JBL Tune 500 BT User Manual

JBL Tune 500 BT User Manual

What’s in the Box



  1. Buttons & LEDs
Buttons & LEDs



Bluetooth Connections

  1. Turn on / off the Headphone
Turn on / off the Headphone

2) If connecting for the first time, the headphone will enter paring mode automatically after It is powered on.
3) Connect to Bluetooth device

Connect to Bluetooth device

Music Controls

Music Controls

Phone Call

 Phone Call

Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant

 Seamlessly switch between devices

  1. Per and connect the headphone with the 1st Device. (see Section 3 Bluetooth Connection)
  2. Per and connect the headphone with the 211 Bluetooth Device
Seamlessly switch between devices

3. Connect to Bluetooth Device

Connect to Bluetooth Device
Connect to Bluetooth Device

Items to note:

a. Maxmum 2 devices can be connected simultaneously
b. To switch music source, pause the music on the current device and select play on the 2rc device.
c. Phone call will always take priority.
d. If one device goes out of bluetooth range or powers off, you may need to manually reconnect the remaining device. See Section 7 Step 3.

LED Behavior

LED Behavior
LED Behavior


  • Driver size: 32mm
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz — 20kHz
  • Bluetooth transmitted power: < 4dBm
  • Bluetooth transmitted modulation: GFSK, o/4 DQPSK, 8DPSK
  • Bluetooth frequency: 2.402 — 2.480GHz
  • Bluetooth Profile: BT 4.1, A2DP v1.2, AVRCP v1.5, HFP v1.6, HSP v1.2
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion Polymer (3.7V, 300mAH)
  • Charging time: 2 hrs
  • Music play time with BT on: 16 hrs
  • Weight: 0.155kg


What the difference between live and tune

Has in-line control panel, better bluetooth version, has a 3.5mm male connector, more battery power, sound pressure level and less weight

Do these work on the peloton?

They work on all my Bluetooth devices.

Does they incluye wire to Connect without Bluetooth?

No. Just charger

When you use it with the 3.5mm male connector do you need the battery to be charged ??

These are wireless and do not have a jack for headphone cable

Do these come with a case?


5.0 bluetooth

It has Bluetooth, not sure if 5.0

Does it include the battery?

The battery is already in the headphones. It’s rechargeable headphones. Plug and charge.

2 questions. Are these the same ones being sold are HarmanAudio?? If they are, why are they $120 cheaper?

These are the same, honestly idk why. They retail for $49.95 on JBL website

Are these adjustable?

Yes they are.

Can I connect the headphone with two devices simultaneously?

Yes, you can.

an you use them for online gaming on xbox?

Xbox does not utilize Bluetooth, so these by default will not work as a wireless headset with your Xbox. However, they can be wired to your controller using the headphone jack on the bottom side to allow use semi-wirelessly while playing. I am unsure however if the online chat function would work in addition to the game audio when going this route.

Why does JBL send the wrong charging cable with these headphones?

Don’t know you let me know why

How do I connect to my Macbook Pro?

Turn on the headphone 2) Press and hold the Power button for 7 seconds until the LED flashes blue and red alternately 3) Go to Bluetooth settings on your Macbook Pro 4 ) Select “JBL TUNE 500BT” and pair with your Macbook Pro 5 ) Select “JBL TUNE 500BT” in Bluetooth settings on your Macbook Pro 6 ) To switch device, pause music on one device and play on another device 7 ) If one device goes out of bluetooth range or powers off, you may need to manually reconnect the remaining device.

Do they have Bluetooth 5?

Yes they have Bluetooth

Is the charging port usb-c or micro usb?


Are they light enough for running?

Yes. Very light and comfortable. Suitable for walking/running.

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  1. Does this have wires for traveling in case you wanted to an area where there’s no Wi-Fi? I received this from Amazon .


  2. I tried to reset it but for some reason it doesn’t work. Is there another way to reset it? Because my headphone is glitching and I don’t know why.

    1. Hi Fatmata, I have the same problem, have you been able to solve it?
      Hola Fatmata, tengo el mismo problema, lo as podido solucionar?

    1. Yes, it is drawn in the instructions. I’m 56 years old and I figured it out the next day.
      Ano,je to v návodu nakreslené. Je mi už 56 let a přišla jsem na to druhý den.

