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친애하는 고객,
thank you for buying a PHILCO brand product. So that your appliance serves you well, please read all the instructions in this user‘s manual.

1부: 중요 안전 조치

  • This appliance may not be used by any persons (including children) with mental disabilities, weak strength or by inexperienced persons, unless they have been properly trained or schooled in the safe use of the appliance, or unless they are properly supervised by a qualifi ed person who is responsible for their safety.
  • 어린이가 제품을 가지고 놀지 않도록 감독해야합니다.
  • Before connecting this appliance to the socket outlet, make sure the voltage 기기 라벨에 표시된 e는 vol에 해당합니다.tag전자 콘센트에.
  • 이 기기와 함께 제공되지 않았거나 이 기기용으로 설계되지 않은 액세서리는 절대 사용하지 마십시오.
  • 항상 평평하고 안정된 표면에 제품을 놓으십시오.
  • Do not place the appliance on window sills or unstable surfaces.
  • Do not use the appliance in an industrial environment, or outdoors!
  • The appliance is designed only for household use and constructed for processing the usual amount of food in a household.
  • If you will not be using the appliance, turn the control dial to position 0 and disconnect the power cord from the power socket. Store the appliance out of children’s reach.
  • Never use the mixer on a hot plate or gas stove or near appliances that are sources of heat.
  • Make sure that the electric cable and plug cannot get in contact with water or damp다움.
  • Make sure the power cable does not hang over the edge of a table, or that it does not touch a hot surface.
  • Before disconnecting the power cord from the power socket, turn of the appliance by turning the control dial to position 0.
  • Do not disconnect the appliance from the power socket by pulling on the power cord – the danger of damaging the power cord/power socket. Disconnect the cable from the power socket by gently pulling the plug of the power cord.
  • Do not use an appliance with a damaged power cord. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by an authorized service center or by a similarly qualifi ed person,  this will prevent the creation of a dangerous situation.
  • Entrust all repairs and adjustments to a specialized company/service. Unqualifi ed tampering with the appliance may result in injury by electric shock.
  • 의도한 것 이외의 다른 용도로 기기를 사용하지 마십시오.
  • Always disconnect the appliance from the power socket if you will be leaving it without supervision and before assembly, disassembly or cleaning.
  • Do not put your hands into the mixing container while the appliance is in operation.
  • Do not put objects into the mixing container other than ingredients or liquids, which are to be mixed.
  • Do not process hot or boiling liquids. Before mixing allow them to cool down to at least 60 °C.
  • Do not leave the appliance in continuous operation for longer than 2 minutes. Before turning it on again, allow the motor to rest for at least 2 minutes.
  • When mixing hard ingredients or large doses of ingredients/liquids do not operate the appliance for longer than 1 minute.
  • Attention! The mixing knives are sharp! Under no circumstances should you touch them when the appliance is in operation! When cleaning the knives follow the instructions in the Care and Cleaning chapter.

파트 2: 믹서 설명

PHILCO PHTB 6000 Portable Blender - figure 1

  1. 기기 본체
  2. Control dial for setting the speed (P-0-1-2)
    P – Pulse level
    0 – Turned off
    1 – Speed level 1
    2 – Speed level 2
  3. 혼합 용기

Mixing container componentsPHILCO PHTB 6000 Portable Blender - figure 2

  1. Inside lid
  2. Plastic outside lid
  3. Glass mixing container volume 1,5 l
  4. 씰링
  5. Knife unit
  6. Nut for fastening the knife unit to the mixing container

파트 3: 처음 사용하기 전에

Before first use it is necessary to clean the mixing container, the knife unit, the inside and outside lid, and seal the ring in warm water with dish cleaning detergent. Then thoroughly rinse these parts under fl owing water and dry thoroughly.

4부: 믹서 조립

컨테이너 조립
나이프 유닛에 씰 링을 놓습니다. 나이프 유닛을 용기 바닥의 구멍에 삽입하고 나사 너트를 사용하여 고정하십시오.
기기 본체에 용기 부착
제품 본체에 혼합 용기를 놓습니다. 올바르게 장착되었는지 확인하십시오.

