AcuityBrands EvōlAir UV HFLV UV-C Lamp 및 필터 교체 지침

UV 엘amp is rated for 9000 hours (nominal) of continuous use. It is recommended that the
자외선amp and the filter are changed annually. Service only with Acuity Brands Replacement Parts:

  • 27238R RK8HFLV KIT (Lamp & Filter)
  • 27238V RK8HFLV LAMP
  1. Assure power is disconnected from fixture.
  2. Open the grill door by moving latches down with fingers or a paint safe tool (Figure 1).

    NOTICE: Grill door must be opened prior to large UV-C chamber door.
  3. Read WARNING label.
  4. Open the large UV-C chamber door (either an edge-light door or a solid metal door) by moving latches down.
  5. Using gloves and protective eyewear, remove the UV-C lamp from the socket and retaining clip.
  6. Dispose of used UV-C lamp at local or state-run hazardous waste disposal facility, with a universal waste handler, or an authorized recycling facility.
    NOTICE: Lamps contain mercury, dispose according to local, state and federal laws.
    For more information, visit: www.lamp재활용.org
  7. Using clean cloth gloves carefully remove the new lamp from box and insert it into the 2G11 socket and retention clip.
    NOTICE: Oil from fingers will permanently etch glass of lamp, weaken  structure and damage to lamp will result. Clean lamp with rubbing alcohol and clean cloth if necessary.
  8. Close the large door and latch tightly.
  9. Using gloves and protective eyewear, grab the black tabs on the filter and pull them to the center of the filter then down to remove.
  10. Safely dispose of the used filter.
  11. Install the new filter in the reverse order of which it was removed.
  12. Close the grill door and latch tightly.
  13. Turn on the power and confirm the status light is green indicating the UV-C light and fans are on (Figure 2).


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