L O L SURPRISE 580645 Grill and Groove Camper 

SURPRISE 580645 Grill and Groove Camper


A. Grill & Groove Camper™ with Detachable Dance Floor
B. 2 Seats
C. 4 Flags
D. 3 Bottles
E. Cheese Burger Accessory
F. Ice Cream Accessory
G. Fries Accessory
H. Corn Dog Accessory
I. Toast Accessory
J. Taco Accessory
K. Register
L. Sticker Sheet


  1. Slide down the back door of the camper.
    Transforming The Camper
  2. Open the menu side of the roof
    Transforming The Camper
  3. Open the second part of the roof, making sure to slide it all the way down as it is

    Transforming The Camper

  4. shown. Slide down the stage side of the camper.
    Then, add the speaker seats to the stage.
    Transforming The Camper
  5. Lift the stage. Then, hook the flags onto the stage.
    Transforming The Camper
  6. Open both doors for the food truck side.
    Transforming The Camper


Dance floor can be rotated on the stage or removed and used as a table outside the camper. Remove the seats for a sitting area. The furniture inside the camper can be opened for extra play.
Playing With The Camper
The front part of the camper can be removed and used as its own vehicle. Pull forward the lock under the camper. Then, slightly lift the back camper and pull out the front.
Playing With The Camper


  1. Replace the front part of the vehicle by lifting the back camper and snapping the vehicle into it.
    Storing The Camper
  2. Replace the seats and the dance floor. Then, pull down the stage and close the doors on the food truck side.
    Storing The Camper
  3. Lift up the stage side of the camper.
    Storing The Camper
  4. Close the roof over the stage side first. 3
    Storing The Camper
  5. Close the roof with the menu.
    Storing The Camper
  6. Lift up the back door of the camper.
    Storing The Camper


  • Do not sit, stand, or jump on the unit, as doing so may result in bodily injury and/or damage to the unit.
  • Do not play with camper in the street, where there is vehicular traffic or in heavily traveled areas with pedestrians.
  • Do not run or throw the camper into furniture’s, walls, pets, people etc., as doing so may cause injury to the person and irreparable damage to the unit.
  • Do not drive camper through water, mud etc.
  • Only apply stickers to the included unit and accessories, as adhesive may not be completely removed from all surfaces.


Please keep this manual as it contains important information.
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