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IN 7761 Balance Trainer inSPORTline DOME BASIC
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insportline Balance Trainer

Picture for illustration purposes only.


  • Read this manual before first using it and keep it for future reference.
  • Use this product only according to this manual and don’t do any improper modifications.
  • Ask your physician for advice before starting any workout.
  • Exercise reasonably and don’t overrate your possibilities. Incorrect exercising can cause serious injury.
  • Protect it from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  • Make sure that the exercise tube is securely inserted. Quarter turn to the left into a fixation.
  • Use a measuring tape to insure the ball is inflated to the correct size and pressure.
  • Don’t inflate the ball excessively as this may distort the shape of the ball and cause the bottom side to balloon. This could negatively influence its stability and function and cause an injury or damage.
  • You can use resistance tubes for exercising variety.


Identification number Max. user weight (kg) Total area diameter (cm) Height (cm)
10972 160 55 20
10973 160 60 23
7336 150 45 20
7758 130 63 18
7761 130 63 18
22622 200 20-26 cm


Do your workout properly. If you feel faint or if you feel pain, stop exercising immediately. Ask a medical doctor for advice before restarting it.


Loosening and warming of muscles. Starting position: standing
1. Step on the ball.
2. Stabilize.
3. Slowly start marching.
insportline Balance Trainer - fig

BALANCING – (shifting of weight)

Balance, Leg muscles coordination Starting position: standing
1. Find a stable position on the top of the balance ball.
2. Slowly shift weight from toes to heels and back, repeat.
Keep your body stable and upright.

insportline Balance Trainer - fig1


Balance, Coordination of leg muscles, especially thighs and buttocks Starting position: standing
1. Find a stable position on the top of the ball.
2. Shift weight to one leg, and raise arms (shoulder height) to the outside for support.
3. Spread and extend another leg to the outside and lower again.
4. Change legs and repeat. Keep your body upright.
insportline Balance Trainer - fig2


Leg muscles, especially front and thighs Starting position: squatting

1. Centre on the balance ball and keep weight on heels.
2. Slowly lower buttocks and at the same time move arms (at shoulder height) to the front.
3. Keep the low position for a short time, and raise and retract your arms.
4. Repeat.
Knees may not extend beyond toes. Keep back straight.

insportline Balance Trainer - SQUATS

LEG LIFT LYING – (lateral)

Leg muscles, especially thighs and buttocks Starting position: lateral

1. Lower arm rests on the floor at a right angle. Rest another arm on the balance ball. Legs, outstretched and parallel toes are pulled up.
2. Slowly raise the upper leg 20-30 cm, lower again.
3. Change sides and repeat the exercise.
Legs and upper body are in alignment when starting. Keep back straight. The pelvis may not tilt forward and backward.

insportline Balance Trainer - SQUATS 1


Arm, muscles, especially upper arm Starting position: kneeling
1. Place the half dome side of the balance ball on the floor.
2. Start by kneeling in front of the balance ball. Hold onto the base edge. Wrists must be in line with shoulders and elbows outstretched.
3. With your weight resting on your toes stretch your legs.
4. Slowly bend arms and lower the upper body. Hold briefly.
5. Stretch arms and raise the upper body. Hold briefly.
6. Repeat the exercise.
Legs and upper body are in alignment when starting. Keep back straight and the balance ball centered and stable.
insportline Balance Trainer - SQUATS2

UPPER BACK – (raising and rotation)

Back muscles
Starting position: prone
 1. Knees are slightly bent and rest on the floor.
2. When exhaling slightly raise your upper body (straight back, hands loosely at the back of the head, elbows point up) and simultaneously turn sideways.
3. Keep this position briefly, inhale, and lower the upper body.
4. Change the side and repeat.
insportline Balance Trainer - SQUATS3


Core muscles, especially the abdomen and back
Starting position: prone
1. Stretch knees, toes touch the floor, propped up lower arms and elbows.
2. Pull the belly button towards the lumbar spine, tense abdomen, and at the same time stretch arms forward and raise legs.
3. Hold the position for 10-20 sec.\
Look at the floor, nose down. Avoid a hollow back.
Variation: Lift arms and legs separately and exercise alternately.
insportline Balance Trainer - BODY TENSION


General Conditions of Warranty and Definition of Terms
All Warranty Conditions stated here under determine Warranty Coverage and Warranty Claim Procedure. Conditions of Warranty and Warranty Claims are governed by Act No.  89/2012 Coll. Civil Code, and Act No. 634/1992 Coll., Consumer Protection, as amended, also in cases that are not specified by these Warranty rules.
The seller is SEVEN SPORT s.r.o. with its registered office in Strakonická street 1151/2c, Prague 150 00, Company Registration Number: 26847264, registered in the Trade  Register at Regional Court in Prague, Section C, Insert No. 116888.
According to valid legal regulations, it depends on whether the Buyer is the End Customer or not.
“The Buyer who is the End Customer” or simply the “End Customer” is the legal entity that does not conclude and execute the Contract in order to run or promote his own trade or business activities.