파트 5: 믹서 사용

Pour the liquids or insert the ingredients you wish to process into the container. Close the container with a lid and check that the lid is properly secured to the mixing container.  Place the inside lid into the opening in the lid and secure it by turning it clockwise. Note Release the inside lid by turning it anticlockwise.
Connect the appliance to a power socket and set the speed to 1 or 2 using the control dial. The speed can be changed at any time during mixing. We recommend to always start mixing at the speed level 1 and then increasing the speed if necessary.
If you wish to process ingredients for only a short time, turn the control dial to position P (pulse level) and hold in this position for a short time.
혼합하기 전에 과일, 야채, 치즈, 고기 등을 더 작은 조각으로 자릅니다.
The maximum capacity of the mixing container is 1.5 L. We recommend that the mixing container is not fi lled with more than 1 L of liquid.
일부 액체 또는 성분은 혼합 과정에서 부피가 증가합니다. 더 적은 양으로 점차적으로 처리하십시오.
If the mixed ingredients become stuck in the knife unit or on the walls of the mixing container, turn off the mixer and remove the power cord from the power socket. Before you remove the container from the body of the appliance check that the knives have come to a complete stop. Using a kitchen spatula loosen the ingredients and mix. Do not use your fi fingers because the knives are very sharp.

Never place fingers, hands, or any kitchen utensils inside the mixing container if the appliance is in operation.
This mixer is designed for:

  • mixing liquids, e.g. when preparing milkshakes, fruit beverages, etc.
  • for the preparation of sauces, spreads, mayonnaise, dressings, etc.
  • mixing of cooked ingredients, e.g. preparing baby food
  • 분쇄 얼음

파트 6: 재료 처리 지침

성분 속도 Recommended mixing time
Fruit, vegetables (cut into smaller pieces) 1 30들
유아식 1 40들
Spreads, dressings, marinades 1 30들
Cocktails and smoothies 2 40들
스프 2 30들
얼음 조각 P(펄스 레벨)

The above mixing times are only a reference. The actual mixing time depends on the number of processed ingredients and on the required consistency of the final meal.

파트 7: 관리 및 청소

혼합 용기 청소
Remove the mixing container from the body of the appliance and empty it. Pour clean water (about 0.5 L) into the container and close the lid. Place the container on the body of the appliance. Ensure that the control dial is in position 0. Press and briefl y hold down the PULSE button or press it repeatedly. In this way you will release the remains of mixed ingredients from the container and the knife unit. Disconnect the mixer from the power socket. Ensure that the mixing knives have come to a full stop. Remove the container from the body of the appliance and pour out the water. Disassemble the container and thoroughly clean the individual parts using warm water and kitchen detergent.  Then thoroughly rinse under fl owing water and dry thoroughly.
주목! 제품의 믹싱 나이프는 날카롭습니다! 취급할 때는 특히 주의하십시오.
가볍게 d로 제품 본체를 청소하십시오.amp 천으로 덮고 말리십시오. 제품의 이 부분을 물이나 다른 액체에 담그지 마십시오.
Do not use any abrasive cleaning appliances, petrol, or solvents to clean the appliance and its accessories.
Place the appliance in a clean, dry place out of reach of children.

8부: 기술 사양

50/60Hz, 800W
Electric shock protection class: II (double insulation)
Operating time: max. 2 min
소음 수준 : 92dB (A)
이 기기에 대해 선언된 소음 방출 레벨은 92pW의 기준 음향 전력에 대한 음향 전력의 레벨 A를 나타내는 1dB(A)입니다.
중고 폐기에 관한 지침 및 정보

포장 재료
포장재는 공공 폐기물 처리장에 폐기하십시오.

사용한 전기 및 전자 기기의 폐기
과학적 RPW3009 날씨 예측 시계 탐색 - 아이콘 22The meaning of the symbol on the product, its accessory, or packaging indicates that this product shall not be treated as household waste. Please, dispose of this product at your applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical & electronic equipment waste. Alternatively in some states of the European Union or other European states, you may return your products to your local retailer when buying an equivalent new product. The correct disposal of this product will help save valuable natural resources and help in preventing the potential negative impact on the environment and human health, which could be caused as a result of improper liquidation of waste.
Please ask your local authorities or the nearest waste collection center for further details.
The improper disposal of this type of waste may fall subject to national regulations for fi nes.
유럽 ​​연합에있는 사업체의 경우 전기 또는 전자 장치를 폐기하려면 판매자 또는 공급 업체에 필요한 정보를 요청하십시오.
유럽 ​​연합 이외의 국가에서 폐기
이 제품을 폐기하려면 올바른 폐기 방법에 대한 필요한 정보를 지방 정부 부서 또는 판매자에게 요청하십시오.
PROBOAT PRB08043 BlackJack 42인치 브러시리스 8S 쌍동선 - 아이콘 3이 제품은 관련된 모든 기본 EU 규정 요구 사항을 충족합니다.
텍스트, 디자인 및 기술 사양은 사전 통지 없이 변경될 수 있으며 당사는 이러한 변경 권한을 보유합니다.

PHILCO - logois a registered trademark used under license from
Electrolux International Company, 미국

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