kleenmaid CCT6020 Ceramic Cooktop Instruction Manual

CCT6020 Ceramic Cooktop

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Instructions for use and warranty details

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Ceramic Cooktop
Model No.:CCT6020

Dear Customer, Thank you and congratulations for choosing Kleenmaid. Your new appliance has been designed and meticulously tested to ensure that it meets all your culinary requirements, and has been carefully manufactured using top quality materials to give you years of reliable performance. For best results, carefully read the instructions on how your new appliance is to be installed. Correct installation will avoid delays and unnecessary service call costs. Once installation is complete, please read this instruction manual carefully and get to know the controls and the features of your new Kleenmaid appliance. These simple instructions will enable you to achieve excellent results from the very first time you use it. Again, congratulations and thank you for choosing The Best You Can Own. KLEENMAID

6DIHW:DUQLQJV Your safety is important to us. Please read this information before using your cooktop.
· Disconnect the appliance from the mainselectricity supply before
carrying out any workormaintenance on it.
· Connection to a good earth wiring system isessential and mandatory. · Alterations to the domestic wiring system mustbe only made by a
qualified electrician.
· Failure to follow this advice may result inelectrical shock or death.
· Take care – panel edges are sharp. · Failure to use caution could result in FXWVRURWKHU LQMXU
· Read these instructions carefully beforeinstalling or using this appliance. · No combustible material or products should beplaced on this appliance at
any time.
· Please make this information available to theperson responsible for
installing the applianceasit could reduce your installation costs.
· In order to avoid a hazard, this appliance mustbe installed according to
these instructions forLQVWDOODWLRQ
· This appliance is to be properly installed andearthed only by a suitably
qualified person.
· This appliance should be connected to a circuit which incorporates an
isolating switch providing full disconnection from the power supply in accordance with the wiring rules.
· Failure to install the appliance correctly could invalidate any warranty or
liability claims.
Operation and Maintenance Electrical Shock Hazard
· Do not cook on a broken or cracked cooktop. If the cooktop surface
should break or crack, switch the appliance off immediately at the mains power supply (wall switch) and contact a qualified technician.
· Switch the cooktop off at the wall before cleaning or maintenance. · Failure to follow this advice may result in electrical shock or death.
Health Hazard
· This appliance complies with electromagnetic safety standards.
Hot Surface Hazard
· During use, accessible parts of this appliance will become hot enough to
cause burns.
· Do not let your body, clothing or any item other than suitable cookware
contact the glass until the surface is cool.
· Metallic objects such as knives, forks, spoons and lids should not be
placed on the hob surface since they can get hot.
· Keep children away from the cooktop when in use. · Handles of saucepans may be hot to touch. Check that saucepan handles
do not overhang other active cooking zones. Keep handles out of reach of children.
· Failure to follow this advice could result in burns and scalds.

Cut Hazard
· The razor-sharp blade of a cooktop scraper is exposed when the safety cover
is retracted. Use with extreme care and always store safely and out of reach of children.
· Failure to use caution could result in cuts or other injury.
Important Safety Instructions
· Never leave the appliance unattended when in use. Boilover causes smoking
and greasy spills that may ignite.
· Never use your appliance as a work or storage surface. · Never leave any objects or utensils on the appliance. · Never use your appliance for warming or heating the room. · After use, always turn off the cooking zones and the cooktop as described in
this manual (i.e. by using the touch controls).
· Do not allow children to play with the appliance or sit, stand, or climb on it. · Do not store items of interest to children in cabinets above the appliance.
Children climbing on the cooktop could be seriously injured.
· Do not leave children alone or unattended in the area where the appliance is
in use.
· Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance unless specifically
recommended in the manual. All other servicing should be done by a qualified technician.
· Do not use a steam cleaner to clean your cooktop. · Do not place or drop heavy objects on your cooktop. · Do not stand on your cooktop. · Do not use pans with jagged edges or drag pans across the glass surface as this
can scratch the glass.
· Do not use scourers or any other harsh abrasive cleaning agents to clean your
cooktop, as these can scratch the glass.
· If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its
service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
· This appliance is intended to be used in household and similar applications
such as:
o staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other working environments; o farm houses; o by clients in hotels, motels and other residential type environments; o bed and breakfast type environments. · WARNING: The appliance and its accessible parts become hot during use.
Care should be taken to avoid touching heating elements.
· Children shall be kept away unless continuously supervised. · This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
· Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the
· Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without

