JBL Stage XD Indoor/Outdoor Speakers User Guide


This Quick Start Guide contains basic information on the Stage XD Indoor/Outdoor loudspeakers, important preinstallation steps, and important safety warnings about installation of this product. Read through this document in its entirety before proceeding with installation.
After reading this document visit the product page on the JBL Specialty Audio website for complete installation instructions for these products.

Supported Products

This document supports the following products.

Stage XD-5 2-way Dual 5.25″ In-Wall
Stage XD-6 2-way 6.5″ In-Wall

Box Contents

2x Stage XD-5 or XD-6 Loudspeakers
2x Zero Bezel Grilles
4x Rubber Feet
1x Grille Removal Tool
2x Wall Installation Kit (Mounting Bracket)
1x Quick Start Guide (This Document)

IMPORTANT! HARMAN International assumes no responsibility for improper installation of hardware, any personal injuries, or product damages resulting from improper installation or a fallen loudspeaker. Read through this document and other documents associated with this product in their entirety and heed all warning before proceeding with the installation of these product(s).

IMPORTANT! Installation Precautions

Due to the nature of this product, there are several precautions to follow before installation can begin.

  1. Ensure that all wire run inside of walls and ceiling meets or exceeds local fire codes for hidden wiring.
  2. Determine wire lengths and select the proper gauge speaker wire to use based on the table under Wire Gauge by Distance.
  3. Do NOT connect the speakers to an amplifier rated above the recommended amplifier power. Overdriving the speaker can cause an overheating condition increasing the risk of injury.
  4. Do NOT connect the amplifier end of the wire until all speakers are wired and installed.

Wire Gauge by Distance

Distance/Length Wire Gauge
< 50ft (15m) 16-gauge
50ft (15m) ~ 100ft (30m) 12-gauge
>100ft (30m) 10-gauge

Wall Installation

The Stage XD speaker can be installed on a wall using the included Wall Installation Hardware. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure proper installation.

  1.  Install lock nut [A] onto threaded knuckle [C] away from the end.
  2.  Slide lock ring [B] over threaded knuckle [C].
  3. .Secure lock nut [A] onto speaker.
  4. Locate mounting position on wall leaving enough space for speaker to clear ceiling and/or other obstacles. Secure knuckle joint [D] to wall with the included security cable [E] on one of the bottom screws.
  5.  Install the knuckle [C] into the joint [D] and secure lock ring [B].

Adjusting Angle and/or Orientation

Once the speakers are installed on the wall they can be adjusted for angle and orientation. Simply loosen the lock ring slightly and move the
speaker within the mount into the desired orientation. Note that for horizontal orientation the logo can be rotated.

Tabletop Installation

While the common use is to install Stage XD speakers onto a wall, they can also be used on a table/desktop. To use on a flat surface, install the included rubber feet onto the bottom of each speaker at
the rear outer corners.


Connecting Speakers

  1. Ensure that the appropriate wire gauge has been run based the Wire Gauge by Distance chart.
  2. Ensure that wires are marked for polarity to ensure speakers are not connected out of phase.
  3. Connect positive wires to the (+) terminal and negative feed wire to the (-) terminals.
  4. Continue connecting until all speakers are connected.


Stage XD-5                  Stage XD-6

High Frequency Transducer

1″ (25mm) Aluminum dome with High- Definition Imaging (HDI™) waveguide 1″ (25mm)

Aluminum dome with High-Definition Imaging (HDI™) waveguide

Low Frequency Transducer 5.25″ (130mm)

Polycellulose cone woofer

6.5″ (165mm)

Polycellulose cone woofer

Nominal Impedance 6ohms 6ohms
Sensitivity (2.83V@1m) 86dB 88dB
Recommended Amplifier Power 20-100W RMS 20-100W RMS
Frequency Response (-6dB On-Axis) 75Hz-25kHz 55Hz-25kHz
Crossover Frequency 2500K 2500K

Dimensions HxWxD

H: 6.4 (162mm) x

W: 7.2 (182mm) x

D: 6.4 (162mm)

H: 8.7 (222mm) x W: 11.8 (299mm) x D: 7.6 (194mm)
Wall Mount Length H: 2.8 (71mm) H: 2.8 (71mm)

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