IP44 DE Outside Lighting Pad Adjustable Head Instructions
IP44 DE Outside Lighting Pad Adjustable Head

Instructions for use

For unpaved beds and greens 

  1. Stick ground spike in the ground.
  2. Provide the electrical connection between connect plug and connect socket aboveground.
  3. The TWISTLOCK technology components snap together noticeably and audibly when connected with firm pressure (symbol ›arrow‹ on ›close lock‹) – see figure.
  4. Simply turn to release the TWISTLOCK technology components again (symbol ›arrow‹ on ›open lock‹) – see figure.
  5. Optionally fix mains cable in the ground spike.
  6. The connect socket signals the movability of the luminaire. Please note, that a fixed installation and/or a connection with an earth-joint is only permitted in combination with the underground connection kit.
  7. For further installation, please consider the instruction or use for connect.

Pad connect

Light technology

230V Power LED / 2700K + 3000K
system performance:
2700K: 8 W/553 lm
3000K: 8 W/615 lm
Icon  EEC

Technical information

Operating voltage 230V / 50Hz supply cable H05RN–F 3G0,75

  • Icon protection class
  • Icon safety class 1
  • Icon Luminaire is suitable for mounting on normal inflammable fixing surfaces.
  • Icon conformity mark


Disconnect the electrical installation.

This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps. The LED lamps can be replaced by in case of a failure of the LED. In this case, please get in touch with your retailer.


The luminaire can be dimmed with an approved leading- or trailing edge dimmer. Please contact service center for a list of approved dimmers.


Regularly clean luminaire from dirt and deposits. Do not use a high pressure cleaner for cleaning. Please note care instructions at


We point out that the electric connection of light fixtures has to be done by a certified installer. We assume no accountability for damages which are a result of non-appropriate mounting or application of the luminaire. Modifications on the luminaire will result in loss of warranty.

Assembly instruction

The luminaire may not come into contact with highly acidic or alkaline soils, or with other aggressive substances, chemicals or fertilizers.

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IP44 DE Outside Lighting Pad Adjustable Head [pdf] Instructions
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