·WARNING: Unattended cooking on a cooktop with fat or oil can be
dangerous and may result in fire. NEVER try to extinguish a fire with water, but switch off the appliance and then cover the flame e.g. with a lid or a fire blanket.
·WARNING: Danger of fire: do not store items on the cooking surfaces. ·WARNING: For cooktop surfaces of glass-ceramic or similar material
which protect live parts, if the surface is cracked, switch off the appliance to avoid the possibility of electric shock.
·A steam cleaner is not to be used. ·The appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an external
timer or separate remote-control system. CAUTION: The cooking process has to be supervised. A short term cooking process has to be supervised continuously.

Please read this User Manual in order to fully understand how to install and operate your cooktop correctly. For installation, please read the installation section. Read all the safety instructions carefully before use, and keep this User Manual for future reference. The latest version of this manual is available on our website. (See back page for details.)


1. Max. 1800 W zone 2. Max. 1200 W zone 3. Max. 1800 W zone 4. Max. 1200 W zone 5. Glass plate 6. Control panel
1. Cooking zone selection 2. Timer Function 3. Power or Timer regulating controls 4. Child lock 5. ON/OFF control


· Read this guide, taking special note of the `Safety Warnings’ section. · Remove any protective film that may still be on your ceramic
· The controls respond to touch, so you don’t need to apply any pressure. · Use the ball of your finger, not its tip. · You will hear a beep each time a touch is registered. · Make sure the controls are always clean, dry, and that there is no object (e.g. a
utensil or a cloth) covering them. Even a thin film of water may make the controls difficult to operate.
Do not use cookware with jagged edges or a curved base.
Make sure that the base of your pan is smooth, sits flat against the glass, and is the same size as the cooking zone. Always centre your pan on the cooking zone.


Always lift pans off the ceramic hob ­ do not slide, or they may scratch the glass.
· After power on, the buzzer beeps once, all the indicators light up for 1 second then go out, indicating that the ceramic hob has entered the state of standby mode.
1. Touch the ON/OFF control. All the indicators show “-”
2. Place a suitable pan on the selected cooking zone. · Make sure the bottom of the pan and the surface of the cooking zone are clean and dry.
3. Touching the heating zone selection control
4. Select a heat setting by touching the “v” or “A´ control. · If you don’t choose a heat setting within 1 minute, the ceramic hob will automatically switch off. You will need to start again at step 1.

· You can modify the heat setting at any time during cooking.
· By holding down either of these buttons, the value will adjust up or down.
1. Touch the heating zone selection control that you wish to switch off
2. Turn the cooking zone off by touching the “v” and “^” sensors at the same time. The display then shows “H”.
3. Turn the whole cooktop off by touching the “ON/OFF” control.
4. Beware of hot surfaces “H” will show which cooking zone is hot to touch. It will disappear when the
surface has cooled down to a safe temperature. It can also be used as an energy saving function. If you want to heat further pans, use the hotplate that is still hot.

· You can lock the controls to prevent unintended use (for example children accidentally turning the cooking zones on).
· When the controls are locked, all the controls except the ON/OFF control are disabled.

7RORFNWKHFRQWUROV Touch the child lock

control. The timer indicator will show ” Lo ”

7RXQORFNWKHFRQWUROV 1. Make sure the ceramic hob is turned on. 2. Touch and hold the child lock control for a short time. 3. You can now start using your ceramic hob.
When the hob is in lock mode, all the controls are disabled except the ON/OFF control. You can always turn the hob off with the ON/OFF control in an emergency, but you should unlock the hob first before the next use.