“The Buyer who is not the End Customer” is a Businessman that buys Goods or uses services for the purpose of using the Goods or services for his own business activities.  The Buyer conforms to the General Purchase Agreement and business conditions.
These Conditions of Warranty and Warranty Claims are an integral part of every Purchase Agreement made between the Seller and the Buyer. All Warranty Conditions are valid and binding unless otherwise specified in the Purchase Agreement, in the Amendment to this Contract, or in another written agreement.

Warranty Conditions
Warranty Period
The Seller provides the Buyer a 24 months Warranty for Goods Quality unless otherwise specified in the Certificate of Warranty, Invoice, Bill of Delivery, or other documents related to the Goods. The legal warranty period provided to the Consumer is not affected.
By the Warranty for Goods Quality, the Seller guarantees that the delivered Goods shall be, for a certain period of time, suitable for regular or contracted use and that the  Goods shall maintain their regular or contracted features.

6-month battery warranty – we guarantee that the battery’s nominal capacity does not fall below 70% of its total capacity within 6 months of the product’s sale.
The Warranty does not cover defects resulting from (if applicable):

  • User’s fault, i.e. product damage caused by unqualified repair work, improper assembly, insufficient insertion of seat post into the frame, insufficient tightening of pedals and  cranks
  • Improper maintenance
  • Mechanical damages
  • Regular use (e.g. wearing out of rubber and plastic parts, moving mechanisms, joints, wear of brake pads/blocks, chain, tires, cassette/multi-wheel, etc.)
  • The unavoidable event, natural disaster
  • Adjustments made by an unqualified person
  • Improper maintenance, improper placement, damages caused by low or high temperature, water, inappropriate pressure, shocks, intentional changes in design or construction, etc.

Warranty Claim Procedure
The Buyer is obliged to check the Goods delivered by the Seller immediately after taking the responsibility for the Goods and their damages, i.e. immediately after their delivery.  The Buyer must check the Goods so that he discovers all the defects that can be discovered by such check.
When making a Warranty Claim the Buyer is obliged, on request of the Seller, to prove the purchase and validity of the claim by the Invoice or Bill of Delivery that includes the product’s serial number, or eventually by the documents without the serial number. If the Buyer does not prove the validity of the Warranty Claim by these documents, the Seller has the right to reject the Warranty Claim.
If the Buyer gives notice of a defect that is not covered by the Warranty (e.g. in the case that the Warranty Conditions were not fulfilled or in the case of reporting the defect by mistake etc.), the Seller is eligible to require compensation for all the costs arising from the repair. The cost shall be calculated according to the valid pricelist of services and transport costs.
If the Seller finds out (by testing) that the product is not damaged, the Warranty Claim is not accepted.
The Seller reserves the right to claim compensation for costs arising from the false Warranty Claim.
In case the Buyer makes a claim about the Goods that are legally covered by the Warranty provided by the Seller, the Seller shall fix the reported defects by means of repair or by the exchange of the damaged part or product for a new one. Based on the agreement of the Buyer, the Seller has the right to exchange the defective Goods for fully compatible  Goods of the same or better technical characteristics. The Seller is entitled to choose the form of the Warranty Claim Procedures described in this paragraph.
The Seller shall settle the Warranty Claim within 30 days after the delivery of the defective Goods unless a longer period has been agreed upon. The day when the repaired or exchanged Goods are handed over to the Buyer is considered to be the day of the Warranty Claim settlement. When the Seller is not able to settle the Warranty Claim within the agreed period due to the specific nature of the Goods defect, he and the Buyer shall make an agreement about an alternative solution. In case such an agreement is not made, the  Seller is obliged to provide the Buyer with financial compensation in the form of a refund.


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Warranty & Service:
Strakonická 1151/2c, Praha 5, 150 00, ČR
Dělnická 957, Vítkov, 749 01
Čermenská 486, Vítkov 749 01
+420 556 300 970
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