KMINA K30011 Bidet Toilette

KMINA K30011 Bidet Toilette

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The KMINA COLD BIDET It is recommended to help the elderly, people with limited mobility, constipation, sensitive skin, obesity; pregnant, menstruating or postpartum women or any user who wishes to wash their intimate parts with water without getting up.
Item size: 15.4”x10”x3.7” mm. Water pressure: 0.05 MPa ≈ 0.08 MPa. Non-electric.


  • Bidet (A),
  • Bidet Gaskets (B),
  • Lock Nut (C),
  • PU Tube (D),
  • Teflon tape (E),
  • Valve Gasket (F1 – UK),
  • Adaptor 1/2” (F2 – UK),
  • Brass Nut (F3 – UK).


  1. Close the toilet water stopcock and empty the cistern in such a way that no water remains or drips.
  2. Unscrew the hose and remove the toilet lid. Put a cloth under the faucet or a bucket in case there is any remaining water in the tank.
  3. Screw on the brass nut (F3 – UK) after passing one end of the PU tube (D) and screwing it onto the T-valve (F2 – UK). Place the gasket (F1 – UK) on top. Use Teflon tape (E) on the thread of (F2 – UK) before screwing to prevent water leaks.
  4. Take the locking nut (C), already mounted on the bidet (A), and screw it on the other end of the PU tube (D) to then screw it with the nut as you can see in the image. Use Teflon tape (E) on (C) before screwing to prevent water leaks.
  5. The PU tube (D) must be screwed into both the bidet (A) and the T-valve (F2 – UK).
  6. The upper part of the T-shaped valve (F2 – UK) must be screwed into the tank and the lower part into the hose. Use Teflon tape (E) both at the bottom of (F2 – UK) and at the inlet of the cistern before screwing to prevent water leaks. In turn, as you will see in the image, you must place the bidet (A), placing its holes (A1) in each hole where the cover is screwed.
  7. Place the gaskets (B) on top of the bidet holes (A) and then screw on the toilet lid.
  8. Open the stopcock until the tank is full and follow the instructions for use.

Once the bidet is installed, the waterflow control knob (A4) and the nozzle angle dialing knob(A3) will be on the right. As you will see, it has 4 functions:

  • ON: Bidet activation function. When you turn the thread ON, water will come out for your personal hygiene.
  • OFF: bidet shutdown function. You should hear a click in the OFF position to stop it completely and not drip.
  • CLEAN: Cleaning function of the water nozzle (A2) of the bidet.

Nozzle angle dialing knob (A3): By moving this tab you will be able to regulate the angle where the water nozzle is directed.


  • Make sure all the parts are there and that you are using part F – EU if you are in Europe or F – UK if you are in UK.
  • Make sure the toilet cistern is empty and the stopcock is closed before proceeding with the installation.
  • Inspect periodically for wear and damage. Do not alter the parts and use the bidet for its intended purpose.
  • Before use, check that there are no water leaks, nor does any part of the tank drip.

During use:

  • If the spray nozzle have no water check if:
    1. The water supply is cut off,
    2. The stopcock is closed,
    3. The water nozzle is clogged and proceed to clean it (CLEAN),
    4. There is low water pressure,
    5. The water supply line is bended.
  • If you have low water pressure, check if:
    1. The water supply line is bended,
    2. The water flow control is in the low position.


The outside can be cleaned with soap and water. To clean the water nozzle, use the CLEAN function.

Documents / Resources

KMINA K30011 Bidet Toilette [pdf] Instruction Manual
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