TRV Installation Instruction

When installing a thermostatic radiator valve the following aspects must be considered to ensure that the valve performs to its optimum level.

  1. The valve should be in a position where it is in contact with free air circulation within the area and is not subject to draughts, as this will affect the valve’s performance, as this will affect the valve’s performance.
  2. The valve must not be inwalled in a position where the head is likely to be damaged or where the valve is subject to excessive heat, either at the time of installation or in operating conditions.
  3. Ensure that the system is clean and free from debris, and the installation is in accordance with good plumbing practice.
  4. An automatic differential bypass valve MUST be fitted as part of an ITV installation.

Kartell TRV Thermostatic Radiator Valve  Lockshield

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Kartell TRV Thermostatic Radiator Valve + Lockshield [pdf] Instruction Manual
TRV, Thermostatic Radiator Valve Lockshield, TRV Thermostatic Radiator Valve Lockshield

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