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KM-HSB001 KMOUK SoundbarKMOUK Soundbar
KM-HSB001 User Guide

Important Safety Instructions

  • A strong impact may cause damage to the internal parts of the product. Use caution to avoid impact.
  • The product contains small parts which may be a choking hazard. Not suitable for children under age 3.
  • This product contains magnetic material. Consult your physician on whether this might affect your implantable medical device.
  • To reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not expose this product to rain, liquids, or moisture.
  • Do not expose this product to dripping or splashing and do not place objects filled with liquids, such as vases, on or near the product.
  • Keep the product away from fire and heat sources. Do not place naked flame sources, such as lighted candles, on or near the product.
  • Do not make unauthorized alterations to this product. Only use the mounting hardware supplied with this product.
  • Do not mount on surfaces that are not sturdy, or that have hazards concealed behind them, such as electrical wiring or plumbing. If you are not sure about installing the bracket, contact a qualified professional installer.
  • Do not place or install the bracket or product near any heat source, such as fireplaces, radiators, heat registers, or other apparatus that produce heat.
  • Do not use chemicals or detergents to clean the product. Clean only with a dry cloth.


Carefully unpack the carton and confirm the following parts are included

KM-HSB001 KMOUK Soundbar - Unpacking1

KM-HSB001 KMOUK Soundbar - Unpacking2

Package Contents

1.KMOUK Soundbar
2. Remote Control
3. Optical Cable
4. DC Adapter
5. User Guide
6.3.5mm Audio Cable
7. Wall Mount Screws 2
8. RCA to 3.5mm Audio Cable
9. AAA Battery (2)
10. Measuring Tape

Product Overview

Front Panel

KM-HSB001 KMOUK Soundbar - Front Panel

Top Panel

KM-HSB001 KMOUK Soundbar - Top Panel

Power ButtonPower Button
Press the power button briefly to power on. Press and hold for1.5 seconds to power off.
Source ButtonThe Source Button
Press once briefly to adjust the audio input.
Volume DownVolume Down
Touch once and the volume decreases by one stop, and the indicator light flashes accordingly once. At minimum volume, the indicator light flashes 3 times in rapid succession.
Volume UpVolume Up
Touch once to increase the volume by one stop, and the indicator light flashes accordingly once. At maximum volume, the indicator light flashes 3times in rapid succession.
Attention: Once you find out your friends or family members cannot pair the soundbar Bluetooth, the reason is the Bluetooth pairing list stored in the KMOUK soundbar. So, as you clear the paring list, they can go for it directly. Press the power button and the mode button at the same time, hold for 5seconds until the Bluetooth indicator flashes blue.
Back Panel

KM-HSB001 KMOUK Soundbar - Back PanelBottom Panel

KM-HSB001 KMOUK Soundbar - Bottom Panel

Attention: The film on the silicone pad must be removed at first use. Otherwise, it will affect the stability of the soundbar. Also, noise will be generated when playing music.

Remote Control

1. Power Button
2. Bluetooth Mode
3. Optical Input
4. AUX Input
5. Previous Track
6. Play / Pause
7. Next Track
8. Music Mode
9. Game Mode
10. TV/Movie Mode
11. Volume ‒
12. Volume +
12. Mute
KM-HSB001 KMOUK Soundbar - Remote Control

Remote Functions

Icon Button Description
Power Button Power Button Power on
BT Bluetooth Mode Input Audio Setting
Optical Input Optical Input
AUX Input AUX Input
Previous Previous Track Media Playback
Play Play / Pause
Next Track Next Track
Music Mode Music Mode Sound Mode Setting
Game Mode Game Mode
TV TV / Movie Mode
Volume - Volume – Volume down
Mute Volume + Volume up
Volume + Mute Turn off the Music
  • Attention:
    The previous song / next song/play/pause function can only be used in the
    Bluetooth connection. It cannot be used in optical and AUX input.
  • Button 5, 9, and 10 adjust the sound according to the scene of use.
  • Press and hold the mute button for 3seconds to turn the LED light on and off.

Setup Soundbar

Connecting the Soundbar
Before using the product, you need to make sure that the product is properly connected to the power supply.

  1. Plug one end of the power cord into the power connector on the back of the KMOUK Soundbar.
    KM-HSB001 KMOUK Soundbar - Setup
  2. Plug the other end of the power cord into the DC (mains) outlet.

Power On / Off
Inserting batteries before using the remote control (AAA batteries x 2).

KM-HSB001 KMOUK Soundbar - Power On

Click the power button on the remote control or top panel. When you hear the tone [Hi KMOUK], the product enters the power-on state.
When you click the power switch in the power-on state, the [Bye KMOUK] tone will appear, indicating that the power is turned off.
KM-HSB001 KMOUK Soundbar - power switch

Bluetooth Connection
Step1: After connecting the power, click the Bluetooth button on the remote control. When you hear the tone [Pairing], enter Bluetooth pairing state.

