones nocivis in residentialibus installation. Hoc apparatu generat, radio frequency industria et radiant can usus, nisi usus est installed, et dividentes sicut praeceperat, ut faciam nocivis radio intercessiones in communicationum socialium regione. Autem, non sponsio, non prohibente fieri per institutionem maxime. Quod si hanc causam non nocivis apparatu intercessiones ad receptionem radio-televisivas quod possit determinari per conversionem et off apparatibus, de user est coactus ad corrigere quidam interventus unius vel ex sequenti mensuras superiores

  • Aut antenna, accipiendo relocate ad reorient.
  • Proventus differentias noveritis mundi et apparatu et acceperit existimare possis.
  • Committere exitum in circuitu vasa in alio recipitur cui coniungitur.
  • Vel furente consulam peritus radio / TV TECHNICUS auxilium.
    Warning: mutationes vel modificationes non expresse approbatae partium responsabilium obsequiorum irritare possent auctoritatem usoris ad apparatum operandum

monitum VII

Documenta / Resources

YESOUL YS-001 Smart Cycling [pdf] Installation Guide
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