An inbuilt temperature sensor monitors the temperature inside the hob. When an excessive temperature is detected, the hob will stop operation automatically.

When the hob has been operating for some time, there will be residual heat. The letter ” H ” appears as a warning against possible injury from hot surfaces.

Another safety feature of the hob is auto shut down. This occurs whenever you forget to switch off a cooking zone. The default shutdown times are shown in the table below:





You can use the timer in two different ways: · You can use it as a minute minder. In this case, the timer will not turn any
cooking zone off when the set time expires. · You can set it to turn one or more cooking zones off after the set time expires. · You can set the timer for up to 99 minutes.
,IRXDUHQRWVHOHFWLQJDQFRRNLQJ]RQH 1. Make sure the cooktop is turned on.
Note: you can use the minute minder even if you’re not selecting any cooking zones. 2. Touch the timer control, the timer indicator show “–”
3. Adjust the timer setting by touch the “v” or “A” controls. The minute minder indicator will start flashing and will show in the timer display. Hint: Touch the “v” or “A” control of the timer once to decrease or increase by 1 minute. Touch and hold the “v” or “A” control of the timer to decrease or increase by 10 minutes. If the setting time exceeds 99 minutes, the timer will automatically return to 0 minute.
4. Touch the heating zone selection control, and then touch the `Timer’, then the timer is cancelled, and the”–” will show in the minute display.

5. When the time is set, it will begin to count down immediately. The display will show the remaining time and the timer indicator will flash for 5 seconds.
6. Buzzer will beep for 30 seconds and the timer indicator shows “- – ” when the set time expires.
1. Touching the heating zone selection control
2. Touch the timer control, the timer indicator shows “30”
3. Set the time by touching the timer control Hint: Touch the “v” or “A” timer control once will decrease or increase by 1 minute. Touch and hold the “v” or “A” timer control will decrease or increase by 10 minutes.

If the setting time exceeds 99 minutes, the timer will automatically return to 0 minute.
4. Touching the heating zone selection control, and then touch the `Timer’, the timer is cancelled, and the”–” will show in the minute display.
5. When the time is set, it will begin to count down immediately. The display will show the remaining time and the timer indicator flash for 5 seconds. NOTE: The red dot next to power level indicator will illuminate indicating that zone is selected.
1. If the function is used for more than one heating zone, the timer will show the shortest time.
(e.g. zone 2# setting time of 3 minutes, zone 3# setting time of 6 minutes, the timer indicator shows “3”.) NOTE: The red dot next to power level indicator will flash.
(set to 6 minutes)
(set to 3 minutes)

2. When cooking timer expires, the corresponding cooking zone will switch off automatically.
NOTE: If you want to change the time after the timer is set, start again from step 1.
· When food comes to the boil, reduce the power setting. · Using a lid will reduce cooking times and save energy by retaining the heat. · Minimise the amount of liquid or fat to reduce cooking times. · Start cooking on a high setting and reduce the setting when the food has heated
6LPPHULQJFRRNLQJULFH · Simmering occurs below boiling point, at around 85°C, when bubbles are just
rising occasionally to the surface of the cooking liquid. It is the key to delicious soups and tender stews because the flavours develop without overcooking the food. You should also cook egg-based and flour-thickened sauces below boiling point. · Some tasks, including cooking rice by the absorption method, may require a setting higher than the lowest setting to ensure the food is cooked properly in the time recommended. 6HDULQJVWHDN To cook juicy flavoursome steaks: 1. Stand the meat at room temperature for about 20 minutes before cooking. 2. Heat up a heavy-based frying pan. 3. Brush both sides of the steak with oil. Drizzle a small amount of oil into the hot
pan and then lower the meat onto the hot pan.