    2. I also manually turn it off on paired device following me. Otherwise gwn click on the power button of your jbl tune500bt

      Ik heb hem ook volgende mij handmatig op gekoppeld apparaat uitzetten. Anders gwn op de uit-knop van uw jbl tune500bt klikken

    3. In reply to Lizzie Araujo Haller.
      Yes, if you press the button with the dot

      Ja wenn sie auf die Taste mit dem Punkt drücken

    1. The cable is widely available on ebay, it is a short
      cable with micro USB on one end, and normal USB on the other. Use your computer to charge from. Or, you could a wall transformer with micro USB output connector, supplying 5 VDC. The headphones contain the regulation which automatically cuts off when the battery is fully charged.

      1. Mine’s a short cable with a ” C type connector ” on one end, and the normal USB on the other. JBL Tune 500 BT.

  3. Hello.

    I bought this headset and configured it on my windows laptop.
    Microsoft Teams is my official communicator for chat and calls.
    When I try to use the headset along with microsoft teams , the call voice is very distorted , as in some alien is speaking.
    The voice is fine if I am connected to laptop and listening music on youtube.

    It also works fine when connected to mobile phone.
    The issue is particularly with Microsoft Teams on Windows 10. I also have Teams on my phone , there as well it works fine for Voice calls.

    1. hi i have the exact same problem. is there a solution? thanks antonio
      ciao io ho lo stesso identico problema. esiste la soluzione? grazie antonio

    2. I had this problem on 2 Lenovo computers – updating the bluetooth drivers helped. In addition, it is worth trying to reset the headphones (hold + and – for a few seconds when the headphones are turned on but not paired with anything), or re-pair the device – remove it from the list of paired devices in the control panel and then try to pair them again.
      Miałem ten problem na 2 komputerach marki Lenovo – zaktualizowanie sterownikow bluetooth pomoglo. Oprocz tego spróbować warto reset słuchawek (przytrzymaj + i – przez kilka sekund gdy sluchawki sa wlaczone ale nie sparowane z niczym), lub ponownie sparować urządzenie – usunąć z listy sparowanych urządzeń w panelu sterowania po czym ponownie spróbować je sparować.

  4. Don’t you know how to put these headphones into pairing mode?
    Czy nie wiesz jak włączyć te słuchawki w tryb parowania ?

  5. Thanks for the manual! Sometimes, I have to look at it to figure out what to do. I’m a bit forgetful at times. Well, there were some spelling mistakes, according to me.

  6. I would like a manual for the JBL live 500 BT-LE how to connect these headphones to the Ipad Air aa.
    Ik wil graag een handleiding g voor de JBL live 500 BT-LE hoe ik deze koptelefoon op de Ipad Air aa kan sluiten.

    1. Hey

      I want to connect the bt 500 to my BossLoopstation. But when I put the cable in the heatset it cuts out. What’s the problem here?

      Thanks for the comment.

      Best regards


      Ik wil de bt 500 koppelen aan mijn BossLoopstation. Maar wanneer ik de kabel in de heatset stop valt hij uit. Wat is hier het probleem?

      Alvast bedankt voor de reactie.


  7. What can I do when my headphones turn off after a few seconds of power on
    Que puedo hacer cuando mis auriculares se apagan luego de unos segundos de encendido

  8. what is the pairing pin in windows 10 ?? I am asking for your support
    jaki jest pin do parowania w windows 10 ?? bardzo proszę o wsparcie

  9. After a few hours of charging, the led continues to flash red, the headphones do not work and they are new, just purchased at Media Markt …

    Po kilku godzinach ładowania led dalej miga na czerwono, słuchawki nie działają a są nowe właśnie zakupione w Media Markt…

  10. I am not able to pair on two devices simultaneously, and worse I was able to do this until yesterday. What could have happened? I keep thinking that maybe it’s paired with some device that I’m not aware of. Would it be possible from the headset to unpair all devices that it may be connected to and then do the pairings again?

    Não estou conseguindo parear em dois dispositivos simultaneamente, e pior que estava conseguindo fazer isso até ontem. O que pode ter acontecido? Fico pensando que talvez esteja emparelhado com algum dispositivo que eu não estou ciente. Teria como a partir do fone tirar o emparelhamento de todos os dispositivos que ele pode estar conectado e daí eu fazer de novo os emparelhamentos?