KM-HSB001 KMOUK Soundbar - Bluetooth Connection1
Step2: On your Bluetooth device, turn on the Bluetooth feature. The Bluetooth feature is usually found in Settings.
Step3: Select the device with the name [KMOUK HSB001] from the device list. When the pairing is successful, a [Connected] tone will be emitted.

KM-HSB001 KMOUK Soundbar - Bluetooth Connection2


  • On first use, the soundbar will automatically enter Bluetooth pairing mode after the power is connected.
  • If you want to connect a new device, please disconnect the connected device first, press the Bluetooth button on the remote control for 3 seconds.
  • In Bluetooth audio input mode, the soundbar will automatically connect to the most recently matched device.

Optical Connection
Step1: Remove the protective covers on both ends of the supplied optical cable.
Step2: Connect the digital audio in the optical jack on the soundbar to the optical out jack of the device with a digital optical cable.
Step2: Press the source button on the top panel of the soundbar or the optical button on the remote control to select the optical input.

KM-HSB001 KMOUK Soundbar - Optical Connection

when connecting with an optical cable, you need to set theTV’s audio mode to external devices. At the same time, set the TV’s audio decoding mode to PCM (Pulse-Code Modulation) mode. (The TV menu may differ depending on the TV manufacturer.)

AUX Connection
Step 1: Connect AUX IN (audio) on the soundbar unit to the audio out jack of the device using a 3.5 mm audio cable.
Step2: Press the source button on the top panel of the soundbar or the AUX button on the remote control to select the aux input.

KM-HSB001 KMOUK Soundbar - AUX Connection
RCA Connection
Step1: Connect AUX IN (audio) on the soundbar unit to the audio out jack of the device using an RCA to 3.5mm audio cable.
Step2: Insert the end of the RCA plugs into the TV.
Step3: Press the source button on the top panel of the soundbar or the AUX button on the remote control to select the RCA input.

KM-HSB001 KMOUK Soundbar - RCA Connection

Sound mode settings
The KMOUK soundbar has 3 built-in equalizers. You can select your favorite sound effects by using the function keys on the remote control.
When you switch between sound effects, you’ll hear the corresponding voice prompts: [Movie Mode], [Gaming Mode] and [Music Mode]. The indicator on the front panel shows the corresponding sound effects.

KM-HSB001 KMOUK Soundbar - Sound mode

When the soundbar is turned on or off, it will not affect the input source, volume, or mode settings. However, when unplugged, the volume will be set to 65% of maximum volume, once the soundbar is powered on again.

Place Your Soundbar

Put it on the table
You can use the product on the desk of your TV or computer.

KM-HSB001 KMOUK Soundbar - Place Your Soundbar1

Wall mount the Soundbar
Use a ruler to measure the position of the hook part on the back of the product and mark it on the wall. Screw the attachment into the wall with the help of a drill or a screwdriver and hang it on the wall.

KM-HSB001 KMOUK Soundbar - Place Your Soundbar2


Q: Why is the unit not turning on?
A: Please check and make sure the power cord is correctly connected to a power source.
Q: Why is there no sound or why is the sound is distorted?
A: Please go over the following:

  • Check to make sure the audio cable is correctly connected.
  • Turn up the volume slowly.
  • Press the Mute button to switch on the sound.
  • Press the Play / Pause button.
  • Set the audio output mode on your TV (if applicable)accordingly with the mode setting on the soundbar.
  • Remove the clear label from the footbed.

Q: Why do the buttons on the soundbar not work?
A: Switch off the Soundbar and unplug. Then connect it to a power supply and switch it on again.
Q: Why does the remote control not work?
A: Please go over the following:

  • Install 2 AAA 1.5A batteries into the remote.
  • Replace the current batteries with new ones.
  • Make sure the remote control is pointed to the soundbar during use.
  • Make sure the remote control is within operating range.
  • Switch off the soundbar and disconnect the power. Then reconnect and power it on, try again.


Application 30″TV
Bluetooth Support
Aux in Support
RCA in Support
Optical Connection Support
Remote Control Support
Driver 2 x 2.25″ + Passive Radiator
Wall-mounting Support
Output Power 12.5W x 2=25W
Peak Power 50W
Dimension W410 x D100 x H70 mm


Warning: Changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
Attention: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.
However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:

  • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
  • Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.
  • Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.
  • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

RF Exposure Statement: To maintain compliance with FCC’s RF exposure guidelines, The equipment should be installed and operated with a minimum distance between 20cm of the radiator your body: Use only the supplied antenna.
Recycling: To prevent possible harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, recycle it responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources. To return your used device, please use the return and collection systems or contact the retailer where the product was purchased. They can take this product for environmentally safe recycling.

Customer Service

12-month warranty period
Within one year from the date of purchase, we will repair or replace the product free of charge if it does not work properly due to the quality of the product itself.
Contact Us
Mail: [email protected]
Name: Shenzhen YaFex E-Commerce Co., Ltd
Address: 102.23Baili Road, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China.
Made in China

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KM-HSB001, KMOUK Soundbar

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