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JLab JBuds Band Earbuds User Manual - Warranty and Contact

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JBuds Air Bluetooth pairing 1

JBuds Air Bluetooth pairing 2

JBuds Air accessories

JBuds Air button function & voice prompts

JBuds Air button equalizer modes

JBuds Air charging earbuds

JBuds Air charging case & fitting

JBuds Air warning-quick tips-warm up










JBuds Air User Manual [JLab Audio] – Optimized PDF
JBuds Air User Manual [JLab Audio] – Original PDF

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  1. I bought the Left earbud but couldn’t match it
    Compre el Left earbud pero no he podido emparejarlo

    1. Hello Ricardo, did you manage to solve it? I still can’t handle the instructions on the box

      Hola Ricardo, lograste solucionarlo? yo aun no puedo con las indicaciones de la caja

  2. I bought the headphones and the right one does not work for me, only the left one, the right earphone does not throw the white light that the manual indicates, I don’t know what to do, I ordered the headphones through amazon and it would be difficult for me to return them.
    compre los auriculares y no me funciona el derecho solo el izquierdo, el auricular derecho no tira la luz blanca que indica el manual, no se que hacer, pedi los auriculares por amazon y me costara devolverlos.

  3. Hi, I can’t remove the cable to charge the headphones
    Hola no puedo sacar el cable para cargar los audífonos

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