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User Manual

insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill


  • Read the manual carefully and keep it for future reference.
  • Always clip the safety key to your clothes or belt before starting exercising.
  • Move naturally, forward. Do not look on your feet. Only one person can use the product at the same time.
  • Speed increases gradually, not instantly.
  • In case of danger, press the stop button or pull out the safety key.
  • Leave the device after it stops moving.
  • Follow the assembly instructions. Assembly can be done by an adult person.
  • Keep away from kids and pets. Do not leave kids and pets unattended near the treadmill.
    The treadmill is for adults only.
  •  Before starting any exercise, the program ask your physician. It is important if you have heath issues or ongoing treatment or have high blood pressure.
  • Regularly check all bolts and nuts. They must be tightened properly. Regularly check the treadmill for damage or signs of wear. Do not use damaged or wear treadmill.
  • Regularly check the treadmill for signs of wear or damage. If any sharp edge appears stop using the treadmill.
  • Please the treadmill on flat, dry, and cleat surface. Keep safety distance of at least 0.6 m around the treadmill. Do not use in humid areas. Do not place the treadmill on thick carpet.
  • If the power cable is damaged do not use the device. Buy new one in the authorized shop.
  • Protect the treadmill from humidity and water.
  • Place the treadmill not to cover the socket.
  • Do not use aerosol sprays in the area around the treadmill.
  • If the treadmill is running, do not remove the protective cover. If you need to remove the protective cover during maintenance, unplug the treadmill from a socket.
  • Always wear sports clothes. Do not wear loose clothes that can get stuck. Always wear sports boots.
  • Do not turn on the treadmill if you are standing on it. There is a delay when you turn on the treadmill. Before starting the treadmill stand on the side.
  • Do not exercise 40 min after eating food.
  • Always do warm-ups before exercise.
  • Do not place the foreign objects to ventilation or sockets.
  • Maintenance should be done only according to the manual, to prolong the lifespan.
  • Do not modify the product.
  • Exercise reasonably and do not overextend. If you exercise for the first time, hold your handles firmly until you get used to the device.
  • In case of error or damage stop exercising immediately. If the treadmill suddenly increases its speed, remove the safety key.
  • Connect the treadmill to the socket after the treadmill is assembled. Use only grounded socket.
  • If you are not using the device unplug it from the socket and the safety key removed.
  • Any part of the treadmill cannot prohibit the movement of the user.
  • Do not use outdoors.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight.
  • Do not place in areas with high humidity (pools, sauna etc.)
  • Continuous use cannot be longer than 2 hours.
  • If the treadmill is not in use, remove the safety key.
  • Operation temperature: 5 – 40 °C
  • Max. user weight: 120 kg
  • Category: HC (according to EN 957) suitable for home use.

SAFETY WARNING: Do not use heart rate sensors in the handle at speeds above 14 km / h.
WARNING! The heart rate monitoring system may not be accurate. Overextending during training can cause serious injury or death. If you feel nauseous, stop the exercise immediately!


insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill - PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

1. Tablet holder 5. Pulse sensor
2. Control panel 6. Frames
3. Handles 7. Pins for frame folding
4. Safety key


Remove the frame from the packing material.

insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill - STEP 1

Loosen the pins on both sides of the frame. Lift the frame with the handles and then tighten the pins again.

insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill - STEP 2STEP 3
Move the handles down. You will hear a click. Attach the safety key.
Note: The belt will run without the safety key.

insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill - STEP 3

Attach the tablet holder to the back of the control panel with 3x bolts.
Note: The bolts are preinstalled on the back of the display.

insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill - STEP 4


To raise the handles, push the handles and press the buttons under the handles to lift the handles.

insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill - FOLDING 1

Loosen the pins on both sides of the frame and place the frame down. Then tighten the pins again.

insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill - FOLDING 2

You can transport the belt using the wheels on the base. Just lift the belt to an angle of 40 ° and place it on the wheels. If necessary, you can place the belt horizontally, see. picture.

insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill - FOLDING 3


The control panel consists of an LED display and touch buttons.

insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill - CONTROL PANEL

1 Burned calories 7 Program
2 Time 8 Turn on
3 Speed 9 Turn off
4 Steps/pace 10 MODE
5 Heart rate 11 Increase
6 Decrease
Time 00:00 – 99:59 min
Speed 1.0 – 12.0 km/h
Distance 0.00 – 99.9 km
Calories 0 – 999 kcal
Heart rate 70 – 200 /min
Pre-set programs P01 – P12
Count down Time / Distance / Calories


insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill -TURN ON

Press the “GO” button, the system will start a 5-second countdown which will appear on the display. The treadmill starts at a speed of 1 km/h.


insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill -TURN OFF

Press the button to turn off the treadmill. To restart, press the button twice.
Press the MODE button to select the function (time, distance, calories). The selected function will flash. Press the button repeatedly to change the selected function.

insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill -BUTTONS

Use the buttons to change the preset time, distance, or calories in the manual program.
You can also use the buttons to edit preset programs.

insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill -HEART RATE DISPLAY

The treadmill monitors your heart rate using sensors on the handles. Place both on the sensors. After 5 seconds, the treadmill will begin to register your heart rate. The data is displayed on the left side of the panel.
WARNING: Data is for comparison purposes only, not for medical purposes.

insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill -PROGRAM BUTTON

Press the PROG button to select a preset program (P01-P12). For more information, see the table below.

insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill - 1BLUETOOTH
To connect to Bluetooth, search for “FS-xxxx-A” on your device (phone, tablet). Pair your device with the treadmill. Control your music with your setup.
After 10 minutes of inactivity, the treadmill switches to power save mode. Press any button to turn on the treadmill.


You can pair the treadmill to your smart device using the ZWIFT or KINOPAM applications available on the Apple store or Google store.
Download the application and connect to the device “FS – XXXX (where X is a random number)” via Bluetooth. You can then control the treadmill with these apps.


insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill -KINOMAP APP

insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill -KINOMAP APP 1

  • Download the KINOMAP app from the Google Store or Apple store.
  • Open the app and choose MORE on the bottom left corner.
  • Choose Equipment management.
  • Choose the Treadmill icon.
  • Choose FitShow brand.
  • Pair the treadmill: „Fs-xxxx“ (x is a random treadmill number) and pair it with your smart device.
  • Choose the video or your favorite model.

The app has a 14 – day trial period, followed by a required subscription (monthly or annually) or lifetime license.
You can search the application by popularity, keywords, country, difficulty, or incline.
There are more than 300,000 km of cycling, running or rowing trails.
Display of strength, speed, distance, time, and heart rate.
Save exercises and history.
Optimized for external displays such as Apple TV or HDMI.
View or create music playlists.
Warm-up or interval training.
Ability to share results on Facebook and other social networks.
*Android devices currently do not support interval training for treadmills.


insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill -ZWIFT APP

  • Download the ZWIFT app from the Google store or Apple store.
  • Open the app and register.
  • Then log in and pair with the treadmill “Fs-xxxx (where x is a random treadmill number)”.
  • After successful pairing, select OK.
  • Press start and select a favorite mode.
    The app is free.


General cleaning will help to prolong the life and improve performance on your treadmill. Keep the unit clean and maintained by dusting the components on a regular basis, cleaning the two exposed sides of the running belt to prevent dust from accumulating underneath the belt. Keep your running shoes clean so that dirt from the shoes does not wear the running belt. Clean the surface of the running belt using a clean damp cloth. Keep liquids away from electrical parts and running belts.
To prolong the lifespan of the treadmill it is recommended to turn it off every 2 hours of continuous use for at least 10 minutes.
A loose running belt will result in the runner sliding off when running, while a too-tight a running belt will result in a decrease of the performance of the motor and will also create more friction between the roller and running belt. The most suitable tightness for the belt is a distance of 50-75mm from the running board.
Place the treadmill on level ground and set it at 3.5 – 5 km/h to check and see if the running belt (20) drifts from the center.

If the running belt (20) drifts to the right, turn the adjusting bolt on the right side ¼ turn clockwise, then turn the left adjustment bolt ¼ turn counterclockwise. If the belt does not move, repeat this step until it centers. Refer to image A. insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill -ADJUSTING THE RUNNING BELT 1
If the running belt (20) drifts to the left, turn the adjusting bolt on the left side ¼ of a turn clockwise, then turn the right adjustment bolt ¼
turn counter-clockwise. If the belt does not move, repeat this step until it centers. Refer to image B.
insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill -ADJUSTING THE RUNNING BELT 2
Over time, the running belt (20) will loosen. To tighten the belt, turn both the left & right-side adjustment bolts one full turn clockwise. Check
the tension of the belt. Continue this process until belt is at the correct tension. Make sure to adjust both sides equally to ensure even belt alignment. Refer to image C.
insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill -ADJUSTING THE RUNNING BELT 3

insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill -ADJUSTING THE RUNNING BELT 4


Lubricating the running belt & the running board is essential as the friction affects the life span and operations of the treadmill. Therefore, we suggest you to inspect the running belt regularly.
WARNING: Always unplug the treadmill from the electrical outlet before cleaning, lubricating, or repairing the unit.
The following timetable is recommended:

Light user (less than 3 hours/week) Every 6 months
Medium user (3 – 5 hours/week) Every 3 months
Heavy user (more than 5 hours/week) Every 2 months

