Microsoft Xbox QAU-00002 сымсыз контроллері пайдаланушы нұсқаулығы

Discover the Xbox QAU-00002 Wireless Controller - Shock Blue's improved comfort and precise design. Capture and distribute content with the new Share button. Easily pair and switch between devices. Learn more about compatibility and features.

Plantronics 2-202652-333 Poly Voyager Focus UC сымсыз гарнитура пайдаланушы нұсқаулығы

Discover how to use the Plantronics 2-202652-333 Poly Voyager Focus UC Wireless Headset with this comprehensive user guide. Get instructions on connecting and configuring the headset, USB adapter, and more. Ensure optimal performance for your wireless headset.

JVC HAEC25T Sport True Wireless Earbuds құлаққаптары пайдаланушы нұсқаулығы

Discover the user manual for JVC HAEC25T Sport True Wireless Earbuds Headphones. Find information on specifications, FCC compliance, and troubleshooting. Keep your model number and serial number handy for future reference.

Trust 21665 Primo On Ear Chat сымды гарнитура пайдаланушы нұсқаулығы

Discover the Trust 21665 Primo Chat Headset user guide for crystal-clear sound quality and convenient communication. This on-ear wired headset with built-in microphone guarantees immersive audio and noise-canceling technology. Perfect for gaming, calls, and multimedia, this reliable and affordable Trust 21665 headset is a must-have audio solution for PC and laptop users.

ТаргусAMP16US Wireless Presenter Laser Pointer пайдаланушы нұсқаулығы

Discover how to safely operate and set up the Targus ‎AMP16US Wireless Presenter Laser Pointer with this user guide. Learn about its features, installation instructions, and system requirements. Avoid exposure to hazardous electromagnetic radiation emitted by this Class 2 laser product. Maximize your presentations up to 33 feet with the plug-and-play capability of this wireless presenter.

Kensington 1500109DE QWERTZ нұсқасы ValuKeyboard пайдаланушы нұсқаулығы

Discover the Kensington 1500109DE QWERTZ Version ValuKeyboard user guide. Get to know the features, durability, and functionality of this reliable and affordable keyboard designed for German-speaking users. With a compact design and full-size layout, it's perfect for personal or professional use. Enjoy responsive typing, spill-resistance, and easy plug-and-play setup. Compatible with Windows and macOS.