John Lewis ZENA LED Spring User Manual

John Lewis ZENA LED Spring

Thank you for purchasing this ZENA LED SPRING. Please read the instructions carefully before use to ensure safe and satisfactory operation of this product.



  • For your safety, this product must be installed in accordance with local Building Regulations. If in any doubt, or where required by the law, consult a competent person who is registered with an electrical self-certification scheme. Further information is available online or phone your Local Authority.
  • To prevent electric shock, switch off the mains supply before installing or maintaining this product. Ensure other persons cannot restore the electricity supply without your knowledge.
  • Always use the correct bulb type with the correct wattage as indicated in the specification table. Never exceed the Max. power rating. When changing a bulb always switch off at the mains first and allow the bulb to cool down before handling. Dispose of used bulbs carefully. The bulb and surrounding parts can become extremely hot during use.
  • This product is Class II =icon-5 and should be fitted to a lighting Supply protected by a 5 amp fuse or equivalent circuit breaker.
  • The light source of this luminaire is not replaceable; when the light source reaches the end of its end of life the whole luminaire shall be replaced.
  • For indoor use only.



FIG 1 Assembly

Never install your appliance on a wet, freshly painted or plastered surface. Ensure the house electricity supply is switched off at the fuse box. If removing an existing fitting, note down all wiring connections.

Follow the diagram for fixing detail.
Check the fixings will not touch any existing wiring before drilling and attaching the light to the ceiling. Ensure you thread the ceiling wires through the black insulating tube fixed to the appliance.

  1. Ensure the house electricity supply is off at the fuse board.
  2. If removing an existing fitting, first note down all wiring connections.
  3. Remove mounting bracket from fitting by removing the retaining screws and washers, retain for later.
  4. Using the mounting bracket as a template, mark and then drill the fixing holes in the ceiling (ensure holes are drilled into a secure joist). Take care not to damage wiring.
  5. Attach mounting bracket to the mounting surface using suitable fixings. Do not attach fitting to mounting bracket at this stage. Make sure no wires are trapped in the process.
  6. Height Adjustment: It is possible to adjust the height of this fitting prior to installation, any adjustments to the length must be made prior to electrical connection to prevent strain on the wiring. If any change in length is required after installation it must first be disconnected from the supply wiring. To adjust the length of the metal suspension wires. The wires can be pushed through into the ceiling cup as the locking mechanism will automatically clamp it from being pulled out again. If you do need to lengthen the suspension wires again simply push the spring loaded tube on the ceiling cup adjuster in on itself and gently pull the cable back out, release the tube to lock the wire from being pulled any further out. Ensure that all 3 suspension wires are adjusted equally to ensure that the fitting sits level. With the suspension wires adjusted you will need to alter the cable length. Loosen the plastic cable clamp on the underside of the ceiling cup using a suitably sized screwdriver to prevent damage to the screw head. Adjust the cable to the desired length ensuring that it is left slack so it is the suspension wires supporting the fitting and that there is no strain on the cable, secure the cable at the desired length by tightening the screw, take care not to over tighten and damage the screw head.
    Note: The suspension wires of this fitting must not be adjusted to a height of less than 30cm when measured between the underside of the ceiling cup and the top side of the shade. Over-shortening the wires places undue stress on the connections and may cause damage to the fitting.
  7. Lever open the terminal block box cover with a screwdriver then feed supply cable through rubber sleeving. The weight of the fitting must be supported whilst making the electrical connections as follows:
    • Connect supply live (normally brown or red) to fitting live (marked “L”) on the terminal block.
    • Connect supply neutral (normally blue or black) to fitting neutral (marked “N”) on the terminal block.
    NO EARTH must be connected to any part of this fitting. If there are any earth wires present in the ceiling these must be terminated into a separate terminal block (not supplied) to ensure continuity of the earth circuit is maintained.
    NOTE: Ensure electrical connections are tight and no loose strands of wire are left out of the connector block. Ensure terminals and rubber sleeve are correctly seated then close connector block housing.
  8. Excess cable must be carefully located inside ceiling cup or within the ceiling void. Carefully offer fitting over mounting bracket then secure in place with the screws and washers removed earlier.
    Once installation is complete, the house electricity may be restored at the fuse box.

Care instructions
Wipe clean with a clean dry cloth, when product is switched off and has cooled down.

Recommended bulb
41W LED not replaceable


  • Max. Power: 41W
  • Voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz

Product Feature

Please retain these instructions for future reference.

John Lewis Partnership
171 Victoria Street
London SW1E 5NN
Made in China
Issue 1 10/17


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