Tranya X2 Wireless Earbuds or Headphones


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important notes

  1. Subcriptio tuum productum in ut extra tres-mensis warantum gratis accipias.
  2. Before using the X2 wireless earbuds, please charge both the case and earbuds.
  3. Si utraque earbuds non sync simul, quaeso earbuds retexere.
  4. To avoid damaging the earbuds, please use the original charging cable provided by the manufacturer for charging, and choose USB port of Computer or regular brand mobile phone charger which is in accord with 5V voltage, 100mAh-1A or less than 100mAh-1A current to charge.
  5. Si sonus sine potestate humilis fit, volpesculas utere ut retia tollas intra earbudas.




In virtute / ON


  • Power on: Long press and hold the MFB for 4 seconds
  • Power off: Long press and hold the MFB for 4 seconds

When the earbuds is at low battery, there is the automatic voice prompt: battery low and the indicator light will flash every 5 seconds.



  • Step 1 Put the earbuds into your ears.
  • Step 2 Rotate the earbuds to the auricle side to fit snugly.



  • Step 1 Power on the earbuds and turn on the Bluetooth in your phone.
  • Step 2 Select “Tranya X2” and confirm.



Is dato negotio: Red indicator light remains on
Pro munere sibi plene: Blue indicator light will be on

Quomodo reset EARBUDS

  1. Illuminationes earbuds Tranya-X2-Wireless-Earbuds-or-Headphones-FIG-8
  2. Long press and hold the MFB for 8 seconds until the lights blink 3 times Tranya-X2-Wireless-Earbuds-or-Headphones-FIG-9
  3. Rest successfully(Note: the pairing record will be automatically removed after reset)


Q: Cur intermissio signum in aliquibus locis occurrit, ut in ferriviaria et aeroportus?
A: There are usually lots of underground cable lines along the places mentioned above, which might cause electromagnetic interference and result in the signal interruption.

Q: Mea earbuds non accuso, quid agam?
A: Sequi quaeso vestigia infra:

  1. Clean the charging port of the earbuds by an alcohol swab
  2. Change a Type C cable to see whether it works

Q: Why my earbuds can’t connect to my phone?
A: Our earbuds will automatically connect to the last-paired device for convenient using. Pls make sure you have turned off the Bluetooth function of your last-paired device before changing a device to connect with. If still doesn’t work, please Contact our support team for help.

Q: Will the Bluetooth mouse cause SIgnal interference?
A: fortasse. Cum Bluetooth murem tuum et earbuds ad eandem fabricam connexis, fieri potest.

Pro magis notitia, placere vide:
Pro omni auxilio, electronicas nos:[Inscriptio protected]

Documenta / Resources

Tranya X2 Wireless Earbuds or Headphones [pdf] User Manual
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