Smart Stick Thermometer

Smart Stick Thermometer

Instruction For Use

Thank you for purchasing the Ignsa Smart Thermometer-, a professionally accurate instrument for fast and easy temperature taking. Please read these instructions carefully to ensure accurate temperatures and safe operation. If you have any questions or comments about the Kinsa Smart Thermometer, email our Customer Support at [email protected]


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  • Instructions for Use
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The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is intended to be used with Apple and Android mobile devices. Please see for the full list of supported devices.

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is intended to measure the human body temperature orally, rectally, or under the arm. This device is reusable for clinical or home use on both adults and children.


  • Do not use the thermometer with the mobile device while the mobile device is charging. Attempting to use the Thermometer with The mobile device while the mobile device Is changing may result in electrical shack.
  • Do not change the left/right audio balance on your mobile device, which can be found in the Accessibility settings. If you do, an incorrect temperature reading may occur and you will need to re-setup your device for temperature taking.
  • Never use the Thermometer for purposes other than those It has been Intended for.
  • Do not allow children to walk or run while taking a temperature.
  • High, prolonged fever requires medical attention. Be sure to contact your physician.


  1. This thermometer functions with Apple and Android mobile devices. Please see kinsahealticom/devices for the full list of supported devices.
  2. Clean the probe before and after use.
  3. Thermometer is water resistant, not waterproof. Never dip the thermometer into water or other liquids. Do not boil the probe. For cleaning and disinfecting, please see Cleaning and Storage.
  4. Keep out of reach of unattended children.
  5. Do not bend or bite the probe as this may damage the probe.
  6. Do not use thermometer if there are signs of damage. If damaged, do not attempt a repair. Please email our Customer Support at [email protected]
  7. Do not store the unn in direct sunlight or at high temperatures.
  8. Avoid exercise and drinking hot or cold beverages before taking a temperature as these activities may affect accuracy of the reading.
  9. If the thermometer has been stored in cold conditions, allow it to warm to room temperature before attempting a measurement
  10. Underarm measurement may take longer than oral or rectal measurements.
  11. When using thermometer for rectal measurement, do not insert probe past the metal tip.


  • Fast 10 second reading time.*
  • Meets ASTM & ISO standards far professional accuracy.
  • Smartphone-connected thermometer with easy-to-read display.
  • Use orally, rectally, or under the arm.
  • Conveniently displays In T or T.
  • Flexible design for comfort.
  • Water resistant for safe cleaning.
  • Optional extension cord for ease of use.
  • Additional Smart functionality available through Kinsa app.

Results will vary by individual and method used. Under ideal conditions, measurements occur in 10 seconds.


Temperature readings vary from person to person. Although there is no one ‘normal” temperature reading, a temperature taken orally, ranging between 97.0°F and 99.0°F (36.1T and 37.2°C), is considered normal. A person’s body temperature will usually be several tenths to one full degree lower In the morning than It is In the late afternoon. Therefore, If your temperature is 97.9°F (36.6°C) In the morning, it could be 98.4°F (36.9°C) or more in the late afternoon and still be normal. The best method to determine your own normal temperature is to use the thermometer when you are feeling well. Record your temperature twice a day (early morning and late afternoon). Take the average of The hero temperatures. This Is considered your normal body temperature. Any variation from It may indicate some sort of Illness and you should consult your physician.

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is intended for the intermittent measurement and monitoring of human body temperature orally, rectally, and under the arm. Whichever method is used, it is recommended to avoid eating or drinking any liquids, exercising, taking showers or baths, or smoking for 10 minutes prior to use, as these can cause mild variations in temperature. Disinfect the probe with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol before use. See Cleaning and Storage section below.

The thermometer can be used with or without a probe cover. Disposable probe covers can be purchased at most drug stores or pharmacy departments. Place a cover on the probe tip each time the thermometer is used to help prevent the spread of germs.

An optional extension cord is included, which may help you see the screen of your mobile device more easily during temperature taking. Connect the extension cord between the mobile device and the thermometer.

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer must be connected (directly, or using the included extension cord) to the headphone jack of the mobile device to take a temperature.

Setting Up Your Mobile Device for Temperature Taking (only required for initial use)

a. Download the Kinsa app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. The app can also be downloaded by going directly to Please see for the full list of supported devices.
b. When installation is complete, tap the “Kinsa” app icon on your home screen to open the application.
c. An animation will guide you through the setup procedure, which consists of the following steps:

  • Open back of case Place
  • Remove adapter from back of case thermometer rare
  • Plug Kinsa Smart Thermometer into adapter
  • Plug combination of thermometer and adapter into the headphone jack
  • Wait for the device to set up (12 seconds or Less)
  • Separate adapter from your mobile device and the Kinsa Smart Thermometer
  • Plug only the Kinsa Smart Thermometer into headphone jack
  • Wait for device to complete setup (6 seconds or less)
  • Setup is now complete and you will be directed to the home screen
  • Place adapter back into case, for future use.

Note: Setup procedure is only required once per device. You do not need to perform this sequence every time you take a temperature.

Taking a Temperature
a. Open the Kinsa app, tap “Take Temperature on the home screen, and choose your reading location.
b. An animation screen will prompt you to plug the thermometer into the mobile device, and insert the thermometer. Use of the optional extension cord may allow you to see the screen more easily during temperature taking. You may connect the extension cord between the mobile device and the thermometer.
c. Once the mobile device detects a rise in temperature, a progress screen with bubbles will appear.
d. Readings typically take 10 seconds. To ensure accuracy, a reading may take longer at higher ambient temperatures.
e. Incorrect thermometer placement or movement during temperature taking may result in longer reading times or inaccurate readings.

Body temperature is one of the most important indicators of illness and so it is important that temperatures be taken accurately. Please follow these instructions for use closely.

Oral User
Place the probe tip well under the tongue in a heat pocket. See Figure 1 for correct placement. Keep mouth closed while the temperature reading is bang taken. A normal oral temperature is considered 97.0° – 99.0° F (36.1° – 37.2° C).

Placement far oral readings

Rectal Use:
If rectal temperature readings am recommended by your doctor, you may use a probe covet Insert the temperature probe into a probe cover. Lubricate the shield with a suitable personal lubricant. Insert the probe tip no more than Ph inch into rectum. STOP if you meet any resistance. The sensing unit is on the very tip of the probe and there is no reason to insert the Op deep into the rectum. Do NOT insert the probe past the metal tip. In general, the rectal temperatures are approximately 1.0— 2.0° F (0.5° -1.0° higher than oral temperatures.

Underarm Use:
Wipe armpit with a dry towel. Place probe in armpit and keep arm pressed firmly against the body. In general, underarm temperatures are approximately 1.0— 2.0° F (0.5° -1.0° C) lower than oral temperatures.

Clean the probe before and after use by washing with soap and warm water or by disinfecting with rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol). Wipe dry with soft cloth. DO NOT BOIL OR CLEAN IN DISHWASHER. This will cause the thermometer to no longer -function and will void the warranty. Do not wash the unit with any thinner or chemical solvent.

Do not store the device in direct sunlight or at high temperatures. If the thermometer has been stored in cold conditions, allow it to warm to room temperature before attempting a measurement. Performance of the device may be degraded if device is operated or stored outside of the stated temperature ranges.

Launch the Kinsa app. Click on the °Menu” icon and select “Settings” icon. An icon will be displayed to indicate which mode the thermometer is in. Touch the icon to switch modes.





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