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You have just purchased ARENA 26Be 75 years in the making! “You only live once!” Live it with Great JBL Sound.

Thank you for choosing a JBL Arena 26Be component system. To get the best performance from your new speakers, it is strongly recommended that you have a qualified professional install them. Although this manual provides general instructions about installing the speakers, it does not include exact installation methods for any particular vehicle. If you do not feel that you have the necessary experience, do not attempt the installation yourself, but instead ask your authorized JBL dealer about professional installation options. Remember to keep your sales receipt in a safe place, along with this manual, so that both are available for future reference.


The Arena 26Be is derived from the Flagship Arena X speaker. The trickle-down technology is prevalent throughout the product. It is a 2-way system with an elegant, custom-tuned passive crossover network, which supports the 25mm Beryllium dome tweeter for unparalleled clarity. The crossover features a three-way attenuation switch to more seamlessly blend the tweeters’ response into your unique mobile environment. The woofer is designed for the ultimate in low distortion, and superior bass response. The attractive magnetic grilles and innovative mounting rings allow for seamless, elegant installation with no visible fasteners. Overall this system will provide a beautiful aesthetic to match the amazing soundstage and image of the music. Beryllium – Element 4 on the Periodic Table – is a rare earth metal that is renowned for the remarkable physical properties that make it the ideal material for a high-frequency transducer. Compared to aluminum and titanium tweeter diaphragms, Beryllium offers 4.5 times the stiffness and three times more damping, at only half of the weight. Beryllium tweeters are the centerpiece of the ARENA automotive loudspeaker series. This product has been given the Hi-Resolution certification on high-frequency bands, the capability of reproducing 40 kHz or above. This is driven by the 25mm (1-inch) beryllium dome, and a powerful neodymium motor for the ultimate in lightweight performance. The powerful all-new tweeter and 6th-generation ceramic-coated, cast-aluminum acoustic lens waveguide seamlessly integrates with the directivity of the companion midrange drivers resulting in unparalleled efficiency, improved dynamic range, reduced distortion, and increased power handling.


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Installing the Beryllium dome tweeters

It is important to choose a mounting location and tweeter orientation high on the door panel or A-pillar that provides optimum disbursement of the high frequencies for excellent stereo imaging and sound staging. Recommendations include:

  • Use your vehicle’s factory tweeter locations, if it has them, and the tweeters will fit in those locations.
  • Mounting the tweeters at the top of the door panels or A-pillars.

The system includes three options for installing the tweeters:

  • Flush-mount cups
  • Surface-mount cups
  • Stealth-mount brackets

Flush-mounting the tweeters

  • Flush-mounting is ideal for installing the tweeters in an A-pillar, dash corner, or door panel.
  • Cut a hole 1.9 inches in diameter in the mounting surface.
  • Push the flush mount into the hole as far as it will go so that the rim is flush with the mounting surface.JBL Arena-26Be-Component-System-FIG-2
  • Thread the tweeter wire through the center of the mounting cup.
  • Insert the tweeter into the cup, then twist clockwise to lock it in place.
  • Thread the pressure-fit nut onto the back of the flush-mount cup. Twist clockwise to hand-tighten.

Surface-mounting the tweeters
Surface-mounting is ideal for installing the tweeters on a sail panel, dash corner, or door panel.

  • Place the surface-mount cup against the mounting location to mark the screw holes and hole to thread the tweeter wire through.
  • Drill pilot holes for the screws and larger hole for the wire.
  • Place the surface-mounting cup against the mounting location again and secure in place with the included screws. Thread the wire through the bottom of the mounting cup and through the larger drilled hole.
  • Push the tweeter into the mounting cup and twist clockwise to lock in place.JBL Arena-26Be-Component-System-FIG-3

Stealth-mounting the tweeters

The stealth-mount bracket can be used to install the tweeters in a variety of locations, including factory tweeter locations and customer mounts that you fabricate.

  • The stealth mount can be flush-mounted, recess-mounted, or mounted to the back of a mounting surface with the included screws.
  • Once you have determined the mounting location and method, remove tabs from the bracket that you will not use to secureit in place.
  • Once the mount is in place and secured with screws or adhesive, thread the tweeter wires through the bottom of the mount.
  • Push the tweeter into the cup and twist it clockwise to lock it in place.

