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Meriv Çawa Serlêdana IRwin bikar tîne

With IRwin App you will be able to
  • Get Function test on a PDF report
  • Get Calibration test on a PDF report
  • Get logged survey on a PDF report
  • Vekirî files, dakêşin files & jêbirin files from IRwin
  • Optimize your GPS setting (Landfill and City Environment)


Meriv Çawa Serlêdana IRwin bikar tîne

Start and Connect
  1. Start IRwin and connect to the computer via BluetoothINFICON-How-To-Use-IRwin-App-02
  2. Start IRwin AppINFICON-How-To-Use-IRwin-App-03
  3. Select Connection followed by DeviceINFICON-How-To-Use-IRwin-App-04
  4. Select your IRwin serial number in the menu and press Connect
Çawa View Rojname files from IRwin


Hilbijêre file under the menu Files û çapemeniyê View to see the logged data from the file in IRwin AppINFICON-How-To-Use-IRwin-App-05

Daxistin file from IRwin
  1. Hilbijêre file in IRwin App under the menu FilesINFICON-How-To-Use-IRwin-App-05
  2. Hilbijêre Daxistin file and save it on the computer


Visualize a file in a map
  1. Select Map and press Import FileINFICON-How-To-Use-IRwin-App-07
  2. Select a log file ji komputera xwe
  3. Select prefered map from the five choices


Têketinek vekin file from the computer in IRwin App
  1. Têketinek vekin file from the computer in IRwin AppINFICINFICON-How-To-Use-IRwin-App-09ON-How-To-Use-IRwin-App-09
  2. Hilbijêre file from your computer (Only CSV files can be uploaded into IRwin app)
Display different leak sizes on the map


  1. Select Set Filter in the menuINFICON-How-To-Use-IRwin-App-10
  2. Enter the value of the desired leak size at each color markings and press save.
    See also the Tech Note ”Setting the correct speed limit in IRwin App” at bottom of this document.


Eksport files to PDF
  1. Follow the steps described under ”Visualize a file in a map” on page 3INFICON-How-To-Use-IRwin-App-12
  2. Under the menu Map, press Create ReportINFICON-How-To-Use-IRwin-App-13
  3. Insert your company’s logo or enter a comment in the PDF file, if so wished. Press Save to create the reportINFICON-How-To-Use-IRwin-App-14
  4. Your report has been generated

GPS settings for Normal Walk or Slow Walk*

  1. Go to the menu Settings and choose Device GPS
  2. Mark the GPS setting that fits your survey best (Normal Walk or Slow Walk*) and press save
    *Normal walk is recommended for city environment whereas Slow walk is recommended for landfill



IRwin Methane Leak Detector – Setting the correct Speed Limit in IRwin App 4.02

The IRwin APP Software for the methane leak detector IRwin allows operators to visualize their survey digitally on a laptop and create PDF’s of the work.
Operators can walk or drive the survey route.

In the new IRwin app 4.02, the filter function added under the menu “Map” allows users to indicate whether the survey was undertaken on foot or with a vehicle based system by simply setting the maximum speed between points. This will improve the way the route is displayed in the map (PDF report).

For best results, we recommend to set the max speed to 7 km/h when walking, and to 100 km/h when performing the survey by car.
See images below for how to set the speed filter and the recommended settings.

  1.  Survey on foot: set the maximum speed to 7 km/hINFICON-How-To-Use-IRwin-App-16
  2. Survey with vehicle based system: set maximum speed to 100km/h

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