  11. I have about 6 months with these headphones, I liked them a lot, but the right hearing aid no longer works.

    Yo tengo cerca de los 6 meses con estos audifonos, me gustaron mucho, pero ya no les funciona el audicular derecho.

  12. My hearing aids turn off after only a few seconds, I turn it on again and the problem continues, when I turn it on it connects with my cell phone, but after a few seconds it turns off, this always repeats

    Mis audífonos se apagan después de solo algunos segundos, lo enciendo de nuevo y sigue el problema, cuando lo prendo se conecta con mi celular, pero luego de algunos segundos se apaga, esto repite siempre

  13. same problem of metallic audio with use of video call programs.
    on youtube or to listen to audio and video on pc everything is ok.
    connected to other devices works fine.
    It is incredible that in 2021 there are still these problems on devices that could also use children.
    I am sorry but I am forced to advise against the purchase of the product to others for the problems described above.

    stesso problema dell’audio metallico con utilizzo di programmi per video chiamata.
    su youtube o per ascoltare audio e video su pc tutto ok.
    connesso a altri dispositivi funziona bene.
    è incredibile che nel 2021 ci siano ancora questi problemi su dispositivi che potrebbero usare anche bambini.
    mi dispiace ma sono costretto a sconsigliare acquisto del prodotto ad altri per i problemi sopra descritti.

  14. Hello,
    Are the ear cushions replaceable? And if yes, how ?
    Thank you

    Les coussinets des écouteurs sont ils remplaçables ? Et si oui comment ?

  15. I can’t figure out how to reset.
    It happens more than a few times that I do not pair the headphones on the phone, or it does not find the connection or when I press on the JBL 500bt it fails to pair.
    What should I do?

    Non riesco a capire come fare il reset.
    Mi capita più di qualche volta che non accoppi le cuffie sul telefono, o non trova la connessione oppure quando premo su JBL 500bt non lo riesce ad associare.
    Cosa devo fare?

  16. It will be simple, but I am unable to connect the headphones to my smartphone. Bvd.

    Het zal wel simpel zijn, maar het lukt mij niet om de hoofdtelefoon te koppelen aan mijn smartphone. Bvd.

  17. I don’t understand why the sound can only be heard from a headset.

    Non capisco perché il sonoro si sente solo da una cuffia.

    1. Computer sound settings. If you go into the advanced settings you should be able to select mutliple outputs, depending on your computer sound card configuration.
      Monitoring, entertainment, and PA systems have sound cards designed for multiple outputs, but most computers or devices use a single output source because most users don’t use headphones that way.

  18. Red light goes out while charging and headphones cannot be charged. Why is it?

    Rote Leuchte geht während des Ladevorgangs aus und Kopfhörer kann nicht geladen werden. Woran liegt es?

  19. I was wondering if it is possible to pair 2 Tune 500bt together, like u can with Flip 3, 4, 5 so 2 people can listen to the same music at the same time. If not is it possible to compliment it via a software update?

  20. I still haven’t figured out jiw to switch between two devices. How do I do this?
    I know a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, but detail is easier to convey in written form that users can understand. They went through the trouble of printing on all the legal stuff in 15 languages, they could have done the same for operating instructions.

  21. Few weeks back I bought this Headphone mainly to work with my Dell laptop for MS Teams communication. For the very first time it got connected to both devices (1st – Laptop, 2nd – Mobile). Then few days later when I tried to connect with my mobile, the headset never got discovered in the mobile device. And today when I reset the headphone, my mobile able to discover this and able to connect.
    Now the problem is, this headset is not discovered by the laptop ( 🙁 )… Strange.
    Why is it so ? How to resolve this ? Please help.

    1. I have almost the same problem. The difference is that it is not discoverable by my dell laptop while it was connected to it before and I was using it for one week.

  22. how do i update my jbl tune 500bt, bluetouth no longer works for tv.

    hvordan opdaterer jeg mine jbl tune 500bt, bluetouth virker ikke længere til tv.

    1. The left side no longer works for me, is there a solution to this problem, or is the left side battery dead? I need help!
      انا لم يعد الجانب الايسر يعمل لدي هل يوجد حل لهذه المشكلة ام هل بطارية الجانب الايسر نفذت احتاج للمساعدة !

  23. I tried to pair my Tune500BT wireless headphones to my laptop to attend meetings on google meet and Skype and found that the sound was garbled. how to fix it?

