Iso Tunes-IT-21 ISOtunes PRO 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth



  • TALK TIME: Up to 16+ hours·
  • STAND-BY TIME: 270 hours
  • MUSIC PLAYTIME: Up to 16+ hours•
  • WIRELESS RANGE: Up to 30 feet
  • WEIGHT:5 g
  • DIMENSION:9x14x22.6mm earbud size, 680 mm cord length
  • CHARGING TIME: 2-3 hours


These earbuds have been specifically designed for use in the loudest environments -allowing you to block out much of the surrounding noise so that you can listen to your music or talk on the phone with less interruption. This product has been tested and meets the ANSI & NIOSH standards for a hearing protector, with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRA) of 27 dB, and is designed such that you cannot damage your hearing, at any sound level. Full testing details are available in the Noise Attenuation section of this booklet.

What’s in the Box


  1. TRILOGY'” Memory Foam Ear Tips
  2. Comfort-Fit Ear hook
  3. Volume Up Button (+)
  4. Multifunction Button (MFB)
  5. Volume Down Button (-)
  6. Indicator Light
  7. Micro USB Charging Port
  8. Microphone

Ear tips

4 Pairs of ISOtunes TRILOGY”‘ Memory Foam Ear tips (XS,S, M,L)



Choose the size that fits most snugly in your ear canal. Remember, the snugger the fit, the better the noise blocking.

Please note
 ISOtunes• TRILOGY”‘ foam ear tips have a threaded core and the sound port on the earbud is also threaded. To remove the foam ear tip twist counterclockwise. To place on a new foam ear tip twist clockwise.

The silicone ear tips have NOT been tested for noise reduction. They are included for use when hearing protection is NOT required.



Place the wire around the back of your neck in preparation for inserting the ear tips. Grasp the right earbud wh your right hand. With your left hand, compress the foam for easier insertion. Once the foam is sufficiently compressed, release the foam and use your left hand to pull your right ear back and away from your head to open your ear canal, as shown in the illustration. With your right hand, insert the earbud into your ear canal, working it is as deep as you are comfortable wh for maximum noise attenuation. Repeat for the opposite side. Once the earbuds have been placed, the foam tips will expand to fill your ear canal, providing you wh superior noise isolation and the best possible listening experience.

Itunes PRO 2.0 has built-in comfort-fit ear hooks. These wires gently wrap around the top and back of your ears for maximum comfort and secureness.

Operating ISOtunes® PRO 2.0


Bluetooth Pairing

(Auto pairing) Pairing mode is automatically entered if ISOtunes• PRO 2.0 has yet to be paired to a device or if all previously connected devices are out of range.

Press and hold the MFB for 5 seconds to enter into pairing mode (Note: make sure you hold the MFB down for 5 seconds – you may hear “Power On” or “Power Off” during this time, but please continue holding for full 5 seconds). Activate your device’s Bluetooth• function, search for ISOtunes• PRO 2.0 and select. If a PIN is required, enter “0000” to connect. After powering off and powering back on again, ISOtunes• PRO 2.0 will automatically reconnect with its paired device, if in range.

Button Functions



Noise Cancelling Microphone
ISOtunes• PRO 2.0 features Noise Rejection Technology on the phone call microphone. This technology will reject background steady-state noise such as a mower, drill, vacuum, and similar state noise products.

Battery Capacity Status
ISOtunes• PRO 2.0 supports Bluetooth• and battery level indicators. This means that when connected to iOS devices, the battery power status can be seen in the upper right comer of the screen. Please use this as a guideline – there are many factors to battery level accuracy that influence this measurement.


In order to ensure proper earbud performance, ONLY charge your ISOtunes• PRO earbud with a MAXIMUM 5 Volt charger. Using a charger higher than 5 Volts could be dangerous and may damage your ISOtunes• PRO 2.0 product. Be especially careful with “quick charge” or “turbocharge” chargers, which often supply 9, 12, or 15 Volts. Your ISOtunes• PRO 2.0 cannot be charged at voltage levels above 5 Volts.

