KRAMER 539206 K-CamHD 1080P HD PTZ Camera with 12x Optical Zoom User Guide
KRAMER 539206 K-CamHD 1080P HD PTZ Camera with 12x Optical Zoom

What’s in the box

  • K-CamHD PTZ Camera
  • Remote control transmitter with batteries
  • Power adapter and cord
  • Lens cover
  • Wall bracket
  • Screws set
  • 1 USB 3.0 cable
  • 1 Quick start guide

Get to know your K-CamHD

Get to know your K-CamHD

# Feature   Function
1 Camera High quality Camera.
2 Tilting Mechanism Can be set to any of 255 preset positions.
3 STANDBY LED Lights green when the camera is in standby mode.
4 POWER LED Lights blue when the power is on.
5 USB 3 Type B Port Connect to a PC.
6 LINE IN Connect to a microphone.
7 RS-232 8- pin DIN Connectors IN Connect to a device with an RS-232 port (for example, a system controller).
8 OUT Connect to a device with an RS-232 port (for example, a camera).
9 12V DC Power Connector Press and hold to toggle the locking/release of the front panel buttons. When storing or recalling presets, press to

store or recall the preset.

Mount K-CamHD

You can mount K-CamHD on the wall, the ceiling or place it on a tabletop. The built-in gravity sensor automatically corrects the image orientation.

Warning Icon

  • Ensure that the environment (e.g., maximum ambient temperature, humidity & air flow) is compatible for the device.
  • Avoid exposing the product to direct sunlight or any other heat source.
  • Keep away from children – product includes small accessories and components.
  • Avoid uneven mechanical loading.
  • Do not insert any sharp objects into the product.
  • Avoid dropping or hitting the product to avoid damaging the product.
  • For maintenance, call tech support.

To attach K-CamHD onto a wall:

Mount K-CamHD

  1. Find the correct location on the wall.
  2. In the desired location, mark the hole locations, then drill 4 holes 82mm and 60mm apart (using a 6mm drill-bit) to fit the 4 holes of the wall-mounting bracket.
  3. Insert the four expansion-plugs into the holes.
  4. Attach the wall bracket to the wall, using the four wallbracket screws.
    Note that you can also attach the device upside down, from under the bracket.
  5. Attach the device to the wall bracket by fitting the mortise (on the bracket) into the tenon (on the camera).
  6. Fix the camera by screwing (A) Nickel screw to the center and (B) then tighten with 3 black screws.

Connect inputs and outputs

Always switch OFF the power on each device before connecting it to your K-CamHD.

Connect inputs and outputs

Control K-CamHD via the IR Remote Controller.

Remote Control

Shortcut Keys
*+#+1: OSD default (English)
*+#+3: OSD default (Chinese)
*+#+6: Quickly recover the default
*+#+8: View the camera version
*+#+9: Quickly set up inversion
*+#+MANUAL: Restore default IP address

# Key   Function
1 Power Press once to enter standby mode. Press again to enter normal operation mode.
2 Number (0 to 9) Configure or edit a preset
3 * Use together with other keys for various functions.
4 PRESET Press PRESET + a numerical key (0 to 9) to save the current configuration to that preset number.
5 HOME Press to return K-CamHD to its default position.

When in the OSD, press to enter a submenu or confirm menu.

6 Return Return to previous item on the menu.
7 ZOOM SLOW Press for slow zoom in (+) or out (-).
FAST Press for quick zoom in (+) or out (-).
8 L/R Set STD (1) Press L/R + STD (1) keys to set Pan-Tilt to same direction as L/R setting.
REV (2) Press L/R + REV (2) keys to set Pan-Tilt to the direction opposite to the L/R setting.
9 FOCUS AUT O Press to automatically set the focus to the center of the image.
MAN UAL Press to enter manual focus mode. Then press FAR or NEAR.
FAR When in MANUAL mode, press to focus on a far object
NEA R When in MANUAL mode, press to focus on a near object.
10 CAMERA SELECT Select the camera to configure and control (1 to 4).
11 # Use together with other keys for various functions.
12 IR RC Press * + # + (F1 to F4) to assign a camera address to the remote. For example, point the remote to a camera, press *+#+F1. The remote assigns CAMERA SELECT 1 key to this camera. To use the remote to control camera 1 press the CAMERA SELECT 1 key.
Press F4 to freeze the image.
13 RESET Press RESET+ a key number (0 to 9) to delete a preset configuration. Press *+#+RESET to delete all preset configurations.
14 PTZ Control Control camera panning and tilting using arrow keys (left, right, up, and down).
15 MENU Enter/exit OSD menu.
16 BACKLIGHT Press to turn backlight compensation on or off.
Available when exposure mode is set to Auto (via the OSD menu).
17 P/T RST Press to self-check preset Pan/Tilt on camera.

This guide helps you install and use your K-CamHD for the first time.
Go to to download the latest user manual and check if firmware upgrades are available.

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