KOLIDA NT-023 Multi Functional Theodolite 300m Distance Measurement with Prism


Thank you for choosing multi-functional theodolite NT-023. Please read the user manual carefully before use.


  • Do not collimate the objective lens directly to the sunlight without a filter.
  • Do not store the instrument in extremely high or low temperature, to avoid the sudden or great change of temperature.
  • When the instrument is not in use, store it in the case and avoid shock, dust and humidity.
  • If there is great difference between the temperature in work site and that in store place, you should leave the instrument in the case till it adapts to the temperature of environment.
  • If the instrument has not been used for a long time, you should remove the battery for separate storage. The battery should be charged once a month.
  • When transporting the instrument should be placed in its carrying case, it is recommended that cushioned material should be used around the case for support.
  • For better accuracy, the instrument should be set up on a wooden tripod rather than an aluminum tripod.
  • Clean exposed optical parts with degreased cotton or less tissue only!
  • Clean the instrument surface with a woolen cloth after use. If it gets wet, dry it immediately.
  • Before turning on, inspect the power, functions and indications of the instrument as well as its initial setting and correction parameters.
  • Unless the user is a maintenance specialist, do not attempt to disassemble the instrument by yourself even if you find the instrument abnormal.
  • Do not aim the laser beam to eyes.
  • Keep the screen clean. Do not scratch the screen with sharp objects.
  • This product belongs to the Level II laser products. It fully meet the requirements of:
    • IEC60825-1:2007
    • GB 7247.1-2001
  • Don’t staring at the laser beam or aiming the others. The laser is harmful to the eyes.

PART NAMESKOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-1

  1. Collimator
  2. Objective Lens
  3. Focusing Screw
  4. Telescope Eyepiece
  5. Horizontal Tangent Screw
  6. Battery
  7. RS232 Interface
  8. Display Unit
  9. Tribrach
  10. Tribrach Lock
  11. Vertical Tangent Screw



VA vertical angle
HA horizontal angle
V% degree or gradient display
HL/HR horizontal left/right angle
VD vertical distance
HD horizontal distance
SD slope distance
hPa unit of air pressure: hectopascal
mmHg unit of air pressure: millimeter of mercury
inHg unit of air pressure: inch of mercury
m unit of distance: meter
ft unit of distance: feet
gon unit of angle
mil unit of angle
°C unit of temperature: degree Celsius
°F unit of temperature: degree Fahrenheit


The function of angle measurement covers measuring and displaying vertical and horizontal angles (VA and HL/HR), 0 set, horizontal set (HSet), switching to slope (V%), switching Face Right and Face Left (R/L), etc.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-4

Press HSet to go the screen of setting horizontal angel.
Input a value of the angle to set as the current horizontal angle. And press OK to confirm.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-7


The function of distance measurement covers measuring and displaying vertical distance (VD), horizontal distance (HD), slope distance (SD), stake out (S.O.), and setting of measuring mode (Mode), etc.

Aim at the center of the target prism through the optical eyepiece by adjusting the focus, and press Measto start the distance measurement.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-10

Stake Out (S.O.)
Input a distance to stake out. It could be a vertical distance, horizontal distance or slope distance, by pressing Shft to shift the mode. KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-11

Display of Stake Out Result KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-12



HD Dif:

The distance difference between the current horizontal distance and the

horizontal distance about to stake out.

This setting is to change the mode of measurement and measure times.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-12


This session is to introduce the stake-out of the point by entering the offset to a baseline. There’re 2 options to define the baseline. One is to define by station point and a known bearing angle (0°00’00”), one is to define by two new points.
Press F1or F2to select. KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-13

Stake Out of One Side on the AxesKOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-14

  • Step 1: Set the theodolite at Point A.
  • Step 2: Aim at the prism which is set at Point B and press OSET to set it to 0°. Then press NEXT to enter the next screen.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-15
  • Step 3: Input two offset value.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-16
    Line Offset value along the axes from Point A to B. (it is a designed value)
    Offst Offset value perpendicular to the axis. (it is a designed value)
  • Step 4: Press F1 to measure. Move the prism according to the indications on the screen, until all the values on the screen are 0.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-17
    H Diff the angle difference between “the HA

    of staking out point” and “the HA of

      current target”
    +↑/-↓ offset of perpendicular to the axis
    +L/-R offset along the axis
    SwPt Return to input offset to start a new


Stake Out of Any Point
Stake out in this mode can set the theodolite at any point outside the axis.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-18

  • Step 1: Measure the distance to Point A and B, then press F4 to next step.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-19
  • Step 2: Input the line and offset values, press F4to next step.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-20
  • Step 3: Press F1to measure. Indicate the poleman to move the prism according to the indications on the screen, until all the values on the screen are 0.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-21


Press Menu key and F1 Quick set to enter this page. There’re 5 settings in QuickSet: laser plummet, laser pointer, compensation on X axes, distance setting, backlight and sound.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-22

Laser Plummet
Press F1 for laser plummet setting. You can also set the brightness grade for the plummet.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-23

Laser Pointer
Press F2 to turn on laser pointer.

