KGUSS Topping D10s Mini USB DAC CSS XMOS XU208 ES9038Q2M OPA2134 Audio Amplifier



  • package Mezinahî 
    8.4 x 6 x 2.7 inches
  • Weight Weight 
  • Teknolojiya Connectivity 
  • Kontrola Deng 
    Betalkirina Noşara çalak
  • input Power
    DC5V/0.5A(USB power supply )
  • Beyan
  • Karûabr
  • Pêşkêşî
    Customized digital tube
  • Şanika şewatê


Thank you for purchasing USB-DAC D10s! D10s is a high-performance device with three kinds of output ways of Optical, Coaxial, and Line Out. It supports up to 384kHz/32Bit and DSD256. It has a simple appearance and LED display screen and can be used as not only a DAC but also a digital interface. We believe that high-quality D10s could bring you more fun in enjoying HIFI music.

Navnîşa naverokê

  • D10s  x 1
  • USB cable  x 1
  • Rêberê bikarhêner
  • Warranty card  x 1

 You can download the driver and user manual on

Panelê pêşîn


  • 1-1 Sampling rate indicator
  • 1-2 DSD indicator
  • 1-3 PCM indicator

Panelê paşîn


  • 2-1 Channel of analog output
  • 2-2 Channel of analog output
  • 2-3 OPT output
  • 2-4 COAX output
  • 2-5 têketina USB

D10s decoding specification(LineOut/USB [email parastî])  


Rêberdana ji bo karanînê

USB-DAC application

  1. Connect D10s to a PC with a USB cable (As Figure c shows).
  2.  Connect the Line Out of D10s to a headphone amplifier or a power amplifier an amûrên din.
  3. Use your pc to play music and adjust the volume of your ear or amplifier to the appropriate position, then you can listen to wonderful music

The first time you use D10s, you need to install the driver on the PC first. For the driver installation, please refer to the “Topping Driver Installation and Use Guide”.


Digital interface application

Connect D10s to PC with a USB cable. Connect the COAX or OPT output port of the D10s to the DAC and play music with a PC, you can listen to wonderful music.

 COAX /OPT outputs support up to 192kHz /24Bit PCM signal or DSD64 ( Dop).

Connect D10s to a PC with a USB cable, the display will show the format and sampling rate of the playing music.

Auto standby instruction
D10s have an automatic standby function. It will automatically enter the standby state when the input signal is invalid. Once having detected a valid signal, it will automatically return to the working state.

Connect to speakers that are on

Connect your active speakers to D10s. In addition to DSD and higher-specification PCM compatibility, D10s offers superior sound quality compared to a standard DAC or your computer’s built-in sound card.

Obtain power and a headphone amplifier

D10s may be integrated into your HFI system by connecting their line out to the input of your amplifier an headphone amplifier. D10s will significantly enhance sound quality while playing high-resolution files.

Pirsên Pir tên Pirsîn

  • Goodnight. Does this Dac work with Linux systems? |
    Confirmed, I’m using it with Linux (latest 5.11.x kernel, custom built, but stock kernel) and with MPD player, I even get the DSD light to come on when I play the right DSD files. no noise between tracks and fast sample rate changes. I’ve tried all valid sample rates, 44,48,88,96,176,192 and 1 or 2 DSD formats. all work great with Linux and mpd player.
  • If I have a D10 already, is it worth upgrading to the “S” model? 
    Really depends how high a definition your music is. I listen to mostly CD quality up 32 bit/192 KHz through my D10S, which I believe you can also get from your D10, so not sure the upgrade will get you much improvement.
  • Does it work on a mini windows 10 PC? 
    Yes. This Topping DAC would work with the USB from a mini windows PC.
  • A previous question says Topping D10s require a preamp, like a turntable, or can it use any inputs on a vintage amplifier? 
    This model of Topping DAC requires a pre-amp on the way to a power amplifier. Or use any RCA inputs (except phono) on a vintage receiver.
  • Can this be plugged into any USB wall transformer? 
    The only input that this DAC has is the USB port. The coax and optical port are digital outputs! The intended use case for this device is a USB-attached audio device to a computer or phone. In that use case, the power will be provided by the device to the D10s is connected.
  • Would this do anything if ran to a drunk m1 pro amp? Why do u need a preamp? 
    Yes, this model of Topping DAC needs a preamp or an integrated amp with volume control like the Douak M1 Pro Amp.
  • Does the d10s support tidal master tracks mqa? 
    I’ve used Tidal in the past with the D10, but never MQA for master tracks. I know it works with DSD audio.\
  • Will this work with USB out from the Amazon tablet to the D10, with an adapter? 
    I do not have an Amazon tablet, but I have run the D10S off an iPhone and iPad with a USB adaptor. The adaptor I used had Lighted on one end and USB A on the other end. I used a USB-A -To USB-B cable to connect to the D10S. It ran fine. Hope this lets you know there are portable and tablet options.
  • Will this work with a mac mini m1? 
    I am using the D10s plugged into a USB-C port (using a USB-A adapter) on an M1 Mac Mini. The RCA jacks are connected to a desktop headphone amp and the optical out is connected to a desktop speaker system. The outputs work concurrently. The D10s is automatically recognized by the Mac and can also be configured as needed using Apple’s built-in Audio MIDI Setup app.
  • Why would need to run a pre-amp? isn’t this a pre-amp? '
    This model of Topping DAC does not feature volume control. I use a $50 Schitt passive preamp for volume control, between the DAC and a power amplifier. Alternatively, there is a more expensive Topping DAC with a volume knob and remote control available on Amazon. Or use an integrated amp (which includes a volume kn
  • New to this! can I connect my hp pc via USB to this device and then to a Denon receiver? will i get better sound than my internal sound card? 
    you can connect the device to most windows pc and the DAC is most likely superior to the internal card. RCA outs should be able to input to your receiver
  • Can anyone confirm that the d10s can be powered by a phone’s usb-c port?
    Yes this works on my Galaxy S20 ultra.

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