HUNTER 19438 Klein 1 Light Glass Pendant

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  • To avoid possible electrical shock, before installing your light fixture, disconnect the power by turning off the circuit breakers to the outlet box associated with the wall switch location
  • 照明器具は接地する必要があります。 設置場所のアース線がない場合は、すぐに設置を中止し、資格のある電気技師に相談してください。
  • すべての配線は、国および地域の電気規則ANSI / NFPA 70に準拠している必要があります。配線に慣れていない場合、または疑問がある場合は、資格のある電気技師に相談してください。

これらの手順は、安全のために提供されています。 照明器具の設置を開始する前に、それらを注意深く完全に読むことが非常に重要です。


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Treat the fixture gently! Regular cleaning will reduce the need for deep cleaning. For regular cleaning, turn off the light and wipe down the fixture with a clean lint-free cotton or microfiber cloth. Never spray cleaner directly onto the fixture. Carefully remove all contents from the carton. Shut off the power at the circuit breaker and completely remove the old fixture from the ceiling, including the old mounting bracket. Remove the new mounting bracket assembly from the bag. One end of the threaded post (H) should be attached to the mounting bracket (A) with a hex nut (G) in place. The other end should be connected to the canopy loop (E). Unscrew the canopy loop ring (F) from the canopy loop (E). Depending on the placement of your junction box the position of the threaded post (H) may need to be adjusted to allow the canopy to be flush with the ceiling. Determine this by lifting mounting bracket (A) up to the junction box and placing canopy (D) over the canopy loop (E), so that it is flush with the ceiling. Adjust the position of the threaded post (H) on the mounting bracket (A) so that the canopy (D) covers at least half of the exterior threads on the canopy loop  (E) while it is securely connected to the threaded post (H). The threaded post (H) can be adjusted by loosening the hex nut (G) to allow movement of the threaded post (H) on the mounting bracket (A). Once the ideal position of the threaded post (H) is determined, tighten up the hex nut (G) onto the threaded post (H) just beneath the mounting bracket (A) to secure the threaded post in place..


There are 4 12-inch rods (I), and 1 6-inch rod (J) included for each fixture. Determine the correct number of rods needed for proper hanging height. To lengthen the fixture, add additional rods. To shorten the fixture, trim the wires to the desired length. Leave at least 8 to 10 inches of wire in addition to the desired length and slide any excess rods off the fixture’s wiring to discard. Keep in mind that you must use at least one rod to hang the fixture. Thread the wires through the rods and pull the wires until taut before connecting the rods together. Screw rod onto threaded post (K) on the fixture. Pull the fixture wires through the canopy loop ring (F), top of the canopy (D), and canopy loop (E). Screw the top rod to the canopy loop (E). Have a helper support the fixture’s weight and attach the mounting bracket (A) to the junction box by securely tightening the mounting screws (B).

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Attach the fixture’s wires to the power supply wires from the junction box. Connect black to black (Live); white to white (grounded); grounding to grounding (green or copper). Twist the ends of the wire pairs together. Then, twist on a wire connector. Make sure all twists are in the same direction. Loop fixture’s ground wire around grounding screw (C) and tighten. If there is no ground wire (green or copper) from the junction box, contact a qualified electrician


Place the canopy (D) flush to the ceiling and slide the canopy loop ring (F) up beneath the canopy. Tightly screw canopy loop ring (F) onto the canopy loop (E) to properly secure the canopy (D) in place. Carefully install glass shade (M) over a socket (L), then install socket cover (N) and tighten up the glass shade with socket ring (O). Install light bulb (not included) in accordance with the fixture’s specifications. Do not exceed the recommended wattage。 これでインストールは完了です。 電源を入れてフィクスチャをテストします。


フィクスチャを優しく扱います! 定期的な清掃により、徹底的な清掃の必要性が減ります。 定期的に掃除する場合は、照明を消し、糸くずの出ない清潔な綿またはマイクロファイバーの布で器具を拭きます。 クリーナーをフィクスチャーに直接スプレーしないでください。

In order to use a 12-in rod by itself, you must first remove the post from the 6-in rod and install it on one of the ends of the 12-in rod

Twist or tape wire ends together to make it easier to pass them through the down rods. Threaded posts may also be removed for easier wire access


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