JADEMAR JSLCT-SOL Series Off-Grid Solar Sign Light





WARNING: Risk of electric shock and serious injury. SHUT OFF BREAKER AT PANEL BEFORE INSTALLING. Please read these instructions before installaon to ensure optimum results and longevity of your lights. The solar panel should be charged in full sunlight for 6 to 8 hours before first use to obtain optimum results.


  1. Solar Panel and Battery box with LED array (1 pcs)
  2. Wall brackets (2 pcs)
  3. Instruction sheet (1 pcs)


  • Sculpture/Memorial
  • Billboard/sign
  • Pathway
  • Sign boards
  • Wall washer
  • Garden feature
  • Commercial product


  • Easy installation- no electrical wiring required with integrated design.
  • Turns on automatically at night and off during the day.
  • The lights include an On/Off switch and built-in battery.
  • The bakery can support 2-3 nights with cloudy days.
  • When the battery is fully charged in sunlight, the lights will operate up to 3 nights.
  • Intelligent power saving mode increases lighting x 1.5 mes.
  • IP65 water and dust resistance.


During the day, the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity to charge the battery. At night, the lights turn ON automatically using the electricity stored in the battery. The performance of the solar lights is dependent on the location of the solar panel and/ or weather conditions. Install the solar panel in a sunny position ensuring it receives 6-8 hours of sunlight each day. Reduced sunlight will reduce continuous working hours at night.

Please note: during continuous wet & overcast days, lighting me may be reduced as the battery will not be fully charged. The lights may stop working during longer rainy periods of more than 5 days & will return to normal function when the sun returns. Aer an extended period of poor weather restore the battery power by turning the unit off and, fully charging the battery for 8 hours in full sunlight.




  1.  Using the brackets as a template, mark out and drill the mounting holes for the bracket. Insert the wall anchors provided.
  2. Fix the two brackets onto the sides of the light. Use the existing screws in the bracket fixing location by removing the screws and reinstating them with the brackets in place.
  3. Install the brackets into the pre-drilled wall holes making sure to use the washers. Tighten the screws and check the unit is square and straight.
  4. Turn on the main power button to activate the LED display under the solar panel.


(Model-31 and Model-60 only) 


  1.  Mark out and drill the mounting holes to correspond with the mounting locations on the light. Insert the wall anchors provided.
  2. Insert the screws into the wall anchors and ghten.
  3. Directly hang the unit onto the screws, ensuring the unit is square and straight.
  4. Turn on the main power button to activate the LED display under the solar panel.


  1. The solar light will automatically turn off when it detects low voltage from the battery. This may happen aer 3-4 cloudy days. For best charging performance, please place light in direct sunlight.
  2. To test the light during daylight hours, fully cover the solar panel and press the main power button.

Note: This product uses a series of 3.7V, 2200mAh rechargeable lithium battery.

BATTERY WARNINGS – Do not dispose of batteries in regular household waste. Do not get the batteries wet, hot or in contact with flames. Dispose of batteries at your local battery recycle center. Do not expose to flames or other corrosive material. Follow aviation safety guidelines were applicable.


  • Step1: Loosen rear facing screws on main frame, ensure the battery box is loose (free) to move.
  • Step 2: This step is very important, be sure to disassemble (unscrew) the mounting bracket and end cap on the button side of the light fitting.JADEMAR-JSLCT-SOL-Series-Off-Grid-Solar-Sign-Light-fig-3
  • Step 3: After open the end cap at the button side, remove the quick connect cable clamps smoothly to avoid damaging the wire. Disconnect the wires marked (Solar/switch/LED/display) and gently slide out the battery pack.JADEMAR-JSLCT-SOL-Series-Off-Grid-Solar-Sign-Light-fig-4JADEMAR-JSLCT-SOL-Series-Off-Grid-Solar-Sign-Light-fig-5
  • Step 4: a.Ensure the replacement battery compartment is inserted in the correct direction:
    1. Cables marked (display/LED) insert towards the LED display
    2. Cables marked with (solar/switch) extend towards ON/OFF button side.
  • Reconnect the cables marked(display/LED/Solar/Switch) respectively, then slide over connector isolation covers (clear silicon covers). Slide the battery back into the SSL fixture.
  • Step 5: a. Replace button end cap to light fitting then tighten screws firmly. Note: Do not over-tighten as aluminum threads will strip.JADEMAR-JSLCT-SOL-Series-Off-Grid-Solar-Sign-Light-fig-6
    b. To reset and test push in the ON/OFFbutton and ensure all the solar panel is covered to prevent UV light from reaching the surface. The light will turn ON automatically.
  • Note: Leaving the ON/OFF button engaged and covering the solar panel will cause the SSL fixture to turn ON automatically. Whenthe solar panel is uncovered and expose it to light the LEDs will immediately turn OFF and the battery will begin to charge. Performing this test will determine if the battery replacement was successful. If the above does not occur then installation steps must be repeated, double checking connectors are in the correct order.
  • Step 6: Line up all screws on the back of the light fitting, then tighten. This is best done before re-fitting the end cap, as the battery compartment can be maneuvered to help line up back screws.JADEMAR-JSLCT-SOL-Series-Off-Grid-Solar-Sign-Light-fig-7
  • Step 7: Check all seals and fitting are in place, then re-install button end cap and mounting brackets, tighten screws firmly. (do not cross thread screws. All screws should be done up by fingers before using a screwdriver to finish.JADEMAR-JSLCT-SOL-Series-Off-Grid-Solar-Sign-Light-fig-8

Documents / Resources

JADEMAR JSLCT-SOL Series Off-Grid Solar Sign Light [pdf] Instruction Manual
JSLCT-SOL Series, Off-Grid Solar Sign Light, JSLCT-SOL Series Off-Grid Solar Sign Light


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