4. Turn the steak only once during cooking. The exact cooking time will depend on the thickness of the steak and how cooked you want it. Times may vary from about 2 ­ 8 minutes per side. Press the steak to gauge how cooked it is ­ the firmer it feels the more `well done’ it will be.
5. Leave the steak to rest on a warm plate for a few minutes to allow it to relax and become tender before serving.
1. Choose a ceramic compatible flat-based wok or a large frying pan. 2. Have all the ingredients and equipment ready. Stir-frying should be quick. If
cooking large quantities, cook the food in several smaller batches. 3. Preheat the pan briefly and add two tablespoons of oil. 4. Cook any meat first, put it aside and keep warm. 5. Stir-fry the vegetables. When they are hot but still crisp, turn the cooking
zone to a lower setting, return the meat to the pan and add your sauce. 6. Stir the ingredients gently to make sure they are heated through. 7. Serve immediately.


1 – 2
3 – 4
5 – 6 7 – 8 9

· delicate warming for small amounts of food · melting chocolate, butter, and foods that burn quickly · gentle simmering · slow warming · reheating · rapid simmering · cooking rice · pancakes
· sauteing · cooking pasta · stir-frying · searing · bringing soup to the boil · boiling water



Everyday soiling on glass (fingerprints, marks, stains left by food or non-sugary spillovers on the glass)
Boilovers, melts, and hot sugary spills on the glass
Spillovers on the touch controls

1. Switch the power to the cooktop off.
2. Apply a cooktop cleaner while the glass is still warm (but not hot!)
3. Rinse and wipe dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.
4. Switch the power to the cooktop back on.
Remove these immediately with a fish slice, palette knife or razor blade scraper suitable for ceramic glass cooktops, but beware of hot cooking zone surfaces: 1. Switch the power to the
cooktop off at the wall. 2. Hold the blade or utensil at a
30° angle and scrape the soiling or spill to a cool area of the cooktop. 3. Clean the soiling or spill up with a dish cloth or paper towel. 4. Follow steps 2 to 4 for `Everyday soiling on glass’ above. 1. Switch the power to the cooktop off. 2. Soak up the spill 3. Wipe the touch control area with a clean damp sponge or cloth. 4. Wipe the area completely dry with a paper towel.
5. Switch the power to the cooktop back on.

· When the power to the cooktop is switched off, there will be no `hot surface’ indication but the cooking zone may still be hot! Take extreme care.
· Heavy-duty scourers, some nylon scourers and harsh/abrasive cleaning agents may scratch the glass. Always read the label to check if your cleaner or scourer is suitable.
· Never leave cleaning residue on the cooktop: the glass may become stained.
· Remove stains left by melts and sugary food or spillovers as soon as possible. If left to cool on the glass, they may be difficult to remove or even permanently damage the glass surface. · Cut hazard: when the safety cover is retracted, the blade in a scraper is razor-sharp. Use with extreme care and always store safely and out of reach of children.
· The cooktop may beep and turn itself off, and the touch controls may not function while there is liquid on them. Make sure you wipe the touch control area dry before turning the cooktop back on.



The cooktop cannot be turned on.

No power.

The touch controls are The controls are locked. unresponsive.

The touch controls are difficult to operate.
The glass is being scratched.

There may be a slight film of water over the controls or you may be using the tip of your finger when touching the controls. Rough-edged cookware.
Unsuitable, abrasive scourer or cleaning products being used.

Some pans make crackling or clicking noises.

This may be caused by the construction of your cookware (layers of different metals vibrating differently).

Make sure the cooktop is connected to the power supply and that it is switched on. Check whether there is a power outage in your home or area. If you’ve checked everything and the problem persists, call a qualified technician. Unlock the controls. See section `Using your ceramic cooktop’ for instructions. Make sure the touch control area is dry and use the ball of your finger when touching the controls.
Use cookware with flat and smooth bases. See `Choosing the right cookware’.
See `Care and cleaning’.
This is normal for cookware and does not indicate a fault.


Cooking Hob


Cooking Zones

4 Zones

Supply Voltage


Absorbed Electric Power


Product Size

WxD×H(mm) 590X520X52

Building-in Dimensions A×B (mm) 560X490

Weight and Dimensions are approximate. Because we continually strive to improve our products we may change specifications and designs without prior notice.


