KMINA Pro Toilet Frame


The KMINA PRO Toilet Frame has been designed to provide additional support for toilet functions, preventing accidental slips or falls. It has a loader and a lifting mechanism that facilitates access to the toilet and the incorporation of the user after use. It has been designed to be used by the elderly, people with mobility difficulties, and/or patients convalescing or recovering from hip or knee surgery, etc.




A Central frame
B Right handle
C Left handle
D Armrests
E Small screws
F Washers
G Large screws
H Charger
I Allen wrench +


J Allen wrench

round head

K Metal washers



  • Connect the right handle (B) with the cable located in the central frame (A). Check that the white dots on both wires match. Then insert the left handle (C) into the other hole of the central frame (A).KMINA-Pro-Toilet-Frame-FIG-3
  • Tighten the handles with the small screws (E). Place a plastic washer (F) and a metal washer (K) between the tube and the screw, and use the Allen wrench (J) to tighten it well.KMINA-Pro-Toilet-Frame-FIG-4
  • Place the armrest (D) on the handle (B and C), pressing on it until you hear it engage with the handle.KMINA-Pro-Toilet-Frame-FIG-5
  • Screw the armrests for safety. To do this, use the large screws (G) that come with a small nut and, with the help of the Allen wrench + screwdriver, (I) tighten them securely.KMINA-Pro-Toilet-Frame-FIG-6


The legs are adjusted to the minimum height. To adjust them:KMINA-Pro-Toilet-Frame-FIG-7KMINA-Pro-Toilet-Frame-FIG-8

  1. Turn them counterclockwise.
  2. Once you have the desired height, turn the nut until it is positioned at the top of the leg.
  3. Check that it is securely fastened.


Finally, connect the charger (H) to the frame and the plug to a light socket. The red light on the frame indicates that the cable is properly connected and the frame is ready for use.


To install the PRO Frame on your toilet, unscrew the lid and toilet bowl (toilet lids), leaving only the ceramic base. Slide the structure towards the toilet, leaving the lower part of the inner hole of the structure inside the toilet.


Press and hold the left button to raise the frame and assist the user to sit on the toilet. Press the right button continuously to lower the frame and help the user to sit on the toilet. The PRO frame tilts to an angle of 30°.


  • Power voltage
  • Frequency
  • Charger cable length


Frame, armrests and end caps: ABS plastic. Legs and handles: stainless steel. Handles: rubber.


  • Read the instructions carefully before installation.
  • Users with limited physical capabilities must be supervised or assisted when using the device.
  • Do not exceed the maximum weight supported by the device, which is 330 lb.
  • The handles are intended to serve as a support for standing and/or sitting, using both at the same time. Do not drop your entire body weight on only one of the handles.
  • Do not stand on this product. It is not a climbing aid.
  • Do not apply 100% of the weight only on one armrest, use only half of the body weight on each of the armrests. In case of overloading, the armrest may break.
  • Check that all components are properly assembled and screwed together before use.
  • Keep away from heat sources.
  • Any serious incident involving the product must be reported to the manufacturer and to the competent authority of the Member State in which the user and the patient are established.


  • Clean regularly by hand with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or rinse with water.
  • Disinfect the product by wiping all accessible surfaces with disinfectant (after disassembly, if possible). All cleaning products used must be effective, compatible with each other and protect the materials to be cleaned.
  • If the structure is to be used by several people, it must be disinfected at each use.
  • For disinfection in hospital environments, follow the instructions of a hygiene specialist.


KMINA guarantees that this device is free from defects. The warranty shall remain in force for 3 years from the date of original purchase by the consumer. The warranty does not extend to parts exposed to natural wear and tear requiring periodic replacement. This warranty does not cover:

  • Replacement parts supplied by anyone other than KMINA or the authorized dealer.
  • Any failure of the unit during the warranty period that is not caused by a defect in material or workmanship or if the failure is caused by misuse.
  • KMINA is not liable for accidental damage or damage to property.


Returns generate more than 15 million tons of CO2 annually.


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KMINA Pro Toilet Frame [pdf] User Manual
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