K RCHER 13282300 KHB 4-18 Plus Battery Set Instruction Manual
K RCHER 13282300 KHB 4-18 Plus Battery Set


Safety Instructions

Icons Read these original instructions and the enclosed original instructions for the battery pack/charger before using the device for the first time. Act in accordance with them. Keep the booklets for future reference or for future owners.

  • In addition to the notes in the operating instructions, you also need to take into consideration the general safety regulations and accident prevention guidelines applicable by law.
  • Warnings and information notices attached to the device provide important information for hazard-free operation.

Hazard levels 

Indication of an imminent threat of danger that will lead to severe injuries or even death.

Indication of a potentially dangerous situation that may lead to severe injuries or even death.

Indication of a potentially dangerous situation that may lead to minor injuries.

Indication of a potentially dangerous situation that may lead to damage to property.

General safety instructions 

Risk of asphyxiation. Keep packaging film out of the reach of children.


  • Only use the device for its proper use. Take into account the local conditions and beware of third parties, in particular children, when working with the device.
  • Persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities and persons lacking experience and knowledge may only use the appliance if they are properly supervised, have been instructed on use of the appliance safely by a person responsible for their safety, and understand the resultant hazards involved.
  • Children must not operate the device.
  • Children must be supervised to prevent them from playing with the appliance.

Safety devices are provided for your own protection. Never modify or bypass safety devices.



  • Operation in explosive atmospheres is prohibited.
  • When using the device in hazard zones (e.g. service stations), adhere to the respective safety regulations.
  • Do not direct the water jet at persons, animals, live electrical equipment or loose objects.
  • Do not spray any objects which contain harmful substances (e.g. asbestos).
  • The appliance contains electrical components – do not clean the appliance under running water.


  • Do not use the appliance if it has been dropped beforehand, is visibly damaged or if it is leaking.
  • According to the applicable regulations, the appliance may never be used with the drinking water network without a system separator. Ensure that the connection to your house water system, with which the pressure cleaner is operated, is equipped with a system separator according to EN 12729 type BA.
  • Water that has flowed through a system separator is no longer classified as drinkable.
  • Never leave the device unsupervised while it is in operation.
  • Only operate or store the device in accordance with the description or figure.


  • Device damage due to dry running. Switch the device on only when the water supply is ensured.
  • Do not operate the device at temperatures below 0 °C.

Intended use

Use the battery pressure cleaner in private households only.
The pressure cleaner is intended for cleaning machines, vehicles, buildings, tools, façades, terraces, garden machines etc. using a water jet.

Environmental protection

Icons  The packing materials can be recycled. Please dispose of packaging in accordance with the environmental regulations.
Icons Electrical and electronic devices contain valuable, recyclable materials and often components such as batteries, rechargeable batteries or oil, which – if handled or disposed of incorrectly – can pose a potential danger to human health and the environment. However, these components are required for the correct operation of the device. Devices marked by this symbol are not allowed to be disposed of together with the household rubbish.
Icons Cleaning work producing in oily waste water, e.g. washing engines, washing undercarriages etc., may only be performed at washing stations with an oil separator.
Icons Extraction of water from public waterways is not permitted in some countries.
Notes on the content materials (REACH) Current information on content materials can be found at:

Accessories and spare parts

Only use original accessories and original spare parts.
They ensure that the appliance will run fault-free and safely.
Information on accessories and spare parts can be found at

Special accessories 

Use only special accessories with the label “Handheld” and a blue plug.

Information on battery pack and charger 

The following are available as special accessories:

  • Battery packs/chargers that are not included in the scope of delivery or that are additionally required
  • A quick charger and a battery pack with a larger capacity

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery for the appliance is shown on the packaging. Check the contents for completeness when unpacking. If any accessories are missing or in the event of any shipping damage, please notify your dealer.

Safety devices

Power switch lock 

The lock blocks the power switch and prevents the device from switching on unintentionally.