How to lubricate the treadmill:
Lift up the belt on one side and apply a lubricant, then apply to lubricate to the entire surface with a cloth. repeat on the other side.
All moving parts must move freely and quietly. Abnormal movement may impair product safety. Check and tighten all screws regularly.
Proper and regular maintenance extends the lifespan of the treadmill.

insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill -treadmillPARTS LIST

No. Name Specifications Qty.
1 Main frame 1460*565*150 1
2 Motor base T3.0*207*90 1
3 Lubricant tube ∮8*280 1
4 Motor cover T3.0*594*305*80 1
5 Bolt cover T2.0*n15.7*12 1
6 Bottom motor cover T3.0*594*306*62 1
7 Left cover of mainframe 100*95*20.5 1
8 Right cover of mainframe 100*95*20.5 1
9 Frame foot pad 56*35*20 4
10 Back decorative cover 586*112*81 1
11 Side rail 1120*84.4*78 2
12 AC connection lines 100 mm/6.3 3
13 Shock absorbing strip 490*23*T1.0 4
14 R Type Clip R3.5 2
15 Wire Buckle 17*16*14 1
16 Running belt 400*2545*T1.6 1
17 Multi-slop belt 160 J6 1
18 Power wire 180 mm 0.75mm² 1
19 Rocket switch 250V 16A /110V 20A 6.3 1
20 Overload protector 8A/6.3 1
21 Motor DC 1.0 HP 1
22 Running deck 1120*565*T15 1
23 Front roller ∮90*20*n12*498*∮38*466 1
24 Back roller ∮38*451*n12*497 1
25 PCB board 1
26 Transporting wheel 4
27 Oiling plug ∮13*8 1
28 Standing bracket 559*195*40 1
29 Torsion spring ∮1.5*60*23*16 2
30 Left post 970*109*60 1
31 Cover of locking shaft ∮20*M16*10 2
32 Lock Washer T2.5*59.5*18 2
33 Locking shaft ∮14*87 2
34 Bottom outer cover 169*82*22 1
35 Bottom inner cover 169*82*21 1
36 Post casing 73.5*35*T2.0*740 2
37 Knob outer cover 65*24*13 2
38 Knob inner cover 60.5*19*6 2
39 Right post 975*109*60 1
40 Bottom outer cover 169*82*22 1
41 Bottom inner cover 169*82*21 1
42 Armbar tube 270*50*30 2
43 Rubber sheath 73*49*41 2
44 Armbar tube casing 2
45 Control panel frame 688*132*82 1
46 Sensor for the safety key T0.3*29*29 1
47 The bottom cover of the control panel 717*200*197 1
48 Control panel 717*200*118 1
49 Tablet Stand 250*133*18 1
50 Screen sticker 474*59.4*T0.3 1
51 PCB for console 1
52 Reed pipe for the safety key 40 mm 1
53 USB Charging Port 1
54 Speaker 83 watt 2
55 Safety key ∮25, 850 mm 1
56 Stop pin ∮10*110 2
57 Spring ∮10*37 2
58 Round bolt M6*15 2


insportline IN 22524 inCondi T20i Treadmill -DIAGRAM


E01 Motherboard or communication cable error
0.00E+00 Communication cables are damaged or incorrectly connected Check the condition and connection of the cables
No signal from the console motherboard Replace or repair the console motherboard
No signal from the motherboard Replace or repair the system board
E02 Motor and motherboard communication error
0.00E+00 The motherboard is not properly connected to the motor Check the connection to the motor
The motor sensor cable is damaged Replace or repair
E03 Speed detection error
0.00E+00 The speed sensor has shifted Check the speed sensor
The speed sensor is damaged Replace the speed sensor
Motherboard error Repair or replace the system board
E04 Overvoltage or overvoltage protection fault
0.00E+00 Overvoltage Use the correct voltage
Engine or speed sensor error Replace the motor or speed sensor
Damage to the motherboard Replace or repair the system board
E05 Motherboard and motor overvoltage
0.00E+00 Treadmill overload or motor overvoltage Use the treadmill in accordance with the
Engine blocked Check engine condition
Damage to the motherboard surge
Replace or repair the system board
E06 Low voltage motherboard and power supply
0.00E+00 Low current Check the power supply
Damage to the motherboard Replace or repair the system board
E07 The security key is not in the correct position
0.00E+00 The key is not in the correct position Connect the key to the correct position
Damage to the security key system Replace or repair the console motherboard


After the product lifespan expired or if the possible repairing is uneconomic, dispose of it according to the local laws and environmentally friendly in the nearest scrapyard.
By proper disposal you will protect the environment and natural sources. Moreover, you can help protect human health. If you are not sure in correct disposing, ask local authorities to avoid law violation or sanctions.
Don’t put the batteries among house waste but hand them in to the recycling place.


