Keron 297852 Ajax Active Mechanic Handschuh

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297852 8 / M
297853 9 / L
297854 10 / XL
297855 11 / XXL

As the gloves are adjusted to special purposes, the lengths may deviate from the requirements of EN ISO 21420:2020.

  • Category II – Mechanical risks
  • EU type examination carried out by:

Instructions for use

Results of the EN ISO 21420:2020 mechanical test

  • Abrasion resistance: 2 (min 0 / max 4)
  • Blade cut resistance (Coupe – Test): 0 (min 0 / max 5)
  • Tear resistance: 1 (min 0 / max 4)
  • Puncture resistance: 1 (min 0 / max 4)
  • Blade cut resistance (TDM): X (min A / max F)

The sign X, instead of a number, means that the glove is not designed for the use covered by the corresponding test. Results exclusively from samples of the inner hand of the glove

Care and Cleaning

The service stages mentioned are based on tests which were carried out exclusively on unused gloves. Transfer of the results on gloves after care treatment is not possible. The manufacturer accepts no liability for changes to the properties. For donning, check the integrity of the glove and the picked size fits the hand. For doffing, ease the glove of one hand before removing the second glove to reduce the risk of contamination.

Packaging and storage

This article is supplied in uniform sales packaging made from recyclable cardboard. PE-bags or similar environmentally friendly coverings are the smallest packaging unit. The gloves must be stored correctly, i.e. in boxes in dry rooms. The properties can be altered by influences such as humidity, temperature, and light, as well as natural alterations to the materials over a period of time. Ageing: It is not possible to give an expiry date, as this can be dependent on the degree of wear, use, and the area in which the gloves are used.

General information / Risk assessment

The glove types named here meet with the requirements of regulation
(EU) 2016/425 as brought into UK law and amended, and is com-pliant with the above mentioned harmonized/designated standards EN ISO 21420:2020, EN 388:2016+A1:2018. While selecting an equipment, user should perform risk analysis based on the intended use and determine the suitability based on product’s test standards and protection levels obtained. Laboratory tests offer an aid to selection, however they cannot take the actual workplace conditions into account. It is therefore the responsibility of the user and not the manufacturer to test the suitability of a certain glove for the planned area of use. Gloves for general light handling in wet conditions. The equipment provides protection against moderate mechanical risks. The maximum wear time depends on the activity being carried out and the person. The glove offers no protection against perforation with sharp objects, e.g. injection needles. No gloves should be worn if there is a risk of becoming caught in moving machine parts. The gloves contain no substances that are known to cause harm to the wearer. The gloves lose their heat insulating properties when wet. For further information on the maximum permissible user exposure please contact the manufacturer.

Further information and declaration of conformity by:

Documents / Resources

Keron 297852 Ajax Active Mechanic Handschuh [pdf] Instruction Manual
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