Compensation on X axis
Turn on and off the compensation on X axis, and check the tilt value.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-24

Distance Setting
Set the prism constant, measure mode and measure times under the distance setting page.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-25

Backlight and Sound
Set the screen backlight, beep of pressing key, crosshair backlight.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-26


Press Menu, then F2 to enter the SET page. It covers 5 settings: unit, angle, distance, PPM, and power set.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-27

Set the units of angle, distance, temperature and air pressure.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-28

Set the display of vertical angle.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-29

Set the scale and height for distance measurement.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-30

Scale Scale factor
Ht Elevation of the station point

Set parameters related to temperature and air pressure.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-31

Set the sleep time/ off time. Check the battery capacity directly.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-32

SlepTime Time to enter to sleep mode if no


Off Time Time to power off if no operation.


Press F3 Cal. Into the calibration mode. This program is to calibrate the errors and correct additive constant.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-33

Calibrate i Angle
i angle is also referred to the vertical index difference.

  • Step 1: On Face Left, collimate the crosshair center in a collimator, and adjust the focus until it is clear. Press OK to proceed to next step.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-34
  • Step 2: Turn the theodolite to Face Right, and collimate the same crosshair center in the collimator until it is clear. Press OK to proceed to next step.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-35
  • Step 3: The equipment will show the index difference. Press OK to confirm and calibrate. Caution: If the difference is too large, the system will suggest resetting the i angle. Press OKto continue, or Backto return to the calibration again. KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-36

Tips: If necessary, please repeat the calibration of i angle according to the steps above.

Correction of Additive Constant

Caution: Do not change the constant if unnecessary.
The additive constant is relatively stable. We suggest inspecting it once or twice a year. You can follow the following steps to do a quick inspection and correction.


  • Step 1: Set the instrument on a flat ground, mark it as Point A. Along the vertical crosshair, mark Point B and C with a space of 50m on the same line. Set reflectors on Point B and C precisely.
  • Step 2: Set the temperature and air pressure in the system, and measure the horizontal distances of AB and AC accurately.
  • Step 3: Set the theodolite on Point B and level it precisely. Measure the horizontal distance of BC accurately.
  • Step 4: Now we can get the additive constant by the following formula. K=AC-(AB+BC)
    K should be close to 0. If |k|>5mm, the theodolite should be delivered to professional workshop which has standard baseline to calibrate.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-37

According to the formula, input the K value in the following screen.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-38


Press F4 Info in the menu page. Here you can upgrade firmware and check the system information.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-39

Firmware Upgrade
Firmware upgrade includes angle system and distance system. Press F1 to enter the firmware upgrade page. It is required to connect the theodolite with computer via RS232 serial interface.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-40

Angle UpgradeKOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-41

Distance UpgradeKOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-42

System Upgrade
Hold key 1, and press power to enter to system upgrade. Follow the operation on PC upgrading software.

Factory Mode

Press F2 to enter the factory mode and reset to default setting. Input the password to proceed.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-43

System Information
Press F3 to check the system information. The model name, serial number, device ID, system version, distance version and angle version shown on it.KOLIDA-NT-023-Multi-Functional-Theodolite-300m-Distance-Measurement-with-Prism-44


Image Erect
Magnification 26.5X
Aperture (telescope) 40mm
Aperture (distance) 45mm
Resolution 3”
Field of View 1°30”
Min. Focusing 1.5m
Length 155mm
Wave Length 635+20nm
Class II
Diameter of Laser Dot 5mm/100m
Accuracy 10”
Type Absolute Encoding
Diameter of Disk 79mm
Detecting Method Horizontal: dual; Vertical: dual
Reflecting Target Single Prism
Range 300m
Accuracy +(3mm+2ppm*D)
Time Continuous: 0.35s; Fine: 1.5s
Atmospheric Correction Manual input, auto correct.
Prism Constant Corr. Manual input, auto correct.
Plate Vial 30”/2mm
Circular Vial 8’/2mm
Type Single Axis
Range +3’
Resolution 3”
Type Class II visible red laser
Wave of Length 635+20nm
Accuracy 1.5mm (when HT 1.5m)
Diameter 2.5mm (when HT 1.5m)
Type 160*96 Dot Matrix
Size 2.7 inch
Type Li-on
Voltage 7.4V
Working Time 8h
Working Temperature -20°C – +50°C
Size 165 X 160 340 mm
Weight 4.7kg


Category Message







Angle Problem

UpperV ERR
LowerV ERR
V CCD Error
H CCD Error
V Rotate ERR
H Rotate ERR




Distance Problem

ERR32 Dimmer motor error
ERR33 High-voltage error
ERR35 Internal light path error
ERR38 Internal light path error
ERR41 Temperature sensor error

When you see error message, please power on the theodolite again. If it is not solved, return to your local dealer for further inspection.

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KOLIDA NT-023 Multi Functional Theodolite 300m Distance Measurement with Prism [pdf] User Manual
NT-023, Multi Functional Theodolite 300m Distance Measurement with Prism, NT-023 Multi Functional Theodolite 300m Distance Measurement with Prism, Multi Functional Theodolite, NT-023 Multi Functional Theodolite

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