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kogan L700 Atlas 11.6 Inch HD Celeron Laptop



Ensure to read all instructions and warnings in this user guide prior to first use. Retain this user guide for future reference.

  • This laptop is suitable for use in non-tropical areas below 2,000 metres.
  • The supplied power adapter requires 12V and 2A to charge the laptop. Do not use any third party adapters to charge the laptop.
  • Do not drop the laptop.
  • Do not have the laptop strongly impacted by heavy objects or surroundings.
  • Do not use the laptop for long periods in any environment where it is too cold, too hot (> 45°C), highly humid, or dusty.
  • Do not expose the laptop to direct sunlight.
  • Avoid using the laptop in areas with strong magnetic or static fields.
  • Do not allow water or any other liquid to touch the laptop. If any water or other liquid splashes onto the laptop, close it immediately and unplug the power adapter. Do not
    use the laptop until it is completely dry.
  • Do not attempt to modify or disassemble the laptop yourself.
  • Regularly backup data stored in the laptop to avoid the risk of accidental data loss.
  • Do not clean the laptop with any chemical detergents or other liquids to avoid causing damage.
  • Replacing the laptop battery with the incorrect type may result in an explosion. Ensure to only use the original batteries. If further assistance is needed, contact


Ensure the laptop is switched off before cleaning.
Wipe the laptop surface with a dry, soft cloth or paper towel.


kogan L700 Atlas 11.6 Inch HD Celeron Laptop - fig1

kogan L700 Atlas 11.6 Inch HD Celeron Laptop - fig2


kogan L700 Atlas 11.6 Inch HD Celeron Laptop - fig3

No. Name Description
1 Camera Used for photos, recording video, and video calls.
2 Display HD LCD panel
3 Microphones Built-in twin microphones can be used to record audio and interact in video calls.
4 Indicator lights These respective indicators will illuminate when power, caps lock, or the digital key lock is used.
5 Power button Used to control the power status of the laptop.
6 Keyboard QWERTY keyboard with Windows key and function options (for example, press Fn + F5 to mute audio playback).
7 Trackpad Used as a mouse for on-screen navigation and gestures.
8 Left/right trackpad buttons Used as the left and right-click buttons of a traditional mouse.

kogan L700 Atlas 11.6 Inch HD Celeron Laptop - fig4

No. Name Description
9 Charging indicator Illuminates red when the laptop is being charged.
10 Charging port Plug the power adapter into the charging port to charge the laptop.
11 USB 3.0 port Input for flash drives, additional keyboard/mouse, and other compatible devices supporting USB 3.0 or older.
12 Mini HDMI port Suitable for connecting a TV or external monitor using a mini HDMI cable (not supplied).
13 microSD card slot microSD card reader suitable for transferring files.
14 USB 2.0 port •Input for flash drives, additional keyboard/mouse, and other compatible
•This port does not support devices using USB 3.0 or newer.
15 3.5mm audio port Suitable for connecting audio devices (for example, headphones, external speakers, amplifiers) using an AUX cable (not supplied).

Bottom view

kogan L700 Atlas 11.6 Inch HD Celeron Laptop - fig5

No. Name Description
16 HDD expansion slot Expansion slot for internal storage. This laptop fits a 7.5mm (2.5″) SATA 3.0 HDD with a maximum capacity of 1TB and is not compatible with other
17 Speakers Two built-in speakers allow for stereo audio output.


Plug one end of the power adapter into the charging port then plug the other end into a power outlet. Switch the power on at the outlet. The charging indicator should illuminate red.
Ensure to charge the laptop for at least 3 hours prior to turning it on for the first time.

Press the power button to turn on the laptop. When the laptop is turned on for the first time, you may be asked to set up Windows 11. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setup.


Once setup has finished, the laptop will boot onto the desktop. There may be icons on the desktop. These act as shortcuts to access applications. They can be accessed by double-clicking on the shortcut.

kogan L700 Atlas 11.6 Inch HD Celeron Laptop - fig6

You may need to log into your Microsoft account for programs to run with full compatibility.

Start menu
Click on the Windows icon at the bottom of the screen to bring up the start menu. Apps already installed on the computer can be accessed via the start menu. Recently used apps will be listed under the ‘Recent’ heading in the start menu for easy access. More apps can be installed via the Microsoft Store.

kogan L700 Atlas 11.6 Inch HD Celeron Laptop - fig7

Notification menu
The notification menu is accessible by clicking on the time/date in the lower-right comer of the screen. It will show notifications such as updates, emails received calendar reminders and allows for quick access to settings (for example, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, brightness).

kogan L700 Atlas 11.6 Inch HD Celeron Laptop - fig8

Drag one window to the left or right side of the screen and let go when you can see an overlay of the window around half of the screen. You can then select another open window to fill the free space on the other half of the screen.

kogan L700 Atlas 11.6 Inch HD Celeron Laptop - fig9

Sleep, restart, and shut down
Click on the Windows icon at the bottom of the screen, then click on the power icon. Click on ‘Sleep’, ‘Restart’ or ‘Shut Down’ to perform the appropriate action.

kogan L700 Atlas 11.6 Inch HD Celeron Laptop - fig10

To wake up the laptop from sleep, press the power button. If the laptop is unresponsive, press and hold down the power button to shut down the laptop. Press the power button again to turn the laptop back on.


The laptop is not turning on

  • The battery may have depleted. Charge for at least an hour before attempting to turn the laptop back on.
  • Make note if any lights turn on, or if any internal components like fans turn on.

If in storage for extended periods of time, it is recommended to periodically charge the laptop to keep the battery capacity high, as batteries naturally deteriorate and eventually, die over time.

The laptop is not charging
Inspect the laptop, charging port, and power adapter for any physical damage. If damaged, stop use immediately and contact help.Kogan.com for assistance.

The laptop is not connecting to Wi-Fi

  • Restart your modem/router, or both if you have separate units.
  • Reconnect any range extenders that may be in use.
  • Restart the laptop.
  • Move the laptop closer to the modem/router.
  • Double-check that the Wi-Fi password is correct.
  • If you can connect to Wi-Fi but it is running very slowly or has a weak signal, disconnect the laptop from the Wi-Fi network and reconnect.

The laptop screen becomes dark when the power adapter is unplugged This will be occurring due to your power plan settings. Go to the Control Panel and change your power plan settings to allow the screen to remain on when the laptop is not charging/unplugged.

Forgotten password
There are several options to reset a Microsoft password.

  • Using a password reset disc via USB.
  • Resetting the Microsoft account password online with another device.
  • Resetting Windows 11 back to the factory default. Be aware that doing this will delete all personal data stored on the laptop.

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