  24. Hi, someone will tell me what to do when holding down the scroll button does not scroll and it gets a JBL slut (here here) from buying the product is like this and I can not scroll songs which irritate me a lot, please help

    Cześć powie mi ktoś co zrobić jak przy przytrzymaniu przycisku przewijania nie przewija i robi się dziwięk JBL(tu tu tut) od kupieni produktu jest tak i nie mogę przewijać piosenek co bardzo mnie irytuję proszę o pomoc

  25. Hi, I have a problem with scrolling songs (both ways), after holding down the volume button, the JBL sound appears (here) and after holding the volume down button nothing happens, please help

    Cześć mam problem z przewijaniem piosenek (w obie strony) po przytrzymniu przycisku podgłośnienia wydaje się dźwięk JBL( tu tut) a po przytrzymaniu przycisku ściszenia nic się nie dzieje proszę po pomoc

  26. Hello, I recently acquired a Pro-ject T1 BT turntable. So Bluetooth. How can I connect my JBL 500BT to this turntable. I couldn’t find any app for either.
    Thx in advance.

    Hallo, ik ben sinds kort in het bezit van een platenspeler Pro-ject T1 BT. Bluetooth dus. Hoe kan ik mijn JBL 500BT koppelen aan deze platenspeler. Ik heb van beide geen app kunnen vinden.
    Thx in advance.

  27. Good day
    the right earbud does not work, what should I do?

    Buen dia
    el auricular derecho no funciona, que debo hacer ?

  28. Hey. Does this dependant on Internet browsers? For example when I watch Youtube videos on Chrome everything is fine, but if I want to do it in Firefox no sound is playing. Why is that?

  29. I bought the JBL Tune500bt in April 2020, used it little and now it loads but doesn’t care for anything! I’ve already tested all reset possibilities, this product is rubbish!
    Comprei o JBL Tune500bt em Abril de 2020, usei pouco e agora ele carrega mas não liga por nada! Já testei todas as possibilidades de reset, esse produto é um lixo!

  30. Hi,
    I am trying to connect my JBL 500 BT to my MacBook. It gets paired and the output is working well (meaning I can hear using the speakers). However, the input sound is not working. When I talk using JBL, no one can hear it. from Mac’s System Preference > Sound, the input device selected is JBL 500 bt. However, when I test the input sound level, nothing happens. Only initially, when the connection is made, then once the soundbars flicker, but not anymore. I tried factory resetting the headphones and pair again, but with no result. The headphone charge is around 55% and the OS is macOS Big Sur. Please help. Thanks.

  31. I have problem searching JBL Tun 500BT on Window 10 latest. Had Microsoft Tech Team looked into it. He said that this is JBL problem.

  32. Can one reset his jbl tune 500 bt make phones there is something wrong with them
    Kan man nulstille sine jbl tune 500 bt gøretelefoner der er noget galt med dem

  33. How can I reset the headphones? I can’t find them on bluetooth
    Come si può fare il reset delle cuffie? Non riesco a trovarle sul bluetooth

  34. Hi, I don’t know if you guys help with problems, but my jbl tune 500bts fell on the floor once and doesn’t care anymore, do I have to take it to a concert or to solve it at home?
    Olá,eu não sei se vocês ajudam com problemas,mas,meu jbl tune 500bts,caiu no chão uma vez e não liga mais,tenho que levar em um concerto ou da para resolver em casa?

  35. Why does the red light of the recharge go out when I charge it ?????
    Xchè la luce rossa della ricarica si spegne quando lo carico?????

  36. Why does the red light of the recharge go out as soon as I charge it ????? Does not work?????
    Xchè la luce rossa della ricarica si spegne appena lo carico????? Non funziona?????

  37. I have problem with JBL 500BT
    It’s pairing and unpairing automatically every 5 min.while playing time it is fully changed. It is one year old it’s any battery issue?please help me

  38. I purchased a set of JBL TUNE500BT headphones recently and have had good use up until a week or so ago, when the left hand ear phone faded out to nothing over the course of a few hours. There does not appear to be any troubleshooting information in the manual to give a clue as to what might have happened. Unfortunately, because I am currently overseas for several months, I don’t have access to the supplier in Australia to assess the condition and/or replace the unit under warranty.

  39. Hi. Everytime I’m running or skipping the headphones keep on cutting out ,why does that happen? is there a way for it to stop?.

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