NOTE: Before making preparations for or commencing installation, the installer should refer to the current online version of the User Manual, which is available on the Kleenmaid website (see back cover for details).
Cut out the work surface according to the sizes shown in the drawing. For the purpose of installation and use, a minimum of 50mm space shall be preserved around the hole. Be sure the thickness of the work surface is at least 30mm. Please select heatresistant work surface material to avoid deformation caused by the heat radiation from the hotplate. As shown below:







$PP 560

%PP 490

;PP 50 mini

Under all circumstances, make sure the ceramic cooktop is well ventilated and the air inlet and outlet are not blocked. Ensure the ceramic cooktop is positioned correctly as shown below.
Note: The safety distance between the hotplate and the cupboard above the hotplate should be at least 760mm.


$PP %PP &PP ‘



min ir intake ir e it mm

NOTE: The safety gap between the hob and the rangehood placed above must comply with the recommendations of the rangehood manufacturer. In case of no instructions, a minimum distance of 650mm (or other minimum distance as may be specified by AS/NZS 5601 and interpreted by a certified installer) should apply.

The unit should be placed on a stable, smooth surface (use the packaging). Do not apply force onto the controls protruding from the hob. Fix the hob to the work surface by attaching the four brackets to the bottom of the hob after checking placement within the cut out (see picture).





racket crew hole


Adjust the bracket position to suit for different work surface’s thickness.



1. The cooktop must be installed by qualified personnel or technicians. If necessary, please see the “Support” section on our website for suitably qualified installers. Unqualified persons should not attempt to install this appliance.
2. The ceramic cooktop should not be mounted to cooling equipment, dishwashers or rotary dryers.
3. The ceramic cooktop shall be installed such that sufficient heat radiation can be ensured to enhance its reliability.
4. The wall and induced heating zone above the work surface should be heat resistant.
5. To avoid any damage, the sandwich layer and adhesive must be resistant to heat.
6. A steam cleaner is not to be used. 7. This cooktop can be connected only to a supply with system impedance no more
than 0.427 ohm. If necessary, please consult your supply authority for system impedance information.
The power supply should be connected in compliance with the relevant standard, or a single-pole circuit breaker. The method of connection is shown below.


1. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
2. If the appliance is being connected directly to the mains supply, an omnipolar circuit breaker must be installed with a minimum gap of 3mm between the contacts.
3. The installer must ensure that the correct electrical connection has been made and that it complies with safety regulations.
4. The cable must not be bent or compressed. 5. The cable must be checked regularly and only replaced by a properly qualified


This appliance is labeled in compliance with European directive 2002/96/EC for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). By ensuring that this appliance is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent any possible damage to the environment and to human health, which might otherwise be caused if it were disposed of in the wrong way.
The symbol on the product indicates that it may not be treated as normal household waste. It should be taken to a collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic goods.
This appliance requires specialist waste disposal. For further information regarding the treatment, recover and recycling of this product please contact your local council, your household waste disposal service, or the shop where you purchased it.




. ompass apital er ices ty td

tradin as leenmaid will pro ide parts and la our to you the

customer as set out herein.

. leenmaid’s roducts come with uarantees that cannot e e cluded under the ustralian onsumer aw. ou are entitled

to a replacement or re und or a ma or ailure and or compensation or any other reasona ly oreseea le loss or dama e.

ou are also entitled to ha e the oods repaired or replaced i the oods ail to e o accepta le uality and the ailure does

not amount to a ma or ailure.

. he ene its i en to you under this leenmaid arranty are in addition to other ri hts and remedies to which you may e

entitled under the ustralian onsumer aw in relation to the roduct to which this leenmaid arranty relates. u ect to

the conditions elow the roduct is warranted y leenmaid and/or its a ents to e ree rom de ects in materials and

workmanship or the arranty eriod or normal omestic se.

. roduct denti ication: –

a. leenmaid reser es the ri ht to re ect claims or any ser ices or work where you cannot produce or eri ication the

serial num er and a proo o purchase or the roduct includin ut not limited to the ori inal in oice .

