Kogan TWS Earbuds User Manual

Kogan TWS Earbuds User Manual [KATWSIPX6HA]

Kogan TWS Earbuds KATWSIPX6HA]

Safety & Warnings

  1. Please follow the instruction to operate.
  2. Please charge the headset with input power below 5V/1A, in order to protect the battery.
  3. Please store or use the headset in a normal temperature environment.
  4. Please do not use this product in the near water. Do not immerse this product in any liquid or splash any liquid on this product.
  5. Please keep the headset from heat source, such as radiators, hot air regulators, stoves, or other heat generating instruments. As it is not anti-high temperature.
  6. Don’t jam the ports of the headset, such as charger port, LED port and microphone etc…
  7. In order to protect your hearing and extend the speaker service life, it is not recommended to adjust the volume to the maximum level for a long time.


Kogan TWS Earbuds KATWSIPX6HA] - Overview

  1. Multi-function touch-key button (MFB) (left and right)
  2. Bluetooth indicator
  3. Contact point
  4. Charging pin
  5. Charging port
  6. Indicator light


TWS mode
Power on, Bluetooth connection

Follow the steps (Please confirm that your phone is built-in Bluetooth function)

  1. Power on: Taking buds out from case, then they will turn on automatically. Alternatively, touch these buds for 2 seconds to power on. The right headphone LED alternately flashes alternately orange and white after white flashing twice on the both sides.
  2. Activate the Bluetooth function and search for “Kogan Sports TWS” referring to your phone instructions.
  3. Manually click “Kogan Sports TWS” to connect. If the indicator stops flashing and then prompt, the connection is successful.
  4. Pairing mode can just last 180 seconds. If you miss the pairing time, you need to restart the device and operate follow the procedural mentioned steps above.


  1. When they are turning on, the headset will automatically connect the last device that you had paired.
  2. The headset will lose the connection when deviate the working range of Bluetooth. The headset will reconnect automatically if you come back to the range in 2 minutes.
  3. In some cases, it won’t auto on after taking off from the charging case. Please switch it on handily.

Power off

  • Method 1: Put the headphones into the charging case, they will automatically shut off. If the charging case is out of power, the headset will not automatically turn off.
  • Method 2: Touch MFB for 5 seconds, the white light flashes three times.

Answering incoming calls

  1. Tap left or right MFB once to answer incoming calls.
  2. One phone is answering a call, while another has a call retained:
    • Tap left/right MFB once again to keep the current phone call and answer incoming calls
    • In the three-way call, tap left or right MFB for 1 second to realize two mobile phone calls switchover.

Ending the call
Tap left or right MFB once to end the current call.

Refuse incoming calls
Touch the left or right MFB for 2 seconds to reject when there comes a call.

Double Tap into Siri
Standby time double tap left/right MFB can summon/close Siri or Google assistant.

Music playing

  1. Play/Pause: Tap the left/right MFB once;
  2. Long press the left MFB to switch to the previous song
  3. Long press the right MFB to switch to the next song
  4. When single side headphones works, it has only the next function.

Charging case charging

  1. When the charging case is less than 3.3v, the orange LED of the charging case will flash once every 2 seconds, indicating low power.
  2. When the headphones into the charging case, orange lights flashing hint rechargeable battery state. (0-25% power orange light flashes once every 2 seconds, 25-50% power orange lights flash twice every 2 seconds, 50-75% power orange lights flash three times every 2 seconds, 75-100% power orange lights flash four times every 2 seconds) The LED indicator will turn steady orange when the headphones full charged.

Headphones charging

  1. When the power of the headphone is lower than 3.3v, the white light flashes 2 times every 3 minutes, accompanied by the prompt tone.
  2. Put the headphone back into the charging case for charging. When charging, the white light of the headphone is flashing. After full charge, the white light goes out.

Mono mode (take out any headphones as a unilateral Bluetooth headset)

Note: single channel mode only needs to remove one of headphones from the charging case; If two earphones are removed before connection, the headset will be used in TWS mode by default and the TWS connection will be automatically realized. The pairing name of the main earphone (right earphone): Kogan Sports TWS, The pairing name of the accessory earphone (left earphone): Kogan Sports TWS Mono

  1. Turn on the headset, the headset will automatically enter the Bluetooth pairing status and the white light flashes once every 0.5 seconds.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone to search the machine. When the device name is ” Kogan Sports TWS ” (right) or ” Kogan Sports TWS mono”(left), clicks the match name and to pair, then the white indicator of the headset will stay on for 5 seconds, that is, the Bluetooth pairing is successful.
  3. Please refer to the TWS mode for more functions.

In The Box

Kogan TWS Earbuds KATWSIPX6HA] - In The Box


Kogan TWS Earbuds KATWSIPX6HA] - Specifications

User manual is subject to change without notice. For the latest version of your user manual, please visit https://www.kogan.com/usermanuals/

Kogan TWS Earbuds User Manual [KATWSIPX6HA] – Download [optimized]
Kogan TWS Earbuds User Manual [KATWSIPX6HA] – Download

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