Bluetooth Stereo Power Amplifier
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  1. TF card et USB modus initus solum eligi possunt, postquam TF card et U-disk inseres, vel computando coniunge.
  2. 3.5mm AUX input apta est pro instrumento audio e gradu humilitatis output sicut phone, tabula, MP3 etc. Coniungens fabrica cum gradu altiori gradu sicut CD ludio ludius ad 3.5mm AUX initus in aliquo strepitu provenire potest.
  3. If you buy the version with power supply(19V/4.74A Max Output 90W), enough to drive most home speakers. If you buy the version without power supply or want higher output, please prepare it (DC9V-24V 5.5mm/2.1-2.5mm) by yourself.
  4. There is a thin film on the front panel, you can tear it off to get more smooth and brighter panel or keep it to protect the panel from being scratched.


  1. Coniungere oratores passivi proprios ad output, et quaeso the connectere amp ad potentiam adaptor primum et deinde ad nervum potentiae obturaculum ad nervum electricam vitantem scintillas.
  2. PC-USB/RCA/AUX input:
    Secundum diversum fontem audio, modum proprium audio initus elige et cum GENERALI GENERALI coniunge, modum conjunctionem preme ut rectam input modum eligere.
  3. Bluetooth input:
    Diu premere puga potestatem ut eam verteret, et modum conjunctionem premes ad modum Bluetooth eligere, tum quaerere et deprime ut feliciter iungas.
  4. TF card / U-orbis initus
    Insert U-disk or TF card, long press the knob to turn it on, then press Mode button to choose corresponding input mode, plug, and play. Previous & next song and play & pause buttons are only available under these modes.
  5. Tunc nodi gyrari potes volumen proprium adaptare, modo suo sono HiFi fruere.


Brand Douk Audio
audio Inputs RCA / 3.5mm AUX / Bluetooth / USB / TF card
audio output Banana Speaker Jacks
U-disk/TF card Supporting Format MP3, WAV, APE, FLAC
Max U-disk / TF Card Storage 128G
Max output potentia 50W*2 (24V/4Q load)
speaker IMMINENTIA 4-160
frequency Response 20Hz 20KHz,
vol workingtage 9V 24V DC,
DOUK AUDIO GFJ782 Bluetooth Stereo Power Amplifier - Product Overview 1 DOUK AUDIO GFJ782 Bluetooth Stereo Power Amplifier - Product Overview 2


Address: Room 1329, Wang Cheng Building, Long Guan street, Long Hua new District, Shenzhen, Guang Dong, China
Tel: + 86 18570015672,
Email: [Inscriptio protected]

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DOUK AUDIO GFJ782 Bluetooth Stereo Power Amplifier [pdf] User Manual
GFJ782, Bluetooth Stereo Power Amplifier, GFJ782 Bluetooth Stereo Power Amplifier

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