Bailey LED Bulkhead Slim Ceiling Wall

Technical Specifications

Vol operatingtage AC 220V-240V 50Hz
trabem angulus ° 120
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 40°
IP Rating IP65
vi impulsum IK10

News and Conventus


Containing product with removeable light source.
Productum hoc lumen continet fontem energiae genus E efficientiae.

installation notitia

  • Disconnect power before installation and servicing.
  • Fac copiam voltage idem est quod luminaire rated voltage.
  • Ante institutionem placet legere specificationem efficere ut hoc productum sit aptum ad environment operanti.
  • Operation against rules may damage your property even harm to your personal safety.
  • Omnis salus instructio servanda est ad vitandum periculum damni vel proprietatis.
  • Apta ad usum internum et externum.
  • Non apta ad usum cum unitates subitis.

Safety ­ Maintenance – Environment

  • Noli productum operire. Ne adiungas alias res ad opus. Copiam et institutionem producti e longinquo liberorum. Tantum utere facto quando perfecte laborat.
  • Productum in eventum culpae vel naufragii noli attingere. Statim avertas productum et potentiam copia disiungo.
  • Hae condiciones culpae vel naufragii significantur: producti damnum visibile est, producto perfecte non laborat (exempli gratia micans), odor ardens est, eventus exustionis visibiles sunt.
  • Testing and small repairs must only be carried out by a qualified electrician.
  • Ut vitae obsequium non adversatur, opportunum est mundare fixturam regulari fundamento. Molli tantum panno utere, aqua et sapone id facere. Patefacio fuge ad substantias chemicas volatiles sicut alcohol, petrol vel pesticides.
  • Cum opus tuum opus est repone post longam vitam servitutem, noli id ​​disponere cum domesticis tuis incommodis. Sed elige modum dispositionis environmentally amicabiliter.
  • Electrical products may not be disposed of in the same way as normal household waste. Take the fixture to a place where it can be recycled. Consult the local authorities or the seller for advice about collection and processing.


The warranty period will begin on the day on which the product was purchased from Bailey and will end after 2 years. If a defect occurs within the warranty period as a consequence of material faults and/or manufacturing errors, Bailey will repair or replace the product. The warranty does not cover consequential damage, nor will any call-out charges, transport costs or installation costs be reimbursed.

Sed hoc non est nisi warantum predictum est;

  • Nulla notitia, vel nulla documenta sunt, referens ad emptionis datam (invoice or delivery note).
  • Exemplar et/vel serial numerus in productum situs ignotus est (includunt photographicam obice vel imprimere cum specificationibus).
  • Productum non installed per electrician quid.
  • Defectus autem causatur ab improprio usu producti vel non ut intenti, vel ab usu in conditionibus extremae vel in condicionibus substantiis nocivis.
  • Defectio facta est ab idoneis connexis instrumentis periphericis vel surgit in ornatum electricitatis.
  • Damnum productum ab exterioribus causis causatum est.
  • fixture adaptatur.

Bailey Electric & Electronics bv
4902 TT Oosterhout Netherlands
+ 31 (0) 162 52 2446

Documenta / Resources

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