KOMPLETT PRO TECH 51cm Battery Powered Lawn Mower Instruction Manual
KOMPLETT PRO TECH 51cm Battery Powered Lawn Mower


  1. Position the Mower Assembly on a fl at clean surface.
  2. Move the Upper Handlebar Assembly off to the side (Figure 1). Ensure that the Cable is positioned away from the Lower Handlebar mounting area.
    Upper Handlebar Assembly
  3. Position the Lower Handlebar onto the Mower Brackets with the Mower Guide Pins into the Holes of the Lower Handlebar.
  4. Secure both sides of the Handlebar with the Carriage Bolt (on the inside) and the Nut and Rotary Knob (on the outside).
  5. Position the Upper Handlebar onto the Lower Handlebar and align the holes (Figure 2).
    Upper Handlebar
  6. Insert the threaded stud of the Wrench Handle through the holes and screw it clockwise into the Nut that is inside the Bracket.
  7. Fold the Wrench handle down against the Handlebar (Figure 3). If the Wrench Handle is loose, open it again and rotate clockwise until it is snug when folded down.
    Fold the Wrench handle down
  8. Secure the Cable to the Upper Handlebar using the Wire Clamps  supplied.
  9. Open the Battery Cover and insert the Battery into the Mower (Figure 4). Ensure the Battery is pushed in completely so the Latch locks it in place.
    Open the Battery Cover
  10. Ensure that the Safety Key is inserted into the Key Slot.
  11. Use the Height Adjustment Handle to set all four Wheels to the same cutting height as desired (Figure 5). Pull Lever outward, move Lever to desired position, and release Lever to lock in notch.
    Pull Lever
  1. The Side Discharge Chute can be installed to direct clippings out the right side when the Bagger is not installed. Lift the Side Discharge Cover to access the Hinge area (Figure 6).
    Side Discharge Chute
  2. Place the Tabs of the Side Discharge Chute under the Hinge Pin (Figure 7).
    Side Discharge Chute
  3. Lower the Side Discharge Cover onto the Side Discharge Chute. 4. Ensure that the Mulching Plug is installed when using the Side Discharge Cover.
  1. The Bagger can be installed to capture clippings for dumping at a designated location. The Mulcher Plug and Side Discharge Chute will need to be removed to direct clippings into the Bagger. Hold the Rear Cover in the upright position (Figure 8).
    Rear Cover
    Note: If you are installing the Bagger Assembly prior to operation, remove the Mulching plug shipped in the rear of the machine (Figure 9).
    Mulching plug
  2. Place the Rods of the Bagger Assembly onto the Mower Brackets on both sides (Figure 10).
    Rods of the Bagger
  3. Lower the Rear Cover onto the Bagger Assembly. Make sure the Cover aligns correctly and fits fully into the grooves of the Bagger Assembly.
  1. Setting up the Mower for Mulching allows the material to remain under the Deck longer so it can be chopped into smaller pieces. This will allow the material to return to the lawn and  decompose faster. Open the Rear Cover and insert the Mulching Plug (Figure 11).
    Setting up the Mower
  2. Remove the Side Discharge Chute to allow the Side Discharge Cover to close (Figure 12).
    Side Discharge Chute

How to use

  1. Hold the Self-Locking Button down with one hand as you pull the Blade Engage Wire Trigger to the Handlebar with the other hand (Figure 13).
    Self-Locking Button
  2. Release the Self-Locking Button while still holding the Blade Engage Wire Trigger to the Handlebar to keep the Blade spinning.
  3. Release the Blade Engage Wire Trigger to stop the Motor/Blade (Figure 13).


Incase the rear wheel drive is too slow or not working properly, please make sure that the drive engange wire is tightened properly.


  • Charge battery full before first use
  • Try not to charge at below 0°C
  • Compatible with +62 volt 5.0AH Battery.


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