Symbols on the device

Icons The device may not be connected to the public drinking water network.

Description of the device

The maximum amount of equipment is described in these operating instructions. Depending on the model used, there are differences in the scope of delivery (see packaging).
For the illustrations, refer to the graphics page Illustration A

  1. Flat jet nozzle for normal cleaning tasks
  2. Nozzle release mechanism
  3. Spray lance
  4. Type plate
  5. Battery pack unlocking button
  6. Power switch lock
  7. Power switch
  8. Water connection with fine filter
  9. Battery-powered pressure washer
  10. Water connection coupling
  11. Garden hose (fabric reinforced, diameter at least 1/2 inch (13 mm), length at least 7.5 m, with commercially available quick coupling)
  12. Suction hose with coupling
  13. Battery Power 18/25 battery pack
  14. Standard Charger Battery Power 18 V
  15. Folding tank

optional, ** additionally required

Rechargeable battery pack 

The device can be operated with a single 18 V Kärcher Battery Power battery pack.

Initial startup

Battery pack charging

Charge the battery pack (see operating instructions for the battery pack)

Installing the battery pack

Charge the battery pack (see operating instructions for the battery pack).

Installing the battery pack

Push the battery pack into the mounting in the device until it audibly  latches into place. Illustration B

Water supply

For the connection values, see the type plate or chapter Technical data.
Observe the water distribution company regulations.

Connection to the water line

  1. Screw the coupling onto the water connection on the device. Illustration C
  2. Attach the garden hose (not included in the scope of delivery) to the coupling on the water connection.
  3. Connect the garden hose to the water supply.
  4. Open the water tap fully.

Sucking water from open containers

This pressure washer is suitable for sucking in surface water from containers (e.g. folding tank, bucket, rain barrel) or from ponds. Depending on the device variant, a suitable suction hose and a folding bucket are included in the scope of delivery.

If necessary, you can use the KÄRCHER SH 5 handheld suction hose (special accessory, order no. 2.644-124.0).

For maximum suction height, see chapter Technical data.

  1. Fill the suction hose with water.
  2. Attach the suction hose to the coupling on the water connection of the device and hang it in a water source.
  3. Vent the suction hose

If necessary, remove the spray lance before venting the suction hose.

  1. Start the device (see chapter Starting the device).
  2. Operate the device until no more air bubbles can be seen in the suction hose.
  3. Release the power switch.
  4. Secure the power switch with the lock.

Mount the spray lance and nozzle

  1. Plug in the desired spray lance and lock it by turning it 90°.
  2. Push the desired nozzle onto the spray lance until it audibly clicks into place. Illustration D

To disconnect the nozzle, press the nozzle release down and pull the nozzle off


Pump running dry
Damage to the device
If pressure does not build up in the device after 2 minutes then switch the device off and proceed according to the instructions in chapter Troubleshooting guide.

Starting the device

  1. Release the power switch lock. Illustration E
  2. Press the power switch.

Operation with detergent

KÄRCHER offers you detergent spray bottles for vehicle care.

Recommended cleaning method

  1. Spray the detergent sparingly on the dry surface and let it work for a while (do not let it dry).
  2. Rinse off the loosened dirt with the pressure jet.

Interrupting operation

  1. Release the power switch.
  2. Secure the power switch with the lock.

Removing the battery pack

During longer work breaks, remove the battery pack from the device and secure it against unauthorised use.

  1. Press the battery pack unlocking button to unlock the battery pack.
  2. Remove the battery pack from the device. Illustration F

Ending operation

  1. Release the power switch.
  2. Close the water tap.
  3. Press the power switch.
    The existing pressure in the device is relieved.
  4. Disconnect the device from the water supply.
  5. Secure the power switch with the lock.
  6. Remove the battery pack (see chapter Removing the battery pack).


Failure to observe the weight
Risk of injury and damage
Be aware of the weight of the device during transportation.

