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  • Only use the compressor for its intended purpose.
  • Only use the accessories and parts recommended in these instructions.
  • If using the tool outdoors, only use an extension cord approved for outdoor use.
  • Do not dismantle the compressor, or attempt to modify it.
  • This product can be used by children from 8 years and upwards and by persons with physical, sensorial, or mental disabilities, or persons who lack experience or knowledge if they are supervised or receive instructions concerning the safe use of the product and understand the risks involved with its use. Do not allow children to play with the product. Do not allow children to clean or maintain the product without supervision. Do not expose the compressor and parts belonging to it to moisture.
  • Keep the power cord and air hose away from heat, oil, and sharp edges.
  • The product gets hot when in use. Allow the product to cool for at least 20 minutes before putting it away.
  • Do not use the hose to carry the product.
  • The product vibrates during use and can, therefore “wander” over the surface it is standing on. For this reason, do not use the product when it is standing on a shelf or other raised surface. Put the product on the floor, the ground, or a low bench when in use.
  • If the compressor makes an abnormal noise or gets hot, switch off immediately and pull out the power cord, and allow it to cool for at least 10 minutes.
  • Always check the compressor before use. If a guard or some other part has been damaged, check carefully before using the tool to ensure that it will operate correctly and as intended. Check that moving parts are properly adjusted and do not jam and that no parts are incorrectly fitted or damaged. Check for other factors that could affect functionality. Guards or other parts that are damaged must be repaired or replaced by an authorized service center unless otherwise specified in these instructions. If the switch does not work, it must be replaced by an authorized service center. Do not use the tool if it cannot be switched on and off with the power switch.
  • Do not overinflate objects.
  • Nganggo proteksi kuping.
  • It is not safe to inhale the compressed air from the product. Do not inhale air from the product or from a breathing mask attached to the product.


Ikon bahaya Waca pandhuane.
SIMBOL CE Approved in accordance with
the relevant EU directives.
Ikon Dustbin Recycle as electrical waste.


Rated mains voltage 230 V - 50 Hz
Dirating baterei voltage 12 VDC
output 180 W
Kacepetan (ora ana beban) 4000 RPM
Maks. meksa operasi Bar 6.8
Inflation time 1 tire 5-6 min
suhu Operating -10 ° C nganti 60 ° C
Max continuous operation 30 min
Dawane hos 61cm
Cord length (12 V) 304 cm
Cord length (230 V) 180 cm
Size 300 x 170 x 100 mm

* Based on inflation of empty standard tire 195/65R 15″ to 2.4 bar.
* Measured, ** Guaranteed


  1. Compressor switch
  2. (—) Reduction of air pressure
  3. Unit switch (switching between pressure units)
  4. (+) Increase in air pressure
  5. Lampu ngalih
  6. tampilan
  7. Cahya (LED)
  8. Mains power (AC)
  9. Pateni
  10. Battery power (DC)
  11. Sambungan jaringan


  1. Plug for 230 VAC
  2. Air selang
  3. Katup Venting
  4. Nozel ekstensi
  5. Needle nozzle
  6. Plug for 72 VDC FIG. 2



First set the voltage switch to AC for mains power, or to DC for battery power in the vehicle.

  1. Press the (+) or (—) button for about 5 seconds, until the display starts flashing. Set the required pressure with the (+) or (—) button and then wait for 3 to 4 seconds. The display stops flashing and shows the set pressure to which the tire will be filled.
  2. Press the power switch to start the compressor. When the set pressure is reached the compressor switches off and OFF is shown in the display.
  1. Screw the hose connection on the tire valve.
    FIG. 3
  2. Put the plugin the 12 V outlet in the vehicle. FIG. 4
  3. Set the required pressure (see section “Automatic pressure monitor”).
    FIG. 5
  4. Activate the automatic pressure monitor and press the power switch. The compressor switches off automatically when the set pressure is reached. Switch off the compressor switch afterward.
  1. Screw on the required accessory nozzle (conical nozzle or needle nozzle) on the air hose connection. Tighten until the connection is airtight.
    GAMBAR 6
  2. Put the accessory nozzle in the air connection in the object to be filled.

Extension nozzle, conical standard nozzle, and needle nozzle supplied.


Voltage switch is on the back of the product. The switch must be in the correct position to use the power supply, “AC” for mains voltage and “DC” for battery voltage.
FIG. 7

Mains power (230 V)

Always pull out the full length of the power cord before use. Plug the plugin a PowerPoint and press the switch button marked AC to start the product. To switch off the product, press the switch button marked DC until the button clicks back 1 step to position 0.

Battery power (12 V)

The engine should be running if possible when the compressor is run from the 12 V socket. If this is not possible (for environmental or safety reasons) the ignition switch should be in parking mode. Always pull out the full length of the battery cord before use. Plug the plugin of the 12 V socket in the vehicle and press the switch button marked DC to start the product. To switch off the product, press the switch button marked AC until the button clicks back 1 step to position 0. Clean the product with a cloth moistened with a mild detergent. The product must only be serviced by qualified service personnel using identical spare parts.



When the product is not in use store its hose and cord in the storage compartment underneath the product.


Deleng kaca sabanjure.

Bisa sabab solusi
Voltage switch (AC – 0 – DC) in the wrong position. Check that the right cord is in use and that the switch is in the right position — AC for mains power, DC for battery power from 12 V socket in the vehicle.
The air pressure in the tire or object to be inflated is higher than the set pressure. Set to a higher pressure.
The fuse in the 12 V plug has tripped. Ganti sekring.
Colokane ora dipasang. Plugin plug.
Fuse in mains distribution board/vehicle tripped. Replace the fuse. If the product trips the fuse again stop using the product immediately and take it to an authorized service center to be checked and repaired.
The safety switch tripped. Reset safety switch. If the product trips the safety switch again stop using the product immediately and take it to an authorized service center to be checked and repaired.
Kabel listrik rusak. Has the cord been replaced by qualified service personnel?

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