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kogan KDHUBSCRTNA Screen Tent

kogan KDHUBSCRTNA Screen Tent


  • Ensure to read all instructions and warnings in this user guide prior to first use.
  • This tent is designed to be a temporary structure. Do not use this tent as a permanent dwelling.
  • Keep the tent away from all flames heat sources to avoid potential damage.
  • Do not store flammable liquids inside the tent.
  • Do not spray the tent with insecticides. They can be flammable and may damage the tent’s material.
  • Ensure the area the tent is set up is clear of sharp objects and obstructions to avoid damage to the material.
  • Do not pitch the tent under trees due to the potential of lightning strikes and falling tree branches.
  • Do not pitch the tent near a cliff.
  • Do not leave the tent pitched in the face of strong winds. Disassemble the tent before seeking refuge.
  • Ensure all guy ropes and pegs are fully secured before using the tent.
  • Do not cook inside the tent.
  • Do not smoke inside the tent.
  • If wet, always allow the tent to dry before storing in the carrying bag to prevent the growth of mildew.


Clean the tent by wiping it down with a cloth. Do not use any hard abrasives to clean the tent as this could damage the material. To prevent the growth of mildew, ensure the tent is dry before putting it back to the carrying bag.


  • Tent body (x1)
  • Pole hub (x1)
  • Side panel (x1)
  • Outer fly (x1)
  • Carry bag (x1)
  • 22.6 cm pegs (x10)
  • 2.4 m guy ropes (x2)


Step 1:
Ensure you are in an area with sufficient space to set up the tent. Remove the tent body from the carry bag and spread it out on the ground.
Note: Do not pitch the tent in low-lying areas prone to flooding.

Step 2:
Ensure the pole hub is securely attached to the built-in poles. On one side of the tent, pull out the pole hub with one hand holding the hub strap, whilst the other presses into the tent. The tent’s poles connected to the pole hub will extend out. Keep placing pressure into the tent until the poles are fully extended. Repeat this process on the opposite side of the tent.assembly 1

Step 3:
Attach the side panel to one of the pole hubs using the hook and loop strips. Secure the unfolded tent with guy ropes and pegs.assembly 2

Step 4:
Place the outer fly over the tent. The outer fly can be attached using its carabiners onto the centre of the pole hub to ensure it is secure in windy conditions.

Step 5:
Secure the outer fly by pegging each of its corners. Ensure all pegs and guy ropes are fully secured. Tent assembly is now complete.assembly 3


Step 1:
Remove all pegs and guy ropes. Remove the outer fly. On one side of the tent, hold the tent up with one hand whilst the other pushes down on the centre of the pole hub. The poles should close in and retract back to their original position. Repeat this process on the opposite side to the tent. The tent will fully collapse.
Step 2:
Fold the tent and pack it into the carry bag.disassembly 1

Note: When assembling and disassembling the tent, do not touch the joint of the hub as your fingers may get caught, causing potential injuries.

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kogan KDHUBSCRTNA Screen Tent [pdf] User Guide

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