General Conditions of Warranty and Definition of Terms
All Warranty Conditions stated hereunder determine Warranty Coverage and Warranty Claim Procedure. Conditions of Warranty and Warranty Claims are governed by Act No. 89/2012 Coll. Civil Code, and Act No. 634/1992 Coll., Consumer Protection, as amended, also in cases that are not specified by these Warranty rules.
The seller is SEVEN SPORT s.r.o. with its registered office in Strakonická street 1151/2c, Prague 150 00, Company Registration Number: 26847264, registered in the Trade Register at Regional Court in Prague, Section C, Insert No. 116888.
According to valid legal regulations it depends whether the Buyer is the End Customer or not.
“The Buyer who is the End Customer” or simply the “End Customer” is the legal entity that does not conclude and execute the Contract in order to run or promote his own trade or business activities.
“The Buyer who is not the End Customer” is a Businessman that buys Goods or uses services for the purpose of using the Goods or services for his own business activities. The Buyer confirms to the General Purchase Agreement and business conditions.
These Conditions of Warranty and Warranty Claims are an integral part of every Purchase Agreement made between the Seller and the Buyer. All Warranty Conditions are valid and binding unless otherwise specified in the Purchase Agreement, in the Amendment to this Contract, or in another written agreement.

Warranty Conditions
Warranty Period
The Seller provides the Buyer a 24 months Warranty for Goods Quality, unless otherwise specified in the Certificate of Warranty, Invoice, Bill of Delivery or other documents related to the Goods. The legal warranty period provided to the Consumer is not affected.
By the Warranty for Goods Quality, the Seller guarantees that the delivered Goods shall be, for a certain period of time, suitable for regular or contracted use, and that the Goods shall maintain its regular or contracted features.
The Warranty does not cover defects resulting from (if applicable):

  • User’s fault, i.e. product damage caused by unqualified repair work, improper assembly, insufficient insertion of seat post into a frame, insufficient tightening of pedals and cranks
  • Improper maintenance
  • Mechanical damages
  • Regular use (e.g. wearing out of rubber and plastic parts, moving mechanisms, joints, wear of brake pads/blocks, chain, tires, cassette/multi-wheel etc.)
  • The unavoidable event, natural disaster
  • Adjustments made by an unqualified person
  • Improper maintenance, improper placement, damages caused by low or high temperature, water, inappropriate pressure, shocks, intentional changes in design or construction, etc.

Warranty Claim Procedure
The Buyer is obliged to check the goods delivered by the Seller immediately after taking the responsibility for the Goods and its damages, i.e. immediately after its delivery. The Buyer must check the Goods so that he discovers all the defects that can be discovered by such check.
When making a Warranty Claim the Buyer is obliged, on request of the Seller, to prove the purchase and validity of the claim by the Invoice or Bill of Delivery that includes the product’s serial number, or eventually by the documents without the serial number. If the Buyer does not prove the validity of the Warranty Claim by these documents, the Seller has the right to reject the Warranty Claim.
If the Buyer gives notice of a defect that is not covered by the Warranty (e.g. in the case that the Warranty Conditions were not fulfilled or in the case of reporting the defect by mistake etc.), the Seller is eligible to require a compensation for all the costs arising from the repair. The cost shall be calculated according to the valid pricelist of services and transport costs.
If the Seller finds out (by testing) that the product is not damaged, the Warranty Claim is not accepted. The Seller reserves the right to claim compensation for costs arising from the false Warranty Claim.
In case the Buyer makes a claim about the Goods that is legally covered by the Warranty provided by the Seller, the Seller shall fix the reported defects by means of repair or by the exchange of the damaged part or product for a new one. Based on the agreement of the Buyer, the Seller has the right to exchange the defected Goods for fully compatible Goods of the same or better technical characteristics. The Seller is entitled to choose the form of the Warranty Claim Procedures described in this paragraph.
The Seller shall settle the Warranty Claim within 30 days after the delivery of the defective Goods unless a longer period has been agreed upon. The day when the repaired or exchanged Goods is handed over to the Buyer is considered to be the day of the Warranty Claim settlement. When the Seller is not able to settle the Warranty Claim within the agreed period due to the specific nature of the Goods defect, he and the Buyer shall make an agreement about an alternative solution. In case such agreement is not made, the Seller is obliged to provide the Buyer with financial compensation in the form of a refund.

Registered Office: Strakonická 1151/2c, Praha 5, 150 00, ČR
Headquaters: Dělnická 957, Vítkov, 749 01
Warranty & Service: Čermenská 486, Vítkov 749 01
CRN: 26847264
VAT ID: CZ26847264
Phone: +420 556 300 970
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
inSPORTline s.r.o.
Headquaters, warranty & service center: Električná 6471, Trenčín 911 01, SK
CRN: 36311723
VAT ID: SK2020177082
Phone: +421(0)326 526 701
E-mail: [email protected]
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