. this leenmaid arranty will e oided i the serial num er or the roduct cannot e eri ied. his is not intended to

e clude restrict or modi y any ri ht or remedy to which you may otherwise e entitled under the consumer uarantee

pro isions o the ustralian onsumer aw.

c. in the e ent that a re uest or repair is made a ainst this leenmaid arranty where the serial num er or the roduct

cannot e eri ied or you cannot produce or eri ication a proo o purchase or the roduct includin ut not limited to

the ori inal in oice the repairer will not carry out any repairs on the roduct and you will e char ed a ser ice call-out


. hat is co ered y this leenmaid arranty: –

a. the roduct is co ered or aulty workmanship or parts that ha e ailed under normal omestic se.

. leenmaid and/or its a ents will determine y o ecti e testin i there are any de ects in the roduct and/or aulty


c. this leenmaid arranty is only applica le i repairs on roducts are carried out within ainland ustralia.

d. this leenmaid arranty: –

i. co ers a roduct purchased as new manu actured or use in ainland ustralia

ii. commences rom the date o deli ery o the roduct

iii. pro ides or the la our and replacement parts necessary to maintain the roduct in ood operatin condition as

speci ied in this leenmaid arranty howe er i repair is needed ecause o roduct ailure durin normal omestic

se leenmaid has the option to repair or replace the de ecti e roduct or part o the roduct with a product or part

o like kind and uality. replacement part may e new or reconditioned o like kind and uality and may cost less

than the ori inal roduct purchased and no char es or re unds will e made ased on the replacement product or

part cost di erence and

i . is only applica le when the roduct is used and operated in accordance with the anu acturer’s instructions.

. hat is not o ered y this leenmaid arranty e cluded :-

a. any dama e or ailure to or o the roduct or part o the roduct:

i. due to the roduct ein inade uately ser iced to manu acturer’s recommendations

ii. resultin rom en ironmental conditions includin and not limited to dirt dust rodents insects rust corrosion salt

uilt-up o or in any part o the roduct

iii. resultin rom e cessi e use ut air wear and tear is e cepted

i . resultin rom poor installation includin and not limited to positionin and e ternally itted e uipment such as

plum in and draina e ca lin antennae or due to incompati ility o connected e uipment

. caused y o erheatin as a result o sittin or positionin o the roduct where there is no pro ision or ade uate

entilation or ade uate protection rom e cessi e dust

i. i the roduct has een dismantled repaired or ser iced y any person other than someone authorised y leenmaid

or its a ents or representati es

ii. caused y power sur es or spikes includin and not limited to mains power and telecommunications

connections or to other unspeci ied sources incorrect power current olta e luctuation ampera e luctuation rust

or corrosion

iii. i the roduct is dropped collision o the roduct with another o ect use or which the roduct is not desi ned

dama e to the roduct caused y your own ne li ence accidental or deli erate misuse o the roduct y you the t

a use andalism lood ire earth uake electrical storms or any other act o od or any war related e ents or

i . due to the introduction o a normal heat loads to the roduct

. costs o attendance and testin where no ault or de ect co ered y the terms o this leenmaid arranty is identi ied in

the roduct

c. initial setup and installation o the roduct

d. normal maintenance costs and costs incurred throu h the installation o items listed as re uirin periodic replacement

e. roducts with remo ed or altered serial num ers

. roken or cracked lass other than transport dama e to the initial point o deli ery

. consuma les such as ut not limited to ul s/ lo es seals ilters atteries and remote controls

h. remo al and reinstallation o an internal component not per ormed y an authorised leenmaid a ent or representati e

or authorised ser ice centre

i. cosmetic or structural items or

. any ailures due to inter erence rom or with other products and/or sources.

. his leenmaid arranty ceases i : –

a. the Product ceases to carry the original manufacturer’s serial number or is sold at an auction;

. the roduct is rented or

c. there is ailure to pay monies owin on in oices as a result o non-warranty work ein carried out at the re uest o the

end user as per point elow.

. either leenmaid nor its representati es pro ide loan e uipment under the terms o this leenmaid arranty.

. ny unauthorised access to the internal hardware o the roduct will oid this leenmaid arranty.

. epair otice: roducts presented or repair may e replaced y re ur ished roducts o the same type rather than ein

repaired. e ur ished parts may e used to repair the roducts.

. Replacement items are “like for like” and is not “new for old” and does not indicate in any way that a faulty Product will be

replaced with a new part or unit. “Like for like” may either e a uality checked re ur ished or reconditioned unit o the

same or later atch o model/si e/speci ications

. he cost o makin a claim under this leenmaid arranty is not co ered y leenmaid includin any costs o transportation

or tra el e penses etween your home and your nearest authorised ser ice a ent.

. leenmaid accepts no lia ility or items that are lost dama ed or stolen as a result o rei ht transport or stora e. you are

re uired to transport the roduct to an authorised ser ice centre you must ensure that it is securely packed and insured.

. n u lic olidays or other periods when re ular usiness and wholesale operations are temporarily ceased repairer

a aila ility and warranty response times may e tend eyond the standard response times due to the una aila ility o

repairers and parts.

. or any repair per ormed on a roduct under this leenmaid arranty where no ault can e ound or the item is deemed y

leenmaid or an authorised a ent to e not aulty under this leenmaid arranty or the repair or ault is not co ered under

this leenmaid arranty a ` o ault ound’ ee is paya le y you. leenmaid will ad ise you o this cost and seek your

a reement to pay such costs e ore commencin such repairs.

. ny repairs or ser ices re uired that are outside the terms and conditions o this leenmaid arranty can e carried out at

your re uest at your cost includin where the roduct has not een installed or set up correctly . leenmaid will always

ad ise you o this cost and seek your a reement to pay such costs e ore commencin such repairs. credit card may e

re uired prior to the commencement o such ser ices.

. tra char es will e paya le y the customer should the roduct not e readily accessi le without special e uipment such

as ut not limited to cranes and li ts or should the roduct e installed in a position that ser ice access is locked and/or

repair work is not possi le without uninstallin the roduct to ain access.

. ou the customer may e entitled to purchase an e tended warranty in respect o the roduct. ny e tended warranty will

not e issued y leenmaid ut y a third party. ny e tended warranty ser ices will e pro ided directly y the third party as

principal and not as a ent or leenmaid under their e tended warranty terms and conditions and not under this leenmaid


. o make a claim under this leenmaid arranty please ha e your proo o purchase and the serial num er o the roduct

ready and call

durin usiness hours.

. his leenmaid arranty is i en y:

ame: ompass apital er ices ty td

tradin as leenmaid

usiness address: e el uite

otany d le andria



. e initions:

a. $XVWUDOLDQ&RQVXPHU/DZmeans the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 th .

. ‘RPHVWLF8VHmeans use o the roduct or personal domestic or household purposes.

c. .OHHQPDLG means ompass apital er ices ty td

tradin as leenmaid.

d. 0DLQODQG$XVWUDOLDmeans the ollowin tates and erritories o ustralia: ew outh ales ictoria outh ustralia

estern ustralia ueensland asmania orthern erritory ustralian apital erritory.

e. 3URGXFW means the appliance sold y leenmaid to you as e idenced y the ori inal purchase in oice.

. :DUUDQW3HULRG means the period o months or domestic use months or non-domestic use or such

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or the latest ersion o the leenmaid arranty please see our we site

http://www.kleenmaid-appliances.com.au/support/your-kleenmaid-warranty or phone us on


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Level 2, 204 Botany Road Alexandria NSW 2015
Register your Kleenmaid Appliances Warranty www.kleenmaidwarranty.com.au Request a Warranty Service www.kleenmaidwarranty.com.au
E: [email protected] Please download the current User Manual for this appliance at www.kleenmaid.com.au

Documents / Resources

kleenmaid CCT6020 Ceramic Cooktop [pdf] Instruction Manual
CCT6020, Ceramic Cooktop


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