Dual Connect Function

ISOtunes• PRO 2.0 is capable of connecting with two Bluetooth•-enabled devices at the same time.

To pair with two devices simultaneously:

  1. Pair with Device A
  2. Press and hold the MFB for 5 seconds to enter pairing mode for device B, this will disconnect from device A (Note: make sure you hold the MFB down for 5 seconds -you may hear “Power On” or “Power Off” during this time, but please continue holding for full 5 seconds).
  3. Pair with device B.
  4. Within 1 minute of pairing to device B, reconnect device A to ISOtunes PRO 2.0 via device A’s Bluetooth menu.

SafeMax™ Technology
ISOtunes• PRO 2.0 incorporates SafeMax• Technology, therefore its volume output has been limited to 85 decibels because this is the maximum volume limit allowed by OSHA in the workplace over an 8 hour period. ISOtunes• devices with SafeMax· Technology are OSHA, NIOSH, and ANSI compliant.

Noise Attenuation

APPROVAL: ISOtunes• PRO 2.0 is tested and approved in accordance with ANSI S3.19-197 4 Specifications.


The level of noise entering a person’s ear, when ISOtunes• PRO 2.0 headphones are worn as directed, is closely approximated by the difference between the A-weighted environmental noise level and the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). Improper fit of this device will reduce its effectiveness in attenuating noise. Consult the enclosed instructions for proper fitting.


  1. The surrounding noise level measured at the ear is 97 dB.
  2. The NRR of ISOtunese PRO 2.0 is 27 dB.
  3. The noise level entering the ear is approximately equal to 70 dB.

Please note that the NRA is based on the attenuation of continuous noise and may not be an accurate indicator of the protection attainable against impulsive noise, such as gunfire.

There is a one-year guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. The guarantee does not cover damage by misuse, abuse or unauthorized modifications.


  • Clean your TRILOGY”” Foam Tips by gently wiping them with a clean, damp cloth.
  • Use water only. Do not clean tips with alcohol-based cleaning solutions. Let tips dry completely before next use. To ensure peak performance, we recommend replacing TRILOGY”” Foam Tips every three months or when they become soiled.
  • Replacement ear tips can be purchased directly from /
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning solvents to clean the headset.
  • Avoid scratching the headset with sharp objects, as this may cause damage.
  • Keep the headset away from high-temperature areas, humidity, and dust.


ISOtunes• PRO 2.0 does an excellent job of blocking outside noise. As such, ISOtunes• PRO 2.0 should NOT be used in environments where users need to be fully aware of their surroundings for personal safety reasons. For example, do NOT use them while driving a car or riding a motorcycle. Similarly, do NOT use them when riding a bicycle outside. The user is solely responsible for ensuring that ISOtunes• PRO 2.0 is used ONLY in safe environments.

Additional Notes

  •  ISOtunes• PRO 2.0 is compliant with Bluetooth• V5.0. We do not guarantee the compatibility of all functions on every Bluetooth®-enabled device. Please check your device’s user manual for compatibility and functionality.
  • For questions about ISOtunes• products, please contact our support team.


  • Is this USB-C for charging?
    It uses micro-USB for charging.
  • Will this cord also hang freely in front? How long the cord is from earbud to earbud?
    The headphones may be worn with the wire in front or behind your head. The headphones come with clips that may be used to reduce the length of the headphones. The distance between the earbuds is 22 inches.
  • Is the Pro 2.0 compatible with the iPhone voice assistant?
    Yes, they are.
  • Are these waterproofs enough for swimming laps?
    It is not recommended to use them while swimming.
  • Can I skip songs on the volume switch?
    Yes, by pressing the multifunction button twice.
  • Can you wash the foam earbuds and use them again?
    Yes, the ear tips are washable.
  • How long does it take to charge?
    It takes 4 hours to charge completely.
  • Do these come precharged?
    They come with a 50% charge.
  • How often should the earbuds be replaced?
    It is recommended the ear tips every 2 to 3 months.
  • Does the pro 2.0 have enough volume to hear clearly while operating a commercial zero turn mower or something similar?
    Yes, the volume is loud enough.

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