This phase improves your blood circulation and reduces cramps and muscle pain. Every stretching exercise should take 30 seconds. Don’t jerk your muscles too much. If you feel any pain, stop immediately.





Stretching lateral abdominal muscles




Stretching back parts of a thigh





Stretching front parts of a thigh




Stretching inner thighs

The exercise phase
In this phase you have to put more effort in. Regular exercising makes your legs more flexible. It is very important to observe your heart frequency. Increasing your heart rate into the target zone will make the exercise more effective.

The cool-down phase
This exercise has to calm your cardiovascular system. It is repeating of exercises like in the warm up phase – it means decreasing of intensity and frequency for 5 mins. You can repeat stretchingexercises. Don’t jerk your muscles too much to avoid pain.Later you can increase intensity. We recommend exercising 3 times a week.
To tone your muscles, you need higher resistance. The warm up phase and cool down phase remain the same as in previous chapter, but at the end of the exercise you should put more strain on your legs and step faster. Keep your heart rate in the target zone.

The most important factor here is the effort. The higher intensity of exercising, the higher number of burned calories. It is the same as if you exercise to improve your fitness, but the goal is different.


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