  1. Secure the device against slipping and tipping over when transporting in vehicles.


Failure to observe the weight
Risk of injury and damage
Be aware of the weight of the device during storage.

  • Store the device indoors only.
  • Place the device on a flat and level surface.

Care and service

Improper cleaning
Switch off the device and remove the battery pack before performing any  work on the device.
Do not clean the device with a hose or high-pressure water jet.

Improper cleaning
Risk of damage.
Do not use any abrasive or aggressive detergents.
The device is maintenance-free.

Cleaning the device

Clean the device with a moist cloth.

Clean the sieve in the water connection

Damaged sieve in the water connection
Damage to the device through contaminated water
Check the sieve for damage before inserting it in the water connection.

If necessary, clean the sieve in the water connection.

  1. Remove the water connection coupling.
  2. Pull the sieve out.
  3. Clean the sieve under running water.
  4. Insert the sieve into the water connection.

Troubleshooting guide


Touching live parts
Electric shock
Switch off the device and remove the battery pack before performing any work on the device.
Have repair work and work on electrical components carried out by the authorised customer service only.

You can remedy minor faults using the following overview.
If in any doubt, please contact your authorised Customer Service.

Device not running
The battery pack is not sitting properly in the device

Push the battery pack into the mounting in the device until it audibly latches into place.

The charging state of the battery pack is too low
Charge the battery pack.

The battery pack is overheated

  1. Remove the battery pack from the device and allow it to cool down.
  2. Do not the place the device and battery pack in direct sunlight.

The battery pack or the charger are defective
Replace the battery pack or charger.

Device switches off automatically

Overheating of the device or battery pack
Let the device or the battery pack cool down.

Device not building up pressure
The nozzle is dirty

  1. Use a needle to remove dirt from the nozzle hole.
  2. Rinse the nozzle from the front with water.

The water supply is too low

  1. Open the water tap fully.
  2. Check the water inlet for an adequate flow rate.
  3. Check the fine filter in the water connection.

Device leaking

The device leaks a small amount for technical reasons. If the leak is severe, request authorised Customer Service.

Technical data

Device performance data
Working voltage of the battery V 18
Protection class III
Operating time (max.) at full battery charge with Battery Power 18/ 25 battery pack min 14
Operating pressure MPa 2,1
Max. permissible pressure MPa 2,4
Water connection
Feed pressure (max.) MPa 1,0
Input temperature (max. °C 40
Suction height (max.) m 0,5
Dimensions and weights
Weight without battery pack kg 1,3
Length x width x height mm 292 x 89 x 228
Determined values in acc. with EN 60335-2-79
Hand-arm vibration value m/s2 2,2
Uncertainty K m/s2 0,7
Sound pressure level LpA dB(A) 70
Uncertainty KpA dB(A) 2
Sound power level LWA + K uncertaintyWA dB(A) 84

Subject to technical modifications.


The warranty conditions issued by our relevant sales company apply in all countries. We shall remedy possible malfunctions on your appliance within the warranty period free of cost, provided that a material or manufacturing defect is the cause. In a warranty case, please contact your dealer (with the purchase receipt) or the next authorised customer service site.
(See overleaf for the address)

EU Declaration of Conformity

We hereby declare that the machine described below complies with the relevant basic safety and health requirements in the EU Directives, both in its basic design and construction as well as in the version placed in circulation by us. This declaration is invalidated by any changes made to the machine that are not approved by us.

Product: Pressure cleaner (battery powered)
Type: 1.328-xxx

Currently applicable EU Directives 


Harmonised standards used 

EN 60335-1
EN 60335-2-54
EN 62233: 2008
EN 55014-1: 2017
EN 55014-2: 2015
EN IEC 63000:2018

Conformity evaluation procedure used 

2000/14/EC: Annex V

Sound power level dB(A) 

Measured: 82
Guaranteed: 84
The undersigned act on behalf and under the power of attorney of the company management.


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