KODAK 로고KODAK PD460 Dock Plus Portable Instant Photo Printer

KODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-productInserting Paper Cassette

  1. 카세트 커버를 엽니다.KODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-1
  2. Insert the paper facing the shiny side up. You can insert upto20sheets. Inserting over 21 sheets may cause a malfunction. Avoid touching the coated paper with your hands as it may affect the photo quality.KODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-2
  3. 프린터의 카세트 덮개를 엽니다.KODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-3
  4. 딸깍 소리가 날 때까지 카세트를 삽입합니다.KODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-4


상자 내용물KODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-6

Inserting cartridge

  1. 카트리지 덮개를 엽니다.KODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-7
  2. Insert the cartridge using the arrow specified until you hear the clicking sound. KODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-8
  3. Press down and pull out the lever to exchange used cartridges.KODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-9KODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-10

앱 다운로드KODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-11

블루투스 연결KODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-12

  1. Turn on the printer by pressing the power button on the top left corner. Tum BLUETOOTH on in your smartphone. Printer name (XXXX) are variable
  2. Go to the BLUETOOTH setting in your smartphone and find “KODAK PrintaCase-XXXX” or “KODAK Instant-XXXX”. 4 characters. You can find printer name on the bottom labelKODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-13

Docking ConnectionKODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-14

Connect your smartphone to docking station on the top of the printer

APP를 통해 인쇄 KODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-15

  1. Select “Photo Print” In your phone or “Phone case print” after launching APP
  2. Select your phone If you select “Phone Case Print” and follow the guide in APP. KODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-16
  3. Selactthaphoto in your phone gallery If you select “Photo Print”. KODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-17

PrintaCase Completion KODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-18

Power and LED status indicatorsKODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-20

문제 해결KODAK-PD460-Dock-Plus-Portable-Instant-Photo-Printer-21

안전을위한주의 사항

Denotes the possibility of serious injury or death

  • 권장되는 전원 만 사용하십시오.
  • 제품을 분해, 개조 또는 열을 가하지 마십시오.
  • 제품을 떨어 뜨리거나 심한 충격을주지 마십시오.
  • Do not touch the interior of the product if it has been dropped otherwise damaged.
  • Do not use, place, or store the product in the following places.
  • Places with direct sunlight, places with a temperature higher than 40 (104), places with high humidity or dust, and places with strong Vibrations.
  • 액체 나 이물질이 제품에 들어 가지 않도록하십시오.
  • 연기가 나거나 이상한 냄새가 나는 등 비정상적으로 작동하는 경우에는 즉시 사용을 중지하세요.
  • 알코올, 벤젠, 시너와 같은 유기 용제를 사용하여 제품을 청소하지 마십시오.
  • 제품에 물이나 기타 액체가 닿지 않도록하십시오.
  • 젖은 손으로 전원 코드를 만지지 마십시오.
  • 어린이의 손에 닿지 않는 곳에 보관하십시오.
  • Keep the printer in a safe area to avoid people from tripping over the power cord.

FCC (연방 통신위원회)

This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation Is subject to the fof1owfng two conditions:

  1. 이 장치는 심각한 간섭을 일으키지 않을 수 있습니다.
  2. This device must accept any interference received, including interlerence that may cause undesired operation.

유럽 ​​연합 규정 준수 알림
CE 마크가 있는 제품은 해당 유럽 지침 및 관련 유럽 표준을 준수합니다.
주의: Any changes or modifications to the equipment not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void user’s authority to operate the equipment
This appliance and its antenna must not be co-located or operation in conjunction with any other antenna or transminer.
A minimum separation distance of 20cm must be maintained between the antenna and the p8’SOn f0< thls appllance to satisfy the RF exposure requirements.


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