NOTE: if attaching to the back of a mounting surface, place the tweeter in the mount and lock in place before securing the bracket to the surface.JBL Arena-26Be-Component-System-FIG-4

Installing the 6.5″ woofers

The woofers are usually mounted in your vehicle’s factory woofer locations, which are typically in the doors (front) or side panels (rear). If you choose to mount them 1n a custom location, mounting them higher will raise the soundstage, while mounting them lower ,n the doors will provide an excellent bass response. To mount the woofer to the mounting location, place the driver against the mounting surface and use the supplied screws to secure it.JBL Arena-26Be-Component-System-FIG-5


  • It is recommended to use the included insulating material between the mounting surface and the mounting ring of the woofer to absorb vibrations and help produce the cleanest sound possible.
  • Use the included speed clips behind the mounting surface to provide a way to secure the screws, if necessary.
  • Take care not to overtighten the screws, to prevent damage.
  • If mounting in the door panel, make sure the magnet protrusion does not interfere with the window or door latch operation.
  • In a custom location, if the woofer is visible, use the included decoration ring and grille to cover the screws and protect the speaker cone.
  • If mounting in a custom enclosure that you manufacture, recommend that the sealed volume of the enclosure is more than 0. 7 cubic feet (>20L).


  • All connections from the amplifier and to the speakers are made through the included crossovers.

Accessing the terminals in the crossovers

  • Slide the Allen wrench into the hole in the front panel of the crossover, then gently to pry up the cover of the crossover. Remove cover.JBL Arena-26Be-Component-System-FIG-6

Connecting the speakers to the crossover

  • Use the Allen wrench to open the terminals by turning the setscrews counterclockwise.
  • Insert the tweeter wires into the “OUT” terminals marked “lWEETER”, and the woofer wires into the terminals marked “WOOFER”.JBL Arena-26Be-Component-System-FIG-7
  • Secure the connections by using the Allen wrench to tighten the setscrews by turning them clockwise.

Connecting the amplifier to the crossover: bi-amping

The JBL Arena 26Be crossover lets you bi-amp the system (powering the tweeters independently of the woofers}. To bi-amp:

  • Slide the “Bl-AMP” switch to “on”.JBL Arena-26Be-Component-System-FIG-8
  • Connect a single amplifier output channel with speaker wire to each crossover “IN” terminal (use the terminals marked “WOOFER/2-WAY” for the woofers, and “sweeter” for the tweeters).JBL Arena-26Be-Component-System-FIG-9
  • Use the included Allen wrench to tighten and secure.


  • Use appropriately sized speaker wire; 14- or 16-gauge is recommended.
  • Make sure your amplifier’s RMS power rating is suitable for the tweeters and woofers (see specifications).
  • You will need to use a total of four channels of amplification from two 2-channel amplifiers or one 4-channel amplifier.

IMPORTANT: Because of the lower impedance of the drivers, do not wire In parallel or bridge amplifier channels to prevent overheating the amplifier.

Connecting the amplifier to the crossover: non-bi-amping

  • Slide “Bl-AMP” switch to “off”.JBL Arena-26Be-Component-System-FIG-10
  • Connect a single amplifier output channel with speaker wire to the crossover “IN” terminal marked WOOFER/2-WAY on each of the crossovers.


  • Use appropriately sized speaker wire; 14- or 16-gauge is recommended.
  • Make sure your amplifier’s RMS power rating is suitable for the woofers (see specifications).
  • You will only need to use two channels of amplification.

IMPORTANT: Because of the lower impedance of the drivers, do not wire in parallel or bridge amplifier channels to prevent overheating of the amplifier.

Recommended wiring diagrams



JBL Arena-26Be-Component-System-FIG-12


JBL Arena-26Be-Component-System-FIG-13

Crossover sound settings

  • You can set the crossovers according to your sound preferences.
  • You can raise or lower the woofer output by sliding the “TWEETER DB LVL’ switch to -1.5dB, OdB, or+ 1.5dB.JBL Arena-26Be-Component-System-FIG-15
  • • You can use the “TWEETER HZ CUTT OFF’ switch to choose to have the tweeter play frequencies from either 2.5kHz and above or 3.5kHz and above.

Mounting the crossovers

  • Find a location in your vehicle to secure the crossovers that will not interfere with vehicle operation. If mounting in a door panel, it
  • Is recommended that you use self-adhesive strips of hook-and-loop fasteners.JBL Arena-26Be-Component-System-FIG-14


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JBL Arena-26Be-Component-System-FIG-23

JBL Arena-26Be-Component-System-FIG-24

JBL Arena-26Be-Component-System-FIG-25


JBL Arena-26Be-Component-System-FIG-26


  • Because of the nature of Beryllium, do not touch the tweeter domes with your finger or any other body part.
  • Do not expose the Beryllium tweeters to open flame, to avoid the possibility of poisoning by inhalation.
  • We have meticulously chosen certain glues for their adhesive and more importantly their acoustic properties.
  • Over time some reddening can occur to the glue edge at the dust cap, depending on your environment.

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