MEAN WELL NPB-450 Series 450W High Reliable Ultra Wide Output Range Intelligent Battery Charger User Manual


NPB-450 Series


  • Patented auto ranging with ultra-wide charging voltage (10.5~21V,21~42V,42~80V, 54~100V; Please refer to page 8 for setting)
  • Inaedificata CANBus protocollo pro potestate, occasu et vigilantia
  • Programmabile 2/3 stage et increpans curva per SBP-001
  • Manuale occasus pro 2/3 stage et IV constructum-incurrens curvis per SUMMERGO SW
  • Multa praesidia:
    Short circuit / Over voltage / Over temperature/ Battery under voltage/ Battery reverse polarity (No damage)
  • Patina OK ac altilium plena signum
  • Temperature munus excambium ad vitam autonomiam trahendam (modo plumbum-acidum)
  • -30°C~+70°C wide operating temperature
  • Scelerisque moderata DC fan pro sonitu reductione
  • DE remotis / ON imperium
  • Smart programmer available (Order NO.: SBP-001, sold separately)
  • Portare manubrium accessorium praesto (ORDO NO.: DS-Carry manubrium, separatim venditum)
  • Parere cum 62368-1 + 60335-1/-2-29 duali certificatione
  • Acidum plumbi idoneum (Pb) et la-ion batteries
  • 3 anno warrantia


  • AGV
  • E-Bike, E-Scooter, Camptes currus, Bus, Proprium vehicles
  • Robotic gramina metentis
  • lavatio robot
  • Otium artis, personalis Phasellus vel workboat
  • annotata ratio
  • Telecommunicatio basis stationis
  • Radio ratio tergum solution
  • Equipments or instruments with backup battery


NPB-450 est minutum, multiplex et ultra-latum voltage intelligent charger. It utilizes a fully digital control design with patented automatic battery voltage technologia detectio, cum quinque notis clavis comprehensis, intelligentes, versatiles, usor amicabiles, tutae et compactae. Series quattuor exempla habent cum output voltage ranges of 10.5~21V, 21~42V, 42~80V, and 54~100V respectively. The charging voltage range singularum exemplarium satis late ad varias varias pugnas voltages et altilium chemiae, et est in intellectu structili voltage modum deprehensionis increpans (Nota hic modus est ad OFF per default officinam destinatus et ad lithium batteries cum BMS tantum accommodatus est). NPB-450 inserere potest cum MEAN SBP-001 programmator bene pro digitali configuratione, ut s 2/3 eligeretage præcipiens, vol accommodent præcipientestage/currente, et cyclum incurrentes ad protegendum vitalem altilium. Per amica utentis SUMMERGO SW super tabulam anteriorem, usor etiam recta 2/3 s . accommodare potesttage notificatione, currenti (50~100%), et inter 4 genera praesentis curvae selectae. Praeterea CANBus protocollum communicationis aedificatum est ut ad applicationes professionales conveniat, quae remotis moderandis et vigilantia status patinae concedit. Secundum salutem, intelligentes detectionem habet pro pugna propria voltage and connection as well as protection from reverse polarity. It passes ITE IC/EN/UL62368-1 and household appliances EN60335-1/-2-29 dual safety and 3-year warranty to guarantee reliable operation. The NPB-450 is truly an intelligent, safe, and reliable universal charger with outstanding cost performance.

modi exemplum



Pars specification

Diagram obstructionum

PFC fosc: 80KHz
PWM fosc: 60KHz

Diagram obstructionum

Derating curva

Derating curvaDerating Curve Continued

Vestibulum Characteres

Vestibulum Characteres

Juris Domestici function

1. Manual occasum

manual occasum

1.1 2 or 3-stage selectable via DIP S.W on panel

2 or 3-stage selectable via DIP S-W on panel

1.2 Charging curve can be adjustable via DIP S.W on panel

Charging curve can be adjustable via DIP S-W on panel

  • The default curve is programmable, whereas other pre-defined curves can be activated by the means of the DIP S.W; This series provides 2 or 3 stage charging curve please refer to the table below and the Mechanical Specification.

Charging curve can be adjustable via DIP S-W on panel continued

2. Programmable charging curve

Charging Curve can be set via SBP-001 with computer

Step 1

hardware configuratione

hardware configuratione

Step 2

Connect to software for setting

Connect to software for setting

Connect to software for setting continued

Munus Description:

SBP-001 is a programmer, particularly for MEAN WELL’s various programmable battery charger models to program the parameters of charging curves, such as the 2 or 3 stage selectable, Constant current (CC), tapper current(TC), Constant voltage (CV), float voltage (FV),Charging time out and so on, to accommodate the diversified battery specification in industry. With the design accounting for simplicity and convenience, users can easily configure MEAN WELL’s programmable battery chargers with SBP-001 programmer and the computer; all of the setups are able to be finished easily by the means of the specific software.
Note:(1) Tapper current(TC) default is 10%, can be fine tuned from 2% to 30% by SBP-001 with computer or CANBus Interface.
(2) Please contact MEAN WELL for more details.

※ Software Interface:

software interface

3. Auto Ranging for Charging (Default non-Auto ranging)

※ Function Description:

a. NPB-450 has built-in auto ranging mode.
(Note this mode is set to OFF by factory default and is suitable for lithium batteries with BMS only)

b. When operating in auto ranging mode , NPB-450 will automatically detect the voltage of battery that is connected and adjust charging voltage accordingly. It will not start charging unit appropriate battery voltage deprehenditur.

c. While under auto ranging mode, NPB-450’s built-in MCU will adjust charging voltage. There is no potentiometer for voltage adjustment on the front panel.

d. While under auto ranging mode, the charging current can be adjusted between 50~100%. (The charging current can not be adjusted via potentiometer while not operating in auto ranging mode)

※ When using the auto ranging charging curve function, please pay attention to the following:

Input-Output Side

  1. Default factory setting is OFF via DC output side DIP S.W, Follow steps A1~A6 below to enable the setting.
  2. Auto ranging function should use together with Lithium batteries and BMS (Battery Management System).
  3. Do not exceed the output voltage and current ranges as specified in the NPB-450 specifications (please refer to page 2).

※ Auto Ranging function by DIP S.W Setting

Auto Ranging function by DIP SW Setting

※ Back to non-auto ranging as following:

Non-auto ranging

4. Auto Derating function

※ Covered by over temperature protection, auto de-rating function works under operation either in charging curve (2 or 3 stage) or under control by communication protocol(CANBus).

T1(Typ.): Maximum ambient temperature of 100% output current.
T2(Typ.): T1+5℃.

Auto Derating function

5. CANBus communication interface

CANBus 2.0B version, Can control, setting and monitoring that including output charging voltage, output charging current, internal temperature and DC output ON/OFF……and so on, please refer to the user manual pro magis details.

CANBus communication interface

CANBus communication interface continued

6. Charger OK Signal

Charger OK signal is a TTL level signal.
The maximum sourcing current is 10mA.

Charger OK Signal

7. Battery Full Signal

Battery full signal is a TTL level signal.
The maximum sourcing current is 10mA.

Battery Full Signal

8. Longinquus DE IMPERIUM

The NPB-450 can be turned ON/OFF by using the “Remote Control” function.

DE OFF Control remotis,

※ The charger is shipped, by factory default, with Remote ON-OFF(pin 7) and +12Vaux (pin 8) shorted by connector.

Remote ON-OFF Control continued

9. Temperature compensation (3 stagtantum e)

Temperature compensation function to prolong battery life for lead-acid batteries. Temperature compensation range is 0 ~ 40℃.
The battery temperature sensor comes along with the charger can be connected to the unit to allow temperature compensation of the charging voltage.
If the sensor is not used, the charger works normally.

Temperature ultricies

10. DC Output Side LED Indicators & Corresponding Signal at Function Pins

DC Output Side LED Indicators

Specification mechanica

※ Intelligent Battery Charger model

Intelligent Battery Charger model



※ Control Pin No. Assignment : HRS DF11-14DS or equivalent

Control Pin No Assignment

※ LED Status Table

DUXERIT Tabellam

※ Connector Pin No. Assignment : HRS DF11-14DS or equivalent

Connector Pin No Assignment

pin Function

Note1: Non-isolated signal, referenced to [GND(signal)].
Note2: Isolated signal, referenced to GND-AUX


※ NTC Sensor and Remote Control mating along with NPB-450 (Standard accessory)


※ Carry handle (Optional accessory, battery charger and pull handle should be ordered seperately)

Accessory List Continued 1

Accessory List Continued 2

Juris Domestici institutionem

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MEAN WELL NPB-450 Series 450W High Reliable Ultra Wide Output Range Intelligent Battery Charger [pdf] Instructio Manual
NPB-450 Series, 450W High Reliable Ultra Wide Output Range Intelligent Battery Charger, NPB-450 Series 450W High Reliable Ultra Wide Output Range Intelligent Battery Charger


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