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Please read these original operating instructions prior to the initial use of your appliance, proceed accordingly and store them for later reference or other users.

Safety instructions for immersion pumps

  • Please read the operating instructions for your machine before using it, and pay particular attention to the following safety instructions.
  • Warning and information plates on the machine pro-vide important directions for safe operation.
  • Apart from the notes contained herein the general safety provisions and rules for the prevention of accidents of the legislator must be observed.
  • Keep packaging films away from children, there is a risk of suffocation!
Hazard levels

Pointer to immediate danger, which leads to severe injuries or death.
Pointer to a possibly dangerous situation, which can lead to se-vere injuries or death.
Pointer to a possibly dangerous situation, which can lead to mi-nor injuries.
Pointer to a possibly dangerous situation, which can lead to property damage.

Electric components

Risk of electric shock.

  • Check the power cord with mains plug for damage be-fore every use. If the power cord is damaged, please arrange immediately for the ex-change by an authorized customer service or a skilled electrician.
  • Install all electrical plug connections in a flood-proof area.
  • Unsuitable electrical extension cables can be hazardous. Only use electrical ex-tension cables that have been approved and labelled for this purpose and have an adequate cable cross-section outdoors.
  • The mains plug and the coupling of an extension cable must be watertight and must never lie in water. Moreover, the coupling may never lie on the ground. The use of cable reels that ensure that the sockets are at least 60 mm above the ground is recommended.
  • Do not use the power cord to carry/ transport the machine.
  • To separate the machine from the mains, pull the plug and not the power cord.
  • Do not scrape the power cord across sharp edges and ensure that it does not get pressed.
  • The voltage indicated on the type plate must correspond to the voltage of the electrical source.
  • To avoid risks, all repairs and replacement of spare parts may only be carried out by the authorized customer service personnel.
  • Operate pumps only on sockets that are equipped with a fault current protection switch with a nominal fault current of max. 30 mA and a protective-earth contact (earthing).
  • Check the fault current protection switch and the protective earth contact (earthing) for proper function at regular intervals.
  • Never operate the pumps while there are persons in the pool or garden pond.
  • In Austria pumps to be used in swimming pools and gar-den ponds should be equipped with a fixed connection line according to ÖVE B/EN 60555 Part 1 to 3; power supply should be via a ÖVE-tested isolating transformer whereby the secondary nominal voltage should not exceed 230V.
  • The electrical connection of the system may only be per-formed by a qualified electrician. Please follow the respective national regulations!
Safe handling


  • This appliance is not intended for use by persons with limited physical, sensory or mental capacities or lacking experience and/or skills, unless such persons are accompanied and supervised by a per-son in charge of their safety or they have received precise instructions on the use of this appliance and have under-stood the resulting risks.
  • Children may only use this appliance if they are over the age of 8 and supervised by a person in charge of their safe-ty, or if they have received instructions on the use of this appliance and have under-stood the resulting risks.
  • Children must not play with this appliance.
  • Supervise children to prevent them from playing with the appliance.
  • Cleaning and user maintenance must not be performed by children without supervision.
  • Turn off the appliance and re-move the mains plug prior to any care and maintenance works.


  • Create stability for the appliance prior to any work on or with the appliance to prevent accidents or damage.
  • In order to prevent accidents or injuries, mind the weight of the appliance during trans-port (see technical data).
  • In order to prevent accidents or injuries, mind the weight of the appliance when choosing the storage location (see technical data).
Other risks

Danger of explosion

  • Do not pump corrosive, highly combustible or explosive flu-ids (e.g. petroleum, petrol, acids or nitro thinner).
  • Do not operate the device in fire or explosion-endangered surroundings.


  •  Water that has been delivered with this appliance is no drinking water!

This can cause damage to the appliance.

  • Do not pump greases, oils and salt water.
  • Do not pump waste water from sanitary facilities and silty water with a lower flowability than clear water.
  • Do not pump water that has a higher temperature than 35°C.


The warranty terms published by the relevant sales company are applicable in each country. We will repair potential failures of your appliance within the warranty period free of charge, provided that such failure is caused by faulty material or defects in manufacturing. In the event of a warranty claim please contact your dealer or the nearest authorized Customer Service center. Please submit the proof of purchase.
The adhesive type label must not be removed from the device. Warranty is no longer granted if the label is re-moved.

Environmental protection

The packaging material can be recycled. Please do not place the packaging into the ordinary refuse for disposal, but arrange for the proper recycling.
Old appliances contain valuable materials that can be recycled. Please arrange for the proper recycling of old appliances. Please dispose your old appliances using appropriate collection systems.

Notes about the ingredients (REACH)
You will find current information about the ingredients at:

Description of the Appliance

  1. Carrying handle
  2. Power cord with plug
  3. Lock (float switch)
  4. Swimmer switch
  5. Quick-Connect
  6. Automatic venting device
  7. Connection nozzle (1¼“ hose connection and G1 thread)

Proper use

This appliance has been designed for use in private households and is not intended for commercial use. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damages that may occur on account of improper use or wrong operations.
The device is mainly intended for draining building parts in case of flooding, but also for pumping over or out containers, for water removal from wells and shafts as well as for draining water from boats and yachts, provided that it is fresh water.
The device is not suitable for continuous pump operation (e.g. continuous circulation in a pond) or as a stationary installations (e.g. lifting device, fountain pump).

Approved feed fluids
  • Fresh water up to a certain degree of soiling
  • Water from swimming pool (provided the dosing of additives is proper)
  • Washing lye
  • Water with a degree of contamination up to a grain size of 20 mm

Risk of injury, risk of damage! Caustic, slightly inflammable and other explosive substances (such as petrol, petroleum, diluted nitrogen), greases, oils, salt water and waste water from toilets as well as sludgy water that has a slower flow capacity than water, must not be transported with this pump. The temperature of the de-livered fluid must be between 5 °C and 35 °C.

Start up

The shorter the hose length and the larger the hose diameter, the higher the pump capacity.
To prevent clogging of the pump, use a prefilter with hose diameters of less than 1¼ “ (see special accessories).
The pump connection is equipped with a plug system (Quick-Connect).
The unmounted connection nozzle is enclosed in the device.

To remove the connection nozzle, press the Quick-Connect (grey button).


  • Slide the hose clamp onto the hose.
    If a ¾“ or 1“ hose is used:
  • Screw pump connecting piece (see special accessory) onto the connection nozzle.
  • Slide the hose onto the pump connecting piece and secure it by means of a hose clamp.
  • Slide the connection nozzle into the Quick-Connect.
    If a 1¼ “ hose is used:
  • Slide the hose onto the connection nozzle and secure by means of a hose clamp.
  • Slide the connection nozzle into the Quick-Connect.
  • Safely place the pump on a stable surface in the feed fluid or immerse it using a rope tied to the carrying handle.

The suction area must not be blocked by soiling.
In case of muddy ground, place the pump on a brick or the like.
Ensure that the pump is level.
Do not carry the pump on the cable or the hose.


Risk of mortal danger on account of electric shock! Do not touch feed fluids, the rope attached to the carrying handle as well as objects that are in contact with the feed fluid (e.g. pipelines extending into the water, railings, etc.).

Automatic venting device

With a low fluid level, possibly drawn air or air that is present in the pump escapes via the automatic venting device. In addition, fluid may leak at this spot.
If the pump has suction problems with a low fluid level, unplug and plug in the mains plug repeatedly in order to support the suction process.

Automatic operation

In the automatic mode, the float switch controls the pumping operations automatically .
The pump switches on as soon as the float switch has reached the switch-on height due to the rising fluid level. The pump switches off as soon as the float switch has reached the switch-off height due to the falling fluid lev-el.
Ensure that the float switch is not obstructed in any way. For switch-on height / switch-off height see the following table:

Min / Max           SP 3 Dirt
Switch-on height    43 / 50
Switch-off height   18 / 30

*The switching height can vary depending on the position of the float switch.
Insert the mains plug into the socket.

Manual operation


Secure the float switch pointing upwards in the lock.

In manual operation the pump remains switched on continuously.
The fluid level must be at least 60mm for the pump to draw independently in the manual mode.
The pump can pump up to a residual fluid height of 25 mm.
The stated residual fluid height is only achieved in manual operation.

Insert the mains plug into the socket.
Risk of damage! Dry running leads to increased wear; never leave the pump unattended during manual operation. Switch off immediately in case of dry running.

Finish operation

Soiling can deposit and lead to malfunctions.

  • Pump clear water or thoroughly rinse the pump after every use.
    This especially applies after pumping chlorinated water or other liquids that leave residue.
  • Disconnect the main plug from the socket.


The pump is maintenance free.


In order to prevent accidents or injuries, keep in mind the weight of the appliance during transport (see Specifications).

  • Lift and carry the pump on the carrying handle.
  • If you want to transport the appliance on a vehicle secure it from slipping.


In order to prevent accidents or injuries, keep in mind the weight of the appliance when selecting a storage lo-cation for it (see Specifications).

Storing the pump
  • Completely drain the pump and allow it to dry.
  • Store the pump in a frost-free place.

Special accessories

2.997-100.0 Braided hose set Flexible 1 1/4“ braided hose with hose clamp (30 – 40 mm) with wing screw for a connection without tools.
Especially recommendable for the immersion pumps when removing large water quantities.
Max. operating pressure: 5 bar
2.997-201.0 Prefilter for immersion pump, small The robust prefilter is easy to attach and protects your immersion pump, which increases the functional reliability.
6.997-359.0 Pump connection G1 (33.3 mm) incl. Check valve For pumps with G1 (33.3 mm) connection thread and 3/4″ as well as 1″ hoses, including union nut, hose clamp, flat packing and check valve.
6.997-347.0 Spiral hose, by the meter, 25 m, 3/4″ By the meter for cutting hoses to individual lengths.
6.997-346.0 Spiral hose, by the meter, 25 m, 1″ By the meter for cutting hoses to individual lengths.
2.645-142.0 Hose PrimoFlex, 25 m, 3/4″ Phthalate-free 3/4″ garden hose for draining away the water.
2.645-247.0 Hose PrimoFlex, 50 m, 1″ Phthalate-free 1″ garden hose for draining away the water.


Risk of mortal danger on account of electric shock!
To avoid risks, all repairs and replacement of spare parts may only be carried out by the authorized customer service personnel.


  • Pump runs but does not transport
  • Pump does not run or suddenly comes to a standstill during operations
  • Pumping capacity is reducing
  • Pumping capacity too low
  • Quick-Connect cannot be opened or closed.


  • Air in the pump
  • Suction area blocked
  • (only in manual mode) Water level be-low the minimum water level
  • Power supply interrupted
  • Thermal protection switch has switched off the pump due to over-heating
  • Dirt particles have got jammed into the suction area
  • The float switch stops the pump
  • Suction area blocked
  • The pumping capacity depends on the flow height, hose diameter and hose length.
  • Soiling in the plug system.


  • Unplug and plug in the mains plug of the pump repeatedly until the fluid is drawn
  • Pull out the mains plug and clean the suction area
  • Immerse, whenever possible, the pump deeper into the feed fluid or proceed as described in Chapter Operation.
  • Check fuses and electrical connections
  • Pull out the mains plug, let the pump cool down, clean the suction area, prevent dry running
  • Pull out the mains plug and clean the suction area
  • Check position of float switch.
  • Pull out the mains plug and clean the suction area
  • Observe the maximum delivery height, see technical data. If necessary, use a larger hose diameter or a shorter hose length.
  • Remove and clean clip.


SP 3 Dirt
Mains voltage V 230 – 240 V
Mains frequency Hz 50
Output Pnom W 350
Max. flow rate l/h 7000
Max. pressure bar 0,6
Max. flow height m 6
Max. immersion depth m 7
Max. grain size of the dirt particles that can be transported mm 20
Minimum fluid height (manual mode) mm 60
Residual fluid height mm 25
Weight (without accessories) kg 4,2

Subject to technical modifications!
KARCHER -SP- 3- Dirt- Drainage- Pump-04

The possible delivery rate is even larger:

  • The lower the delivery height
  • The larger the diameter of the hose used
  • The shorter the hose used
  • The lower the pressure loss caused by the connected accessories

Documents / Resources

KARCHER SP 3 Dirt Drainage Pump [pdf] Instruction Manual
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