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Safety instructions for battery broom

  • Please read these safety instructions prior to the initial use of your appliance and act accordingly. Keep these safety instructions for future reference or subsequent owners.
  • Prior to the initial start-up, observe the graphic operating instructions of your appliance and especially observe the safety instructions.
  • Apart from the notes contained herein the general safety provisions and rules for the prevention of accidents of the legislator must be observed.

Proper use

  • Use this battery-operated appliance only for personal use, for cleaning rooms; use only the accessories and spare parts approved by KÄRCHER for such use.
  • The appliance is not suitable for cleaning deep-pile carpets and wet floors.
  • The appliance is not suitable for cleaning concrete, gravel, etc.
  • Any use extending beyond this is not considered as proper use.
  • The manufacturer is not liable for any losses resulting from this; the user alone bears the risk for this.

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  • Charge the battery with the enclosed original charger or a charger approved by KÄRCHER only.

Danger or hazard levels

  • DANGER: Pointer to immediate danger, which leads to severe injuries or death.
  • WARNING: Pointer to a possibly dangerous situation, which can lead to severe injuries or death.
  • CAUTION: Pointer to a possibly dangerous situation, which can lead to minor injuries.
  • ATTENTION: Pointer to a possibly dangerous situation, which can lead to property damage.

Safe handling


  • This appliance is not intended for use by persons with limited physical, sensory or mental capacities or lacking experience and/or skills unless such persons are accompanied and supervised by a person in charge of their safety or they have received precise instructions on the use of this appliance and have understood the resulting risks.
  • Children may only use this appliance if they are over the age of 8 and supervised by a person in charge of their safety, or if they have received instructions on the use of this appliance and have understood the resulting risks.
  • Children must not play with this appliance.
  • Supervise children to prevent them from playing with the appliance.
  • Cleaning and user maintenance must not be performed by children without supervision.

CAUTION: Never leave the appliance unattended as long as it is in operation.
ATTENTION: Protect the appliance from extreme weather conditions, moisture and heat.

Electric components


Short circuit hazard!

  • Do not insert conductive objects (such as screwdrivers or the like) into the charging socket.
  • Do not touch contacts or wires.
  • You may recharge the battery using only the original charger provided with the appliance or a charger approved by KÄRCHER.
  • Do not expose the battery to direct sunlight, heat, or fire.
  • This appliance contains batteries that are nonreplaceable.
  • Immediately replace the charger with the charging cable in case of visible damage.
  • The appliance contains electrical components do not clean under running water.
  • Store and use the charger in dry rooms only.
  • Never touch the mains plug with wet hands.
  • The voltage indicated on the type plate must correspond to the supply voltage.
  • Repair work and work on the electrical components may only be performed by an authorised customer service.

WARNING: Do not open the battery, as there is a risk of an electrical shock; also, irritating or caustic vapors can escape.

Environmental protection

The packaging material can be recycled. Please do not place the packaging into the ordinary refuse for disposal, but arrange for the proper recycling. Old appliances contain valuable recyclable materials and substances that must not be released into the environment. Thus, the appliance and the accumulator contained must not be disposed of via the domestic waste. The disposal can take place via locally available return and collection systems free of charge. Electrical and electronic devices often contain components that could potentially pose a danger to human health and the environment if handled or disposed of incorrectly. However, these components are necessary for the proper operation of the device. Devices marked with this symbol must not be disposed of with regular household rubbish. Information on ingredients (REACH) The latest information on ingredients can be found at: www.kaercher.com/REACH


The battery has been tested as per the relevant directives for international transport and can be transported/shipped.

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery of your appliance is illustrated on the packaging. Check the contents of the appliance for completeness when unpacking. In the event of missing accessories or any transport damage, please contact your dealer.


The warranty terms published by the relevant sales company are applicable in each country. We will repair potential failures of your appliance within the warranty period free of charge, provided
that such failure is caused by faulty material or defects in manufacturing. In the event of a warranty claim please contact your dealer or the nearest authorized Customer Service centre. Please submit the proof of purchase. (See the address on the reverse)

Spare parts

Only use original accessories and spare parts, they ensure the safe and trouble-free operation of the device. For information about accessories and spare parts, please visit www.kaercher.com.

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