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SloanLED 100L1 24 VDC Power Supply - figure 1 SloanLED 100L1 24 VDC Power Supply - figure 2
1. 필요한 도구: 와이어 스트리퍼, 드릴 및 드라이버. 2. Supplies required: Conduit and electrical enclosure for power supply (if not placed in a sign made from enclosure rated material), #8 pan head screws, UL Listed PLTC cable, UL Listed electrical wire connectors (e.g., wire nuts), silicone. Europe: Electrical enclosure for power supply, M4 pan head screws, PLTC cable, silicone, 3M™  Scotchlok™ connectors.
SloanLED 100L1 24 VDC Power Supply - figure 3 SloanLED 100L1 24 VDC Power Supply - figure 4
3. Power Supply: Identify primary wires, secondary wires, and the location of mounting tabs. 4. Mount Power Supplies: Use mounting tab in the corner to secure power supply.
SloanLED 100L1 24 VDC Power Supply - figure 5
5. Connect Primary: CAUTION: Have a licensed electrician connect to the primary.

알림: Ensure adequate ventilation. Power supply operating ambient temperature is -40º to 55º C. Power supply must be mounted in an enclosure (i.e., the transformer can/raceway). Power supply spacing to thermoplastic, wood, fiber, or other combustible type enclosure materials shall be 1″ (25 mm). Two or more adjacent power supplies shall not be mounted closer than 1″ (25 mm) end to end or 4″ (102 mm) side to side.
If mounted inside a sign cabinet, UL requires that the cabinet is made from an enclosure-rated material. Ensure power supplies are not overloaded by verifying output current is less than 4.15 DC Amps. It is recommended to use photocells or light sensors to prolong the life of the power supply and to keep unit at maximum operating efficiency.

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If the sign is not functioning properly, check the following:

  • 기본 볼륨tage is between 120-277 VAC
  • Secondary voltage is 24 VDC
  • Output current is 4.15 Amps or less
  • The power supply is not overloaded (see power supply capacity chart in product installation guide or
  • There are no shorts in the secondary wiring
  • All secondary connections are RED-TO-RED and BLACK-TO-BLACK

SloanLED products carry a limited warranty.
For complete details refer to the warranty policy found at 슬론LED.comSloanLED 100L1 24 VDC Power Supply - icon표시된 제품 중 일부 또는 전체는 미국 및 외국 특허 출원 중이며 발행된 다음 미국 특허 중 하나 이상이 적용됩니다.
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