Karibu 25840 Garden Shed Theresa 7Karibu-25840-Garden-Shed-Theresa-7-product

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This description is only an example The supplied bitumen roofing is used for initial cover and should be supplemented by a separate product acoording to customers choice after two months. The number of bitumen stips to be used depends on your actual house size. When joining rolls of roofing felt end to end, the overlap must be approximately 10cm. The roof is not safe to walk on. The roof is designed for a total load (snow, wind) and not for a point load. We recommend you to always suppot the roof from below during installation. The sealing of the roof surfaces to adjacent components with bitumen sealant has to be effected by the customer! if it is a saddle-roofed house, do not use roofing tiles for roofing. In this case, a 20 cm wide strip of bitumen with overhang should be installed on both sides of the eaves. For houses with a tonne roof, please install a bitumen roofing under the shingles. In the case of a flat roof the laying of roof shingles is not possible!

Not included! Protect from moisture!


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Karibu 25840 Garden Shed Theresa 7 [